3 Affordable Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA

Often when people think of dog-friendly hotels, there’s a focus on hotels that offer special services for dogs, ranging from beds and bowls through to a dog room-service menu and dog walking. However, such services often come with a large fee, and in my mind, the most dog-friendly hotels are the ones that allow your dog to stay for free, with no extra charges!

In particular, when staying at cheaper hotels, paying extra for your dog can significantly bump up the cost of your stay. An additional charge of around $15 USD for a $50 USD hotel room is not uncommon in the USA. Luckily then, three of the most common and affordable hotel chains in the United States allow dogs to stay at nearly all their properties, nearly always for free.

So if you’re looking for affordable dog-friendly hotel chains in the USA to stay at with your dog, with no additional pet fees, check out these three options.

1. Motel 6

Motel 6 is a budget motel chain with over 1400 locations across the USA and Canada. Its aim is to provide “clean, comfortable rooms at the lowest price of any national chain.”

For people from outside of the USA like myself, I find it similar to the Ibis chain in Europe, particularly since its refurbishment program that wrapped up in late 2017. It brought wood-effect floors to all rooms and a selection of either orange, turquoise or lime green accent walls.

pet friendly hotel chains usa
Signage for the Motel 6 Downtown Palm Springs
pet friendly hotel chains no fee
A clean and spacious Motel 6, with the orange accent walls

Do All Motel 6s Allow Pets?

Nearly all Motel 6s allow pets, except where it is prohibited by the local state or municipality laws. Its best to double check before booking.

How Many Pets are Allowed? Is there a Maximum Weight?

Motel 6 locations have a maximum of two pets per room, with a combined maximum weight limit of 150 pounds (68kg).

Are There Pet Facilities?

Some Motel 6s include a pet relief area, with poop bags, but not all. About half of the Motel 6s that I have stayed at have had a designated pet relief area.

dog-friendly Motel 6
Some Motel 6s have a designated pet relief area

Do Any Motel 6s Charge Pet Fees?

Pets always stay for free at Motel 6s. However, the same doesn’t apply at the related Studio 6 chain, where there is a $10 per day fee.

Extra Rules for Pets

When checking in, it’s essential to let the staff know that you have a pet. You’ll probably receive a paper copy of their pet policy, or else ask.

Pets need to be on a leash or in a carrier when outside rooms, plus shouldn’t be left unattended in rooms or vehicles. Rooms need to be serviced daily, with pets not permitted in the room at the time.

Find out more about the Motel 6 pet policy and tips for staying at Motel 6

2. Red Roof

Red Roof is another affordable dog-friendly hotel chain in the USA. The hotels are a step up from the Motel 6 chain, particularly in furnishings.

There are two levels to the chain: the original Red Roof Inn and the higher quality Red Roof Plus+. Although I couldn’t detect many discernible differences between the three different locations (one Inn and two Pluses) that I stayed at.

pet friendly hotel chains usa
The Red Roof Plus+ near Phoenix Airport

Compared to Motel 6, Red Roof Inns have hair dryers, shampoo, a packet of disposable tissues and coffee- and tea-making facilities in rooms. Most locations also offer a selection between rooms with and without fridges and microwaves, for an extra fee of course.

Do All Red Roof Inns Allow Pets?

The majority of Red Roof locations allow pets, with just five locations mentioned on their pet information page as not allowing pets. Naturally double-check the details listed for the hotel before booking, and always check-in at the front desk.

How Many Pets are Allowed? Is there a Maximum Weight?

Usually only one pet is allowed pet room, unless you get permission off the manager. There’s also a weight restriction of 80 pounds (36kg), or 40 pounds (18kg) for the few Red Roof Collection hotels.

Are There Pet Facilities?

Some but not all of the Red Roof hotels have a designated pet relief area.

dog-friendly Red Roof
A grassy pet-relief area at a Red Roof Inn, with handy bags and a bin

Do Any Red Roof Inns Charge Pet Fees?

Pets always stay free at Red Roof Inns, including Red Roof Plus+.

Extra Rules for Pets

Pets always need to be checked in at the front desk. They are not allowed to be left unattended in a room, except in an emergency. Additionally, if your pet causes any damage, you will be charged.

Find out more about the Red Roof Inn pet policy

3. La Quinta

The third affordable dog-friendly hotel chain that I stayed at around the USA with my pet was La Quinta. While still an affordable option, prices are usually higher than both Motel 6 and Red Roof.

hotel chains that allow dogs in the usa
The La Quinta in Farmington, New Mexico

In return, you get more upmarket rooms, plus more inclusions, plus. In particular, breakfast is included each morning. At one La Quinta we stayed at, hot options (scrambled eggs and sausages) were included, while more often it’s a mixture of cold options plus a waffle making station.

A fridge and microwave in your room is more often included, plus multiple toiletries.

hotel chains that allow dogs
A chic La Quinta interior

Do All La Quintas Allow Pets?

Most but not all La Quinta locations allow pets. On their pet policy page, there is a short list of La Quinta Inns and Suites locations that don’t allow pets, although many are in Mexico. Check this short list or double-check the specific hotel before booking.

You can also display the full list of pet-friendly hotels by using the Pet-Friendly filter on their website.

How Many Pets are Allowed? Is there a Maximum Weight?

Similar to Motel 6, two pets are allowed in a La Quinta room. Depending on the location, there may be a weight limit, which can vary.

The best way to view if there is a weight limit, is to search for the hotel on the La Quinta by Wyndham website. Then click on “View Policies” next to the hotel’s name and featured amenities.

Are There Pet Facilities?

None of the La Quinta Inns that I have stayed at had any pet facilities, such as a pet relief area.

Do Any La Quintas Charge Pet Fees?

Previously, La Quinta allowed pets to stay for free at all its properties, but this changed in January 2019. Since then, locations may optionally charge a fee, $20 per night, up to $40 per stay.

There is no central listing for which locations this applies to or details on the number of affected properties. However, when I checked some random properties, most still allowed pets to stay for free.

The best way to check if a La Quinta hotel charges a fee, is to search for the hotel on the La Quinta by Wyndham website. Then click on “View Policies” next to the hotel’s name and featured amenities.

Hotel Chains That Allow Dogs
Making ourselves comfortable in our La Quinta room

Extra Rules for Pets

When checking in, let the staff know you have a pet, and you’ll need to sign a Pet Policy Agreement.

At the time of my most recent stay (in 2018) pets were allowed to remain behind in your room, as long as they were well-behaved. I made use of this each morning when having breakfast, as naturally pets aren’t allowed in the breakfast area.

Just don’t forget to make arrangements with house keeping, who can’t clean the room while your pet is present.

Find out more about the La Quinta pet policy

Dog-friendly La Quinta hotel
A welcoming touch at a La Quinta hotel

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