Tips on Choosing the Best Pet Food for Your Furry Friend

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Proper nutrition is one of the most essential needs of your cats or dogs, and choosing the right pet food plays a crucial role to help them stay healthy and happy. The best pet food should cause no agitation on the digestive system, give your pet plenty of energy, maintain his coat smooth, shiny, and dandruff-free, his eyes blazing and crystal clear, no excess body fat, and full of enthusiasm.

Considering the huge choices of pet food brands that can be found in the market, pet owners are confused about selecting balanced and high-quality food for their pets. To help you choose the best food easily for your cat or dog, here are tips on how to choose the best pet food for your furry friend.

Best pet food

Learn to Read the Ingredients Used

Keep in mind that the first thing to do before purchasing a pet food is to check out the ingredients mentioned. Preservatives are usually found in processed meals, and most prominent brands use fillers, chemicals, and artificial colours and ingredients which are harmful to your pets.

For example, looking for a pea-free cat food is one of the best options because the peas used are dried peas. This ingredient contains lectins that bind to sugar but it also sticks to the lining of the small intestine. This damages the villi lining of the intestine and harms the microflora in the gut.

When buying dog food, avoid purchasing a chicken-flavored product because it doesn’t contain chicken at all, but those that say ‘with chicken’ contains at least 4% chicken. Also, look for dog food with a high percentage of meat listed, and avoid ingredients tagged as ‘meal’ or ‘animal derivative’ because it has low quality.

All the complete foods are required to meet feeding requirements so that your dog will get all the nutrition needed. Just make sure you will not purchase a dog food with ingredients linked to heart diseases.

When buying a cat food, the main priority for them is to assure that they eat meat because their bodies need amino acids like taurine, which can be found in meat and fish. This organic compound is important to prevent your cat from becoming ill.

To make sure that your cat gets all the nutrients needed, supply them a complete commercial cat food. To change their diet, slowly include their new food by mixing it with the old food for a week.

Carefully choose a good quality food for your cat

Consider a Travel-Friendly Pet Food

Relaxing on a holiday and travelling with your pet to far places is a bit hassle especially if the dog food you brought is creating a mess. That’s why choosing pet foods packaged with securely sealed sturdy plastic packs are better than just packages with eye catching graphics and bright colors combination. Can containers can also be annoying because of their bulkiness.

Considering the changes of temperature while travelling to different places, the quality of the pet food can also be affected. Thus, look for a pet food that has a long shelf life to prevent getting spoiled or bad once the food is opened.

Familiarise Yourself with the Labels Found on Packaging

The truth is, the actual wording that can be found on the packaging indicates how much protein is found in the food. Names like “Chicken Dog Food” or “Beef for Dogs” actually means the protein contains 95% of the product, and with water added, the result is 70%.

Terms like “dinner” are a strong indicator, labels like “Salmon Dinner for Dogs,” “Chicken Stew Dinner,” “entree,” “formula,” “platter,” and “nuggets” comprise 25% of the protein. Phrases like “with salmon,” “with cheese,” or anything with the word “with,” means it contains 3% of the said ingredient. If the dog food is labelled “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” and “with cheese,” that means it contains 25% salmon and 3% cheese.

In addition, not less than two meat sources named such as “chicken,” “lamb,” “beef,” “turkey,” “elk,” and “salmon,” should show within the first five ingredients.

Think of your Pet’s Age, Breed, Activity, and Reproductive Status

Your pet’s physical characteristics and overall health are also important when choosing an appropriate food. For puppies and lactating mothers, they need more calories per day, while older dogs require fewer dog food. Highly active breeds also need more calories. The amount of food given to your dog avoids obesity and other health issues.

Feeding your cat too little won’t preserve good health, but feeding them too much may get them fat. Kittens need more food to support their growth, and they should be fed more often than adult cats. Kittens require three meals a day, but once they become adults, giving them food once or twice a day is enough.

Consult a Vet and Ask for Recommendations

Seeking help from a veterinarian is one of the best methods for selecting the best food for your pet. They can help you select the best pet food brands and choose based on your pet’s weight, size or age.
Furthermore, they can also help you develop a diet plant if your pet is suffering from a health problem such as diabetes, kidney disease or food allergies.

In Conclusion…

Make sure to do your research about the manufacturer to assure that the claims are accurate, it can be trusted, and provides high-quality pet foods with reasonable prices. Following these tips and selecting the best pet food from a reputable brand for your pets ensures their good health.

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