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How to Care for Your Dog While on a Beach Trip

Taking Dog to Spain From UK

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What’s better than going to the beach, soaking in the sun, splashing in the water, and having your dog beside you to make everything much more fun? But hey, don’t just bring your furry best friend with you when you go to the beach, there are a few things about the beach that aren’t quite so dog-friendly.

You may learn this through trial and error – but you don’t want that. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips on keeping your pup safe in the summer heat and keep your summer outing fun for everyone, including your pup!

Take Care of Those Paws

The sand on many beaches can get dangerously hot. It will be even worse if you let your dog just walk the hot bitumen roads when going to the beach.

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You might not feel the extremely hot road and sand directly because you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals, but think about how uncomfortable it is for your dog’s feet. If it’s hot underfoot (and your dog isn’t small enough to be carried), consider applying a paw wax product or socks before hitting the beach.

Running on Beach

Schnitzel loves running with the wind on the beach

Consider Buying a Life Vest for Your Dog

Regardless of your choice of beach activity, chances are, your dog will be tempted to go near the water. Therefore, a life vest for your dog can be a great investment, especially if you will play in the surf or ride in a boat. Even dogs that swim well can benefit from a vest since they can enjoy more time in the water before getting tired. Many life vests also come with a back handle so you can easily lift them out of the water.

Pack Plenty of Water

Dogs usually get dehydrated quickly when at the beach so you must take plenty of cool, fresh water with you. Your dog travel packing list should also have a lightweight, collapsible bowl instead of having your dog drink uncomfortably from a water bottle. Bringing a good supply of fresh, cool water is generally the best and most effective way to prevent your dog from drinking salt water which is harmful.

Give Them Shade

Both humans and dogs require intermittent breaks from the sun. Playful and energetic dogs usually overheat faster at the beach, so taking shade umbrellas will benefit them. However, if you will spend extended hours on the beach, you’ll really need some type of shade tent that will be able to give enough area for yourself, a few people as well as your dog to cool off. Many shade tents today have wind breaks to protect blowing sand. Getting one will definitely be worth the effort bringing it to the beach.

Give Your Dog a Bath or Rinse After

All those accumulated sand and salt can be irritating to your dog’s skin, so take time to rinse your dog off each time you come back from the beach. You should then follow up with a natural, soothing shampoo. If you’re planning to stay at a holiday house, many will have outdoor showers and hoses with water that are perfect for rinsing off your dog. If giving your dog a bath isn’t possible, a soft brush can help eliminate some of the excess sand from their coat.

These are the most important pointers to remember. Your dog may need special care depending on breed, so consult with your vet as well regarding appropriate care for your pet buddy. Have fun at the beach!

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Dog Care on a Beach Trip

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    Justine Cross
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      I’m sorry, but I don’t have a recommendation. We’ve usually avoided going on the beach with Schnitzel when it’s hot, plus he’s so small that we’ve always had the option to carry him, so haven’t felt the need to buy one.

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