10 Must-Do Experiences on a Perth to Broome Road Trip

Perth to Broome Road Trip

One of the best road trips to complete in Australia is along the Western Australia coastline from Perth to Broome.  There are so many awesome experience that you can’t miss out on doing along the way, that this trip is best done by road, despite the long distances between some destinations.  Allow plenty of time … Read more

9 Best Free Things to Do in Sydney

Free things to do in Sydney

Between accommodation, dining out and booking day trips, Sydney is a fairly pricey city to visit. However, with its natural beauty and if you know where to go, there are plenty of free things to do. Next time you’re visiting, try some of these free things to do in Sydney. Note: Not all of these ideas … Read more

5 Must-See Indian World Heritage Sites

India World Heritage Sites

India is a huge country, with a long and varied history and a wealth of natural beauty. No surprises then that it’s home to 36 World Heritage Sites. Visiting all of these sites would take months, not to mention a lot of effort to visit the more remote and obscure sites. But if you’re visiting … Read more

Palawan vs Maldives: Where Should I Visit?

palwan vs maldives

It’s no wonder that the Maldives is considered the ultimate tropical beach destination for romantic getaways. It is so enchantingly beautiful with its gorgeous white sands, aquamarine waters that are glowing in the night in some places and amazing sea life. There is magic everywhere and it is hard to find a place that can … Read more

Why I Still Want to Visit Iceland

Note: This post was created in collaboration with Guide to Iceland. One of the questions I’ve been asked by multiple people about my current travels around Europe, is why I’m not visiting Iceland. This isn’t surprising given that I said before leaving Australia for Europe that Iceland was one of the destinations I most wanted … Read more

5 Cheap Things to do in Vienna

Cheap Things to do in Vienna

On appearances, Vienna, the capital of Austria, seems to be an expensive city.  It can be, especially if you attend the classical concerts put on for tourists, take a ride in a horse and carriage, or enjoy some of the original Sacher-Torte cake at the place where it was invented, Café Sacher.  However, there are also many … Read more

5 Destinations to Visit Without Your Dog

While many places in the world are dog-friendly, unfortunately there’s a few destinations where it’s very difficult or downright impossible to visit them with a dog. Destinations where there’s a long quarantine to enter the country, or there’s even laws about bringing dogs full stop. But, some of these are still absolutely amazing destinations to … Read more

The Travelnuity Guide to Western Australia

Western Australia (or WA for short) is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Australia, not to mention some epic road trips. No matter if it’s crossing the Nullarbor (from South Australia), taking a quick jaunt to the Margaret River wine region, cruising up the coast to Broome or exploring the Kimberley region, … Read more

48 Hours in Sydney: The Ideal Itinerary

48 hours in Sydney

I see a lot of requests from people about what to do in Sydney when they visit for 2 or 3 days.  Additionally, people are also aware that Sydney is an expensive city (especially hotel prices), so they want to do it without spending too much money. Luckily Sydney has many beautiful sights to see … Read more

The Best Kuching Day Trips

Kuching Day Trips: Bako National Park

One of my favourite small cities in South East Asia is Kuching, the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. Not only is it compact and charming, with its riverside walk, historic buildings and colourful street art, but there’s so many options for easy day trips from Kuching to the … Read more