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  • Free things to do in Sydney

    9 Best Free Things to Do in Sydney

    Between accommodation, dining out and booking day trips, Sydney is a fairly pricey city to visit. However, with its natural beauty and if you know where to go, there are plenty…

  • palwan vs maldives

    Palawan vs Maldives: Where Should I Visit?

    It’s no wonder that the Maldives is considered the ultimate tropical beach destination for romantic getaways. It is so enchantingly beautiful with its gorgeous white sands, aquamarine waters that are glowing…

  • Adventure

    Why I Still Want to Visit Iceland

    Note: This post was created in collaboration with Guide to Iceland. One of the questions I’ve been asked by multiple people about my current travels around Europe, is why I’m not…

  • Cheap Things to do in Vienna

    5 Cheap Things to do in Vienna

    On appearances, Vienna, the capital of Austria, seems to be an expensive city.  It can be, especially if you attend the classical concerts put on for tourists, take a ride in…

  • Adventure

    5 Destinations to Visit Without Your Dog

    While many places in the world are dog-friendly, unfortunately there’s a few destinations where it’s very difficult or downright impossible to visit them with a dog. Destinations where there’s a long…