12 Facts About Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia facts

Christmas in Australia is a very different affair than in many other countries. For starters, it’s in the middle of summer, although many traditions in Australia still reflect the wintery celebrations of the Northern Hemisphere. But what else makes Christmas in Australia different to the rest of the world? What are some Australian Christmas traditions? Whether … Read more

Dog-Friendly Adelaide: Visiting Adelaide with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Adelaide

While Adelaide may be one of the smaller cities in Australia, there’s still no shortage of dog-friendly options available. If you’re visiting Adelaide with your dog, here’s my recommendations for dog-friendly things to do, where to stay and where to eat around Adelaide. Where to Stay with Your Dog Even before we started planning our … Read more

Dog-Friendly Yarra Valley: Visiting the Yarra Valley with a Dog

Dog-friendly Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is a beautiful wine-growing region just outside of Melbourne. And a visit to the area doesn’t mean that you need to leave your dog behind. I share with you my tips on the best dog-friendly options in the Yarra Valley. Dog-Friendly Wineries It’s not a visit to the Yarra Valley without a … Read more

Dog-Friendly Melbourne: Visiting Melbourne with a Dog

Dog-friendly Melbourne

As a long-time Sydneysider, I’m usually compelled to say how much better Sydney is than Melbourne, as part of the long-standing rivalry between the two Australian cities. However, when it comes to dog-friendliness, Melbourne is way out in front and by far the most dog-friendly city in Australia. Melbourne is a great destination to visit … Read more

Travelling in Australia with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

If you live in Australia and want to travel with your dog, the best option is to travel locally in Australia. Thanks to the strict quarantine laws for getting your dog back into Australia, not to mention the expense, heading overseas with your dog is often unfeasible. Not that your options in Australia are that … Read more

Exporting a Dog From Australia

Exporting a Dog from Australia

When travelling overseas with your dog, you need to find out the rules to import your dog into your destination country. What vaccinations, tests or health certificates are required? However, sometimes there are also export rules for the country your dog is leaving, ranging from export permits to health checks. Given the tough rules to … Read more

A Guide to Your Dog’s Stay in Quarantine in Australia

Dog Quarantine Australia

One of the downsides of travelling to Australia with your dog (or living in Australia and travelling internationally with a dog), is quarantine. Unless you’re travelling from Norfolk Island or New Zealand (a pretty short list!) your dog is required to stay in quarantine when it enters Australia. I was pretty anxious about my dog’s … Read more

5 Dog-Friendly Luxury Hotels Around Australia

Dog-friendly luxury hotels Australia

This article was produced in partnership with Hotels.com. The height of luxury is being able to bring along your beloved pooch on your getaway. But just because you’re restricted to dog-friendly properties, doesn’t mean even in Australia that you’re limited to merely camping or staying at a dowdy hotel in the middle of nowhere. While … Read more