Exporting a Dog From Australia

Exporting a Dog from Australia

When travelling overseas with your dog, you need to find out the rules to import your dog into your destination country. What vaccinations, tests or health certificates are required? However, sometimes there are also export rules for the country your dog is leaving, ranging from export permits to health checks. Given the tough rules to … Read more

A Guide to Your Dog’s Stay in Quarantine in Australia

Dog Quarantine Australia

One of the downsides of travelling to Australia with your dog (or living in Australia and travelling internationally with a dog), is quarantine. Unless you’re travelling from Norfolk Island or New Zealand (a pretty short list!) your dog is required to stay in quarantine when it enters Australia. I was pretty anxious about my dog’s … Read more

5 Dog-Friendly Luxury Hotels Around Australia

Dog-friendly luxury hotels Australia

This article was produced in partnership with Hotels.com. The height of luxury is being able to bring along your beloved pooch on your getaway. But just because you’re restricted to dog-friendly properties, doesn’t mean even in Australia that you’re limited to merely camping or staying at a dowdy hotel in the middle of nowhere. While … Read more

Dog-Friendly Getaway to Forster-Tuncurry

Dog-Friendly Getaway to Forster-Tuncurry

Note: The author was a guest of Discovery Parks – Forster. However, all opinions are entirely her own. Forster-Tuncurry is an idyllic spot to head for a quick getaway from Sydney, whether a long-ish weekend or a relaxing week-long break. At 3.5 hours from the centre of Sydney, it’s not too long a drive, but just … Read more

Bringing a Dog to Australia: My Experience

Bringing a Dog to Australia

While travelling around Europe with my dog, I read numerous reports about how expensive it was to fly a dog to Australia, something we were planning to eventually do when we returned home. The dogs involved were various sizes, plus were flying from different parts of Europe, or some were flying from the US. However, … Read more

Do I Need a Rabies Titre Test for My Dog?

Rabies titre test

Before you head off travelling with your dog, or relocate with them across the world, you likely have a long list of preparation steps. Steps such as checking their rabies vaccination, getting a health certificate and researching pet-friendly transport options. But there’s one extra step you may require or should consider: a rabies titre test … Read more

11 Amazing Dog-Friendly Beaches in Australia

Dog-Friendly Beaches Australia

Australia is world famous for its beautiful beaches, with many of its beaches regularly appearing in lists of the top beaches of the world. But, is it possible to enjoy these top beaches with your dog? While many beaches in Australia don’t allow dogs (including most city beaches, plus all in national park boundaries), there … Read more

Flying a Dog Overseas with Jetpets: Our Experience

Schnitzel in Seville

Taking your dog overseas for the first time can be quite daunting. This was especially so when my husband and I first took our dog, Schnitzel, overseas from Australia to Europe. We had no experience at travelling with our dog, let along flying him to the other side of the world and organising all the … Read more

12 Facts About Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia facts

Christmas in Australia is a very different affair than in many other countries. For starters, it’s in the middle of summer, although many traditions still reflect the wintery celebration in the Northern Hemisphere. But what else makes Christmas in Australia different to the rest of the world? What are some Australian Christmas traditions? 1. Christmas Starts … Read more