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  • Help the stray dogs of Bali

    How to Help the Stray Dogs of Bali

    This post was created in conjunction with Bali Villas. With extensive experience in servicing Australian clients, Bali Villas know exactly what families are looking for in terms of location, style and…

  • Dash Hotel Seminyak

    Hotel Review: Dash Hotel Seminyak

    Before staying in Seminyak on the Indonesian island of Bali, most people recommended that I stay in a villa, whether a resort of villas or one on Airbnb. Looking online, Seminyak does…

  • Java by Train

    Travelling the Length of Java By Train

    On a map, the Indonesian island of Java doesn’t seem that big, stretching only 1000km from east to west or 1050km by road from Banyuwangi (where the ferry from Bali disembarks)…

  • Mosque in Malang, Indonesia

    Travelling in Indonesia During Ramadan

    Shortly before heading off to Indonesia for a month long trip, I realised that most of my trip would be during Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and…

  • Yogyakarta Street Art

    Yogyakarta Street Art: Photo Essay

    Normally, most cities famous for their street art are proceeded by their reputations. You will have seen photos of it on Instagram or on a blog; or else heard about it…

  • Hatten Wines Vines

    A Winery Visit on Bali: Hatten Wines

    Would you believe that there’s a winery on the Indonesian island of Bali, with its own vineyards and winemaking facility, that has been making it’s own wines for over 20 years?…

  • Lovina Dolphin Tour at Sunrise

    Is a Lovina Dolphin Tour Worth It?

    Located on the black sand beaches of Bali’s north coast, Lovina is a far cry from the bustling tourist centres in the south of this Indonesian island. It’s an area of comparative peace…