7 Tips to Avoid Overweight Luggage

This is a guest post from Carolette Alcoran. One of the biggest frustrations that people often have when travelling by air is the constant worry that your luggage might be overweight. If it is, then you’ll be facing expensive excess baggage fees or having to go through the hassle of sorting through your things and … Read more

Surviving IVDD While Travelling with My Dachshund

IVDD dog

Intervertebral Disk Disease, or IVDD for short, is a back issue in dogs, that occurs most commonly in Dachshunds due to their long back. Also known as a “hernia” (what my vet called it in Germany), symptoms range from mild pain to complete paralysis of the back legs. About 1 in 4 Dachshunds can expect … Read more

7 Fun Things to Do When Travelling with a Dog

Fun things to do when travelling with a dog

When travelling with your dog, there’s some restrictions on that you can do. For instance, most museums and art galleries are out, unless there’s somewhere you can leave your dog during the day (whether the house you’re staying in or with a dog sitter). It’s also good to keep in mind what your dog will … Read more

Favourite Dog-Friendly Destinations Nominated by Travel Bloggers

Dog Friendly Destinations

The more time I spend travelling with my dog, the more dog-friendly destinations that I hear people recommending. Sure, there are some places that are not dog friendly and you shouldn’t (or can’t) visit with your dog (Iceland and Bali being two that spring to mind), but in most parts of the world, there are some wonderful … Read more

Dog Travel Packing List: What to Pack for Your Dog

Dog travel packing list

If you asked me what we pack to travel with Schnitzel, my first answer would be not much. But when I unpack Schnitzel’s bag (yes, he has his own special bag, as well as extras that don’t fit inside it), it’s surprisingly a lot! Packing everything you need (plus extras just in case), will make for a much happier dog … Read more

7 of the Best Dog Travel Blogs to Follow

Dog Travel Blog

Travelling with a dog isn’t that simple. You may be an experienced traveller, but once you start travelling with a dog, there’s extra questions every step of the way. What accommodation is dog friendly? Are they allowed on public transport or the plane? What dog-friendly sight-seeing and restaurant options do I have? Since I’ve started … Read more