6 Cheap Eats in Sydney

Cheap eats in Sydney

Sydney has some of the best food in the world. With a diverse make-up of different cultures from around the world, it’s possible to try virtually any cuisine in the world here, somewhere, and often for not much cash. While many of the cheapest places to eat excellent food are in the suburbs (such as Vietnamese in Cabramatta, Lebanese in Granville and Korean in Eastwood), there are also some great places in the city centre, to try while you’re visiting.  Try one of these cheap eats in Sydney.

1. Menya Mappen

Menya Mappen

Located just near the George St Cinemas, Menya Mappen is quick (as long as there’s no queue) and very cheap!  Queue up at the counter to select a type of noodle (udon or soba, hot or cold, different styles), then move along your tray to add any hot tempura, salads or desserts, and add complimentary toppings whilst paying.  Only then do you find a seat to sit down, with the turnover time quite quick.  The above tray cost me about $8 AUD, and it’s far different and more authentic than many places in Sydney.

2. Dodee Paidang

Doodee Paidang

© Doodee Paidang website

Want something hot and spicy?  You can’t go past the bowls of tom yum noodles at the outlet of Dodee Paidang near Paddy’s Markets, at the southern end of the CBD.  Their tom yum noodles start at level 1 (Dodee Monster) and go up to level 7 (Dodee Super Nova).  I can guarantee that the level 1 noodles are plenty hot enough for a newbie like me, and left my mouth pleasantly warm!  A small size is an extra cheap $4.90 AUD, or if you’re feeling hungrier go for the large for $9.00 AUD.

3. Encasa Deli

Encasa Deli is an excellent Spanish deli located on Bathurst Street, not far south from the Pitt St Mall. Choose to stay and sit inside or do take-away (Hyde Park is nearby), but make sure you order one of their Bocadillos, Spanish style sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes, made to order.  Choose from the Tortilla (Spanish omelette with roasted peppers and aioli) or perhaps an Argentino (South American style sausage and chimichurri), both $10.00 AUD each. There’s also another take-away outlet in the city at Chifley Square (with slightly higher prices).

4. Gumshara Ramen

Gumshara Ramen

© Charles Haynes, used under Creative Commons license

Sydney is mad for Japanese ramen, a broth-style soup with slices of pork, noodles and more into a large bowl, that are impossible to finish if you have a small appetite or aren’t feeling hungry.  One of the best options is Gumshara Ramen, in the Eating World Harbour Plaza at the north end of the Dixon St Mall, the centre of Sydney’s Chinatown.  Their most famous for their ultra thick broths, but try any of the options starting from $10.50 AUD.

5. Malay Chinese Takeaway

Tom yum soup, ramen, what type of Asian soup with noodles aren’t Sydneysiders mad for?  Add to the list the Malaysian laksa.  In the northern part of the CBD, on Hunter Street, Malay Chinese Takeaway is one of the few casual eateries in this quarter of the city open on weekends (although Saturday only).  Head in here at Saturday lunchtime and you’ll be lucky to find a seat, if you don’t take-away.  Choose from one of the laksa options on the wall, or the other Malaysian and Chinese dishes (living up to its name).  Chicken laksa starts from $10.70 AUD, an extra 40c if you want a bib, plus there’s options with prawns, giant prawns and more.

6. Discount steak at the Glenmore

Steak at the Glenmore

Just want a good steak for a cheap price without having to cook it yourself?  There are plenty of good pub steak deals around Sydney, but one of the best is at the Glenmore, located in The Rocks district with picturesque views from the rooftop dining area.  All day Monday a 250g scotch fillet steak with chips and salad will set you back just $13.90 AUD, with any drink purchase.  If you want to keep it a cheap meal, have it with a glass of Lemon, Lime & Bitters for around $3.20, or select from the extensive collection of beers and wines. One of the best cheap eats in Sydney with a view!

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