Which European Flag-Carrier Airlines Allow Dogs in the Cabin?

I previously wrote about which European budget airlines allow dogs in the cabin, but what about if you’re not looking at travelling with a budget airline, or they don’t fly where you want to go? At the other end of the spectrum are flag-carrier airlines, with most (but not all) European countries having one of these. And sometimes their fares are as cheap as or cheaper than budget airlines, depending on when you’re looking.

So, which European flag-carrier airlines allow dogs in the cabin? And how do their pet policies compare? To view the pet policy of every single flag-carriers, sorted by country, scroll below. But first of all, I answer some key questions…

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NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many airlines have temporarily suspended or modified their pet transport options, although this has applied more so to animals travelling in the hold. Check directly with each airline for their current arrangements and be prepared for changes. 

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Do Any Flag-Carrier Airlines Not Allow Pets in the Cabin?

Out of the 33 flag-carrier airlines operating across Europe, nearly all of them allow pets to travel in the cabin (as well as in the hold). But not surprisingly, a handful of carriers operating in countries where pets usually can’t be transported in the cabin (except for service animals), don’t allow pets in the cabin.

Both British Airways and Icelandair, along with Aer Lingus, don’t allow pets to fly in the cabin. Additionally, Air Albania probably doesn’t allow pets in the cabin, although no information is provided online either way.

Note also that for airlines that do allow pets, sometimes pets may not be allowed on certain flights. This includes flights to certain destinations, such as the United Kingdom.

Plus if you’re lucky enough to be booking a long-haul Business class flight with a reclining seat, dogs are generally not allowed in those Business class cabins. Always check first, before making a booking.

Do Any Airlines Have a Higher Weight Limit?

Nearly all of the airlines listed below have a 8kg limit for dogs travelling in the cabin, including their carrier bag. But there are two airlines that offer a higher weight limit. Both Alitalia and Air Malta have a maximum weight of 10kg, rather than the standard 8kg limit. However, you need to also keep in mind the maximum carrier dimensions, which are still quite small!

Do Any Airlines Have a Lower Weight Limit?

On the other hand, a few of the airlines have a lower weight limit than 8kg, including the carrier. Georgian Airways has a weight limit of just 6kg. A 6kg limit also applies on selected Bulgaria Air flights operated to and from Paris by Air France, although other flights have an 8kg limit. Also, while British Airways normally doesn’t allow pets, their flights within Europe operated by SUN-AIR do allow pets, albeit with a 6kg weight limit.

Are Full-Service Airlines More Generous Than Budget Airlines For Pets?

Generally the pet policies of both full-service airlines and budget airlines in Europe are fairly similar when it comes to pets, usually with a standard weight limit of 8kg and similar fees charged. However, many budget airlines in Europe, including some of the most popular, don’t allow pets, while the majority of full-service airlines do allow pets in the cabin.