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Dog-Friendly Hotel Review: Hotel B&B Graz

Hotel B&B Graz

The second largest city in Austria, Graz is a charming city, with a World Heritage listed Old Town that is lovely to stroll around. After spending some time in Slovenia, the city made a welcome stop for a couple of nights on our train journey between Ljubljana and Vienna. Looking for a dog-friendly option close to the train station, Hotel B&B Graz stood out for its bright and simple style, and affordable prices.

Our Arrival

Lobby at Hotel B&B

The welcoming lobby

Arriving after dark and after the reception had closed (it’s only open between 7am and 6pm in the day), the speedy check-in was a sign of the efficiency of this hotel. I had already entered a few details online in one of the informational emails, but even if I hadn’t it was only a couple of minutes to complete the check-in details on an iPad and for my room card to be printed.

Dog Treats at Hotel B&B

Schnitzel and his welcome treats and blanket

Stepping into the brightly lit and welcoming lobby area, stylishly decorated with some scattered chairs and tables, my dog Schnitzel had other things on his mind: food. In particular, the bowl of dog food (never mind the water next to it), in the corner of the lobby. There’s a noticeable difference between hotels that merely allow dogs and ones that genuinely welcome them, and Hotel B&B Graz is definitely the latter. My impressions were confirmed when we stepped into our room and found a doggy blanket, bowl and meaty treats. Schnitzel was very impressed and wouldn’t heed my warning that he’d spoil his appetite for dinner!

The Rooms

Room at Hotel B&B

Our comfortable, large bed

Bathroom at Hotel B&B

Spotless modern bathroom

Study Nook at Hotel B&B

Desk nook next to the bed

Wall Art at Hotel B&B

Wall art in our room

The rooms at Hotel B&B Graz are simple and practical. There’s the typical twin bed and twin doona set-up that we’ve often found in Central Europe, with shelving built in around the bed head and a small desk nook next to the window. The bathroom is spotless and modern, with a lovely fragranced all-in-one soap and shampoo dispensed with a squeeze. In lieu of tea and coffee facilities in the room, there’s a wide selection available downstairs each afternoon (and as part of breakfast). The TV has a wide selection of channels, conveniently listed on a laminated sheet. Next to it is an information folder and a handy copy of the local tourist office’s self-guided walking tours – perfect for our explorations tomorrow! Our room was also very peaceful – perfect for keeping our dog relaxed.


Breakfast Selection at Hotel B&B

A small selection of the breakfast offering

Breakfast at Hotel B&B

Boiled egg, croissant and tea for breakfast

Juices at Hotel B&B

Lots of juices to choose from

Egg Station at Hotel B&B

The self-boiling egg station

Heading to breakfast in the morning, we discovered an innovative solution for when breakfast is an optional extra: a turnstile to the breakfast room. We had already paid for breakfast, but presumably this would add it to your account if you hadn’t already (or prompt you to pay at reception). Inside was an excellent continental selection. In addition to a wide variety of everything from bread and cereals to meats and cheeses, all of which was kept topped up for the full breakfast period, there was the fun addition of a self-boiling egg station.


Graz Clock Tower

The Clock Tower high above the Old Town of Graz

The one downside of Hotel B&B being located close to the train station is that it’s a longer walk into the old town and the main shopping district of town – about 15 minutes. Due to this, there’s also not many dining choices nearby (especially on a Sunday night), other than a typical kebab shop. However, the main tram line does pass right by the door of the hotel, so it’s quick and easy to get to and from the old town and its wider options.


Murinsel Graz

New meets the old in Graz: the Murinsel

We really enjoyed our stay at Hotel B&B Graz, and so did our dog Schnitzel, and highly recommended it! It’s a fresh and highly functional option, with great value for money and a genuine caring attitude to its canine guests. And Graz also offered some unexpected highlights during our wanders, with the modern additions of the Kunsthaus and Murinsel providing a fun counterpoint to the layers of history.

Click here to visit the hotel’s website.

Note: The author paid for her stay at media rates.

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