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27 Travelling Dogs to Follow on Instagram

Instagram travel dogs

I love following different dogs on Instagram, who travel around the world. It’s great to find recommendations of where to visit with your dog, plus in general be inspired! It’s also amazing to see some of the destinations that people get to with their dog, from the wilds of Africa to the mountains of Nepal. These are some of my favourites that I regularly click the like heart on…

#1 Merci & Me

Whoever would have thought it possible to hike the Annapurna Circuit in the mountains of Nepal with your dog? Merci and his Mom did just that in 2018, proving that there’s no mountain too big for this chocolate Border Collie! They’re now back home in the USA, but still doing plenty of hiking including the Pacific Coast Trail.

#2 Mark & Mya’s Adventures

For the last 18 months, Mark and his White Shepherd, Mya, have been travelling around Canada and the USA. In particular they’ve enjoyed plenty of snow-fuelled adventures in the mountains, Mya joining Mark while skiing. They’ve just returned home to Australia, but I’m sure they have plenty more adventures planned!

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Let us know what you think? On Sunday Mya & I had a big day. We went for a backcountry ski adventure at Mt McPherson also known as The Fingers. It's about a 15 minute drive out of Revelstoke, BC. We parked our Jeep at the McPherson Nordic Club car park (There is a $6 fee that goes towards the up keep of the car park). From the car park Mya & I ski toured to the base of the Fingers. Whilst on the Nordic trails, dogs must remain on lead, but once you take The Fingers turn off, Mya was allowed off leash. I think each time we have been, we have seen atleast one other group with a dog. The two of us skined to the highest point we had been together & then skied back down in some pretty good powder. We even got a beautiful sunset & Mya was so exhausted that evening. Heading into the backcountry is beautiful & creates some great opportunities to really experience mountains the way they naturally are. It also gives us the opportunity for Mya to join me, which is huge for us, as almost all the snow covered areas where you can ski in Australia are National Parks & prohibit dogs from being there. If your interested in giving ski touring a go whilst visiting Revelstoke, Skookum can rent you all the touring gear you need. I do want to point out that heading into the backcountry with, or without a dog is serious. Last winter I was lucky enough to particpate in a guiding course run by Revelstoke Backcountry Guides, who taught me some of the skills involved in safely travelling in the backcountry. Before leaving, we checked the Avalanche Canada forecast & put together a plan. Mya & I didn't travel alone & we both had avalanche beacons (Mya has a special dog specific beacon, made by Black Diamond / Pieps that operates on a different frequency than normal beacons as not to impact the search for other people). There is a lot more involved in such a trip, so if your interested I highly recommend that you do atleast an Avalanche Safety Training course & partner up with some people with backcountry experience. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions? @seerevelstoke @skookum.revelstoke @revelstoke_backcountry @elude_snow @powgloves #NoPawGetsLeftBehind

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#3 Boogie the Pug

A globe-trotting rescue pug, Boogie used to call New York home but now lives in Rio de Janeiro, along with his brothers Marcelo the Chi and Kitty the cat. Boogie has also visited Mexico and Guatemala, along with plenty of destinations in Northeastern USA. He’s one hip pug with a great sense of humour!

#4 Sara Ortín & Ginger

Sara is a full-time nomad who adopted Ginger (or Gingy Mou) in Zambia in 2017. Since then they’ve also visited Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Norway and Sara’s home country of Spain, where they reunite with Sara’s Spanish rescue dogs, Ula and Joy. At the moment Sara’s back in Africa running The Dziko Project, a dog welfare project bringing free vaccinations and sterilisation to the dogs of Northern Zambia.

#5 Long Haul Trekkers

Jen and Dave have been on some amazing adventures with their dogs. Firstly, with their Australian Shephard, Sora, they cycled from Oslo to Athens, then the length of South America. Portland, Oregon natives (they’re the experts on everything dog-friendly in Portland!), they’re now based in Spain along with their latest adoptees Laila and Riia, still up for adventure!

#6 Casper the Wee White Dug

If you want to know anything about dog-friendly destinations in Scotland, Casper is your dog! This wee white Westie regulars travel around Scotland with his Mum, Sam. Along the way they share lots of tips and photos, sometimes with Casper wearing his Scottish tweeds, of course.

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“Who goes there?” Here are two brave Scottish knights defending their mighty fortress. Merrylegs Lord Toby and Merrylegs Tartan Tyke are lords of all they survey. Actually that’s not entirely true as Goofball isn’t a lord at all, he’s only a tartan tike, which would make him my loyal subject. ????????⚔️ . . This is Direlton Castle in East Lothian. It dates to the 13th-century. Ownership passed through several noble families over the years. Inside there’s a cool pit prison and a murder hole. If the castle was attacked those defending it could throw rocks, boiling water or hot tar through the murder hole and onto the heads of the attackers below. ? . . . . . . . . #letsgoeverywhere #bbcbritain #bbctravel #guardiantravelsnaps #lonelyplanet #lovegreatbritain #outandaboutscotland #visitbritain #photosofbritain #loves_scotland #instascotland #omgb #ukpotd #britains_talent #mybritain #scotlandisnow #hiddenscotland #visualsofbritain #theweewhitedug #weeklyfluff #historicscotland #westiesofinstagram #westietude #westiegram #dogsofinstagram

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#7 Leia the Backpacking Frenchie

Last European summer I followed the adventures of Leia and her Mum, Maria, while they showed that it’s possible to backpack around Europe with a dog on a budget. I’m looking forward to seeing what they get up to again this year!

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Made it to France! Here we’re meeting up with some friends that I met in Africa ❤️. Weather is nice, Leia is happy and the company couldn’t have been better ? ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ #travelwithdogs #travelwithdog #travelwithdogeurope #dogpacker #fralla #franskbulldog #franskbulldognorge #franskbulldogsverige #frenchbulldog #backpackingeurope #backpackingdog #backpackingdogs #adventuredogs #dog #dogofthedayjp #pets #ilovemydog #traveldog #traveleurope #travel #wanderlust #traveldogs #france #france?? #chambery #lacdubourget #frankrike #lake

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#8 Maria & Shark

When Maria returned home from a stint working in Mauritius in 2015, she naturally brought home her adopted dog, Shark. Since then they’ve travelled together to multiple continents, visiting Morocco, France, Greece, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, the USA and Cyprus. Maria is originally from Morocco, but these days they’re based in Greece.

#9 Atlas the Nomad Pup

Atlas is just a wee pup, recently adopted by his Mom, Molly, on the island of Crete. Molly plans to travel solo across Europe with the suitably named Atlas. Follow their adventures, along with plenty of cute photos!

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Look at this happy boy! He loves digging in the sand on the beach.⁣ ⁣ This was our first weekend trip and I was so happy with how good he was. He settled right into our AirBnb and our new routine!⁣ ⁣ And of course since there was a beach he was happy!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #traveldogdog #travellingwithadog #EmbarkOnTheAdventure #gopetfriendly #AdventureDogsOfficial #petstagraam #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsthathike #DogsOnAdventures #dogsofficialdog #hikingwithdogs #jj_welovepets #dogsofinstaworld #bestwoof⁣ #dogoftheday #dogofthedayjp #bestwoof10k #crete #cretephotos #greece #greekisland #greekislands #greekdog #team_greece #loves_greece #travel_greece #great_captures_greece #instalovers_gr #insta_greece #igers_greece

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#10 Kota’s Ruff Life

Originally from New York, Kota the rescue Doberman is now based in Netherlands. Proving that it’s possible to country-hop around Europe with a larger dog, they’ve so far visited destinations including the ski-slopes of Austria, taking the ferry to Scotland and hanging out in Berlin.

#11 Marcus & Frieda

Marcus and Frieda first came to my attention when they were travelling in an off-road truck around Morocco. Since then they’ve been back home in Germany, and I was devastated to see that they lost their truck to a cargo ship fire (and sinking) when it was on it’s way to Uruguay. Fingers crossed that the insurance comes through and they’re back on their way to South America!

#12 Duke & Duchess of Parmaham

Duke & Duchess are a pair of Golden Retrievers from Hong Kong. They recently went on a long trip around Europe, visiting 12 countries from the UK to Italy, plus have visited Japan. They’re currently back home in Hong Kong, but still sharing plenty of photos of their European adventures.

#13 Herman in the Hood

I’ve got to admit that Herman has about the funkiest fashion sense of any dog I’ve seen. Based in Toronto, Canada, he’s also visited plenty of cities all across North America, from New York to Portland, all with a big dose of style.

#14 Babu the Travel Dog

Babu only recently got his own Instagram account, separate to his travel-blogger Mom, Paroma. Living in San Francisco, Babu regularly visits dog-friendly destinations around California, from the many wine regions to Mendocino to Carmel by the Sea, plus is an expert on dog-friendly San Francisco.

#15 GoPetFriendly

Amy and Rod, the couple behind GoPetFriendly, are the experts on travelling with a dog to anywhere in the USA, particularly after completing their ultimate pet-friendly road trip to 48 states and Washington, DC, in 2017. Travelling around the USA in a motorhome with their dogs Ty and Buster, they also show it’s still possible to travel with older dogs.

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What’s our favorite thing to do with the dogs in Philly? We LOVE spending a day walking to all the famous squares (parks)! . This pic is Ty and Buster in the city of brotherly love in 2016. They walked from Franklin Square to Washington Square to Rittenhouse Square to Fitler Square to City Hall that day. We stopped for coffee, cheesesteaks, ice cream, drinks, and homemade dog biscuits at pet friendly spots along the way. It was a day to remember. . The boys don’t have the stamina for all-day urban hiking anymore, so now we take things at a more leisurely pace. But I’m grateful we gathered those memories while we could! . . . . #pawsomememories #visitphilly #brotherlylove #phillypaws #gopetfriendly #pettravel #petfriendly #travelingpets #dogaddict #dogsthattravel #dogsthatexplore #bestlife #exploremoretogether #mydogismy #happydogs #pettraveltip #mydogisfamily #gotogether #urbanhiking #optoutside #takemoreadventures #seemore #makememories

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#16 Podroze z Pazurem (Travel with a Claw)

I’ve been following the adventures of Isa and Peter along with their dog Snupi for awhile now. Over 600 days they set off from their home in Poland (use the See Translation link to read their Polish captions, if they’re not both in Polish and English). Their first big adventure was travelling through Morocco, but then they took a sailing boat across the Atlantic and have now been travelling around South America, with no intention of returning yet!

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Dzisiaj mija nam równo 600 dni bycia w podróży. Szaleństwo, prawda? 1. Sahara była 1wszym miejscem gdzie poczuliśmy, że nasza wyprawa dzieję się naprawdę. 2. Jachtostop był momentem przełomowym, przetestował nas pod każdym względem. 3. Lencois w Brazylii – najbardziej wyjątkowe miejsce w Am.Płd. 4. Przepłynięcie Amazonki i Napo to przygoda, która kiedyś wydawała się nam szalona i niemożliwa. 5. Roraima w Wenezueli była naszym największym spontanem. 6 i 7. Huayhuash – największy wysiłek z najpiękniejszymi widokami jakiego się kiedykolwiek podjeliśmy. Czyli 11 dniowy samotny trekking na wysokościach od 4 do 5tys m n.p.m. 8. Uyuni, nasze marzenie i największe rozczarowanie podczas tej podróży. @lasportivagram @ospreyeurope @panasonic_is_now @volcanobrand @powercanvascom @alpinsportpl @sterkowski ________________________________ #wpodróży #przygodażycia #kundelek #spacerzpsem #krajobraz #livelifeoffleash #liveoutdoors #worldnomads #adventureinspired #voyaged #roraima #boathitchhiking #roamtheplanet #dogtravel #outdoorpups #wildernessnation #travelforlife? #offthebeatentrack #galatwórców2019 #blogpodróżniczy #dogsthatexplore #lifeofadventures #travelingthroughtheworld #polskipies #podróżnik #lasportivagram #foryourmountain #backpackingwithdogs

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#17 Pacha the Mountain Dog

The Philippines isn’t a country that usually comes up on lists of dog-friendly destinations, but that’s been no barrier to Pacha and the many adventures she’s had, in particular climbing mountains. Her parents now run a business guiding other dogs and their owners in Northern Luzon.

#18 Montecristo Travels

Montecristo the Chihuahua hails from Canada but has travelled to Europe multiple times, sharing his adventures along the way. He’s now the big brother to La Marquise de Pompadour, and both pups recently visited Costa Rica.

#19 Maya The Mini Husky

Maya has been on a crazy 216 flights, thanks to the frequent work trips of her parents. Luckily she’s a rather small mini Husky, plus she’s also an ESA. I loved seeing the photos of her trip to Hawaii (a US destination that takes a little extra planning).

#20 Max & Louise

Whenever I see photos of Max and Louise on their Instagram account, they always seem to be swimming somewhere tropical and gorgeous. These two Parson Russell Terriers previously lived in Paris, but have visited countries including Spain, Portugal, Greece, the USA and Venezuela.

#21 Hami in Miami

Hamilton Barkley doesn’t just share his escapes in his home town of Miami. This Scottish Terrier has visited destinations all around the USA, from Chicago to Oregon, plus has headed overseas to Spain and Chile, where he hosted a Scottish Terrier Meetup.

#22 Frida the Border Husky

Back in 2017, Frida the Border Husky moved with her parents from Argentina to Luxembourg, along with Mecha the cat. Since then they’ve visited multiple countries around Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, sharing tips along the way (mainly in Spanish).

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Is this safe mom? ?

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#23 Gub Sovath

Gub the Shibu Inu has lived in no shortage of diverse countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Georgia, Russia, France, the USA and now, Vietnam. It’s fun to see what life is like for a dog in so many different destinations, especially Vietnam which doesn’t have the most dog-friendly reputation.

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Posing in front of a Vietnamese minivan…

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#24 Spaniel Life

Severus & Lily the Spaniels have a charmed life, if their beautiful pastel-hued Instagram account is anything to go by. The majority of their travels are in the UK, from England to Scotland to Wales, but they have also ventured across the channel on occasion.

#25 Rocky the Traveller

The charming Rocky the Bull Terrier moved from Florida to England 2 years ago with his owner, Danny (who also has his own Instagram account). Since then they’ve travelled all around the UK, plus to over 20 other countries across Europe, with plans to take the Trans-Siberian to China!

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When you’ve had a few too much at the pub ? ?

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#26 All We Can Travel

The Spanish dog Pivo has visited many bucket list destinations: from Petra in Jordan to the blue village of Chefchaouen in Morocco. With 12 countries and 5 USA states under his belt, he’s got plenty more exotic destinations coming up, including trips to Peru and Israel.

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???? ?? El color azul siempre nos recuerda a Chefchauen, una ciudad del norte de Marruecos conocida como la Perla azul ya que sus calles están vestidas de este color. Es ideal para pasar un día y aunque cada vez está más masificada de turistas, merece la pena la visita ??. Pivo era todavía muy pequeño cuando visitó Marruecos, 1 año aproximadamente ??, y aún así se portó como un campeón aunque todavía no sabía posar ??. ¿A vosotros que color os recuerda a alguna ciudad? / The blue color always remind us to Chefchauen, a city on the north of Morocco well known as The Blue Pearl since their streets are full of this color. It is worth a visit for spending a whole day even if tourism has massively increased ??. Pivo was very young when he visited Morocco, around 1 year ??, but he behave very well even if he still didn’t know how to pose ??. And you, what colour remind you to a city??????? . . . . . #allwecantravel #pivoviajero #pivotraveller #perroviajero #dogtraveller #travellerdog #pettravel #viajarconperro #travelwithdog #traveldoggie #bringfido #metenosentumaleta #comuviajera #iamtb #losviusviajeros #viajes4patas #somos4pateros #dogvivant #yeswecan #quetuperroteacompañe #dogblogger #instadog #dogstagram #thebluepearl #chefchaouen #chaouen #moroccowithdog #marruecosconperro

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#27 Travelnuity

Finally, don’t forget to follow Schnitzel and I along on Instagram. We haven’t been sharing that many photos lately (been writing more than travelling!), but we plan to share more soon.

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