Visiting Phillip Island Dog Beach with a Dog

Phillip Island is a popular holiday destination in Victoria, less than a two hour drive from the centre of Melbourne. The island is particularly popular during the summer months, the perfect time to hit the island’s beaches. If you’re visiting Phillip Island with a dog, find out about the best off-leash dog beach on Phillip Island, plus other alternatives.

Ventnor Off-Leash Dog Beach with Dog

Location of Phillip Island Dog Beach

Phillip Island is home to a single beach that permits off-leash dogs all day long, year round. The beach is located in Ventnor, on the northwestern side of the island, and is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Victoria.

The off-leash section of Ventnor Beach is located in between the end of Ventnor Beach Road and Graydens Road. On Google Maps, search for “Ventnor Dog Beach”. The beach is also known as Graydens Road Beach.

Due to being located within Western Port Bay, the water at the beach is relatively calm, rather than the waves at other beaches along the Victorian coastline. However, the water was still somewhat whipped up by the wind on the very windy November day we visited!

Ventnor Off-Leash Dog Beach
Ventnor Dog Beach on Phillip Island

At the end of both Ventnor Beach Road and Graydens Road there’s a handy car park, along with clear signage showing the limits of the off-leash dog exercise area and the rules.

Note that the stretch of the beach to the south prohibits dogs during much of the day over the summer months, with dogs only permitted on-leash between 7am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm from December to April, plus all day long in winter.

Phillip Island Dog Beach Signs
Signage indicating when dogs are allowed on the beaches

When Are Dogs Allowed on Phillip Island Dog Beach?

The best thing about the Phillip Island Dog Beach at Ventnor is that dogs are allowed off-leash on the beach all day long, for the entire year. Unlike other beaches on Phillip Island that permit dogs, whether off- or on-leash, there are no seasonal or time restrictions.

Ventnor Dog Beach Sign
Dogs are allowed on Ventnor Dog Beach all day long

Tips for Visiting Phillip Island Dog Beach

While dogs are allowed off-leash at Ventnor Dog Beach, also known as Phillip Island Dog Beach, they must be kept under your effective control.

Additionally, on all Phillip Island beaches you must put your dog back on a leash if you come within 50m of a signed wildlife refuge – look out for any signs.

Dog-Friendly Cafes Near Phillip Island Dog Beach

There aren’t any cafes in walking distance of Phillip Island Dog Beach. If you want to grab a takeaway coffee or a bite to eat, you could stop at The Store, back on Ventnor Beach Road. Alternatively, there’s plenty of dog-friendly cafes on Phillip Island in Cowes, the main town on the island.

Alternative Off-Leash Dog Beaches on Phillip Island

Ventnor Dog Beach is not the only off-leash dog beach on Phillip Island. There are also two other off-leash dog beaches, at Cowes West Beach and Cape Woolami.

The off-leash section at Cowes West Beach is located near Eva Lane, while the off-leash beach at Cape Woolami is north of the carpark. For maps showing their locations, view this brochure.

However, there are time restrictions on these beaches between the months of December and April. During the summer months dogs are only allowed on the beaches between 7am and 10am then from 5pm to 8pm. On the other hand, if you’re visiting between May and November, dogs are permitted off-leash all day long.

On-Leash Dog Beaches on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is also home to a number of on-leash dog beaches. These are mainly located around Cowes and Smiths Beach. For a map showing all the beaches, view this brochure.

On-Leash Dog Beach Cowes
One of the seasonal on-leash dog beaches in Cowes

These beaches also have similar time restrictions over the summer months. Between December and April dogs are only allowed on-leash on the beaches between 7am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm. However, from May to November, dogs are allowed on the beaches all day long, but on a leash.

Dogs are strictly prohibited from the reminder of the coastline on Phillip Island, including at Summerlands near the Penguin Parade. For a map showing these areas, again refer to this brochure.

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