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How Holiday Activities Could Invalidate Your Travel Insurance

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When you travel on holiday, it is always good to have travel insurance cover. However, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions in your insurance policy, you could actually end up invalidating your holiday travel insurance. You would be surprised to learn that these terms and conditions include some very popular holiday activities.

Taking part in unplanned adventurous activities during a holiday costs Brits more than £3 billion because such activities were not a part of their travel insurance cover. Data collated by Columbus Direct revealed that while 69% of the people surveyed had bought travel insurance, almost 50% of that number did not know which types of activities were covered by that policy. Because of this, most people ended up being underinsured.

Another survey done of 2,000 people who went on holiday showed that 26% had either been injured themselves, or knew of someone who had been injured while doing activities during their holiday. Of those injured, about 16% did not have holiday travel insurance that covered the activity that caused their injury, leading each of them to bear an average cost of £1,700.

When on holiday, some of the most popular but unplanned activities include swimming with dolphins, paragliding, zip-lining, various beach games, and cycling. While there are many activities that your standard holiday travel insurance will cover for, there are many others that will not be covered. For example, in the list above, paragliding is not covered by standard holiday insurance and you need extra cover if you plan to participate in that activity.

Not surprisingly, bungee jumping isn’t covered by standard travel insurance

Other examples of common adventurous activities that are not covered by standard travel insurance are bungee jumping, skiing, kayaking or canoeing, off-road cycling or mountain biking, martial arts, etc.

Insurance companies will have a list of activities that are covered as part of your standard holiday travel insurance policy, however, if you plan on doing a lot of adventurous activities on your holiday, it would be better to check the entire list of what is not covered – before you do that activity.

After all, while spur of the moment decisions to try something new and exciting are great for memories, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should take the time out to understand exactly what you’re covered for, even if this means making a call to your insurer while you are on holiday.

There is a list of activities that all insurance companies consider dangerous and therefore will not cover them – or will cover them at higher premiums. However, each insurer will have their own list of activities that they will cover as a part of their standard travel insurance policies.

The moral of the story here is that you should check the terms and conditions of your holiday travel insurance policy so that you know exactly what types of activities you can and cannot participate in during your holiday.

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