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3 Places for your UK Dog-Friendly Bucket List

UK Dog-Friendly Bucket List

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With so many different areas of the UK to explore, it can be hard to pin point the exact “must-see” locations that absolutely must be added to your travelling bucket list.

When you first decide to visit the UK with your dog, you would be forgiven for immediately thinking only of London and its many must-see landmarks. Yet there are so many wonderous and hidden coves and corners of the United Kingdom which are most definitely worth an extended visit, dogs in tow of course.

Choosing areas that have plenty of outdoor space to explore, as well as dog-friendly accommodation and amenities, is important when planning your trip with your dog. Read on to discover three new areas that you should definitely consider adding to your UK dog-friendly bucket list.

1. Snowdonia

Hiking the trail to the peak of Mt Snowdon

If you’ve not yet ventured to Wales, where have you been? The country best known for its natural beauty, rugby teams and fantastic singers is a brilliant place to explore with your dog. The rolling hills and rugged terrain of North Wales provide a fantastic outdoor adventure, and it’s hard to miss the dramatic backdrop provided by the Snowdon mountains themselves.

If you’re up for a challenge, hiking Mt Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, is a great day out, and one which we thoroughly enjoyed. It’s definitely advisable to do plenty of research into the six possible routes beforehand, to make sure you’re choosing the right path for you and your dogs, as some routes are quite substantially longer or more difficult than others.

2. The Cotswolds

Dog-Friendly Cotswolds

The gorgeous village of Castle Combe

If quaint and quintessentially British is your thing, look no further than the beautiful Cotswolds. With associations to the rich and famous, and some of the Royal family themselves no less, the Cotswolds has quickly become a sought-after location for those looking to get out and about in the country.

With pub lunches and afternoon tea available in pet-friendly locations, you’ll be hard pushed to find somewhere with a more welcoming community spirit. And with so many pet-friendly cottages in the Cotswolds, you’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect accommodation.

A typical cottage in the Cotswolds

3. Sherwood Forest

Major Oak in Sherwood Forest © Neil Turner (with minor modifications), used under Creative Commons license

The wonderful forest park in the heart of Sherwood Forest is a brilliant place to get out and about and take the dogs for a fun family trip. The stomping ground of legendary Robin Hood himself, the 450-acre country park in Nottinghamshire is an outdoor adventurous dream, with intertwining trees and trails galore.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have been working extremely hard to protect the area’s special wildlife, and in doing so have created a range of brand-new dog-friendly walks within the forest for 2019, perfect for visiting if you’re in the area. Be sure to stop off for a photo opportunity at the world-famous Major Oak, believed to be close to 1,000 years old and the very place where Robin Hood and his merry men once sheltered.

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