Our Journey to Visit Every UNESCO World Heritage Site

Visit every UNESCO World Heritage site:: Borobudur

If you’ve been following Travelnuity on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed that my husband, Joel, and I have been visiting a lot of UNESCO World Heritage sites on our current European trip. And wondered, why?

Joel and I have decided to try and visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world! The idea originally comes from Joel. He’s always been a history buff and loves to explore historical sites on his travels. Although I’ve also visited a lot of World Heritage Sites in my travels.

While we’ve heard of other people trying to visit every country in the world and are intrigued by the idea, there’s many countries we’re not really interested in visiting, just for the sake of ticking them off a list. Plus we don’t like the idea of just making quick visits to countries, we prefer to explore countries in more details. So, the idea of visiting and ticking off World Heritage Sites fits better with our travelling ethos.

Additionally, while many World Heritage Sites are popular tourist destinations (Venice is naturally on the list), there’s also plenty of lesser known ones that we otherwise wouldn’t have visited. These are sometimes the most interesting sites to visit, and explore why they’ve been listed.

Visit every UNESCO World Heritage site: Cultural Landscape of Sintra

Exploring the UNESCO listed Cultural Landscape of Sintra near Lisbon

At the moment, there’s 1052 World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO, although more (around 20) are added each year). Ironically, given that my husband came up with the idea, I’ve actually visited more sites (in particular ones in Australia). I’ve currently visited 99 sites, while Joel has visited a still impressive 84. Tomorrow I’ll be visiting my 100th site: the Historic City of Toledo, just south of Madrid, Spain.

Visit every UNESCO World Heritage site: Las Medulas

A windswept day at Las Medulas, the remains of Roman goldmines in northwestern Spain

If you want to follow along, head over to our website,, or follow our Youtube channel, World Heritage Journey. Joel has been making a video at every site we’re visiting (with me as the trusty camera operator). At the moment a new video is going up every 2nd day! So, keep watching, and follow us along!

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Our UNESCO World Heritage Journey

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  • Reply
    November 25, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Impossible to visit all. Every year 20 or more are added to the list. I visit 240 but I have no plan to try to visit them all because it is NOT possible.
    But off of course keep trying . Lol

    • Reply
      November 25, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      I don’t consider that a reason to stop you from visiting them all, at least as of the latest conference. The main obstacle I see is that some sites have restricted access, or are remote and are very expensive to visit, plus there are some with dangerous security situations. We’re now up to over 500 sites, and visited around 200 in one year as our record.

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