Why Your Next Trip Should be to Maryland

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Offering the sandy shores that most people picture when thinking about vacations, to white water rafting in beautiful mountains, Maryland has something for everyone. Considerably less expensive than some vacation spots, while offering more than most, here are some reasons you should consider making Maryland your next vacation destination in the USA.

The Food

If you’re a fan of seafood, then Maryland is the place for you. Famous for its crabs, Maryland offers everything from crab cakes to crab chowder – you’ll be able to eat your fill and then some!

Steamed crabs in Maryland

This state has many unique and iconic foods, like Berger cookies, Smith Island cake, and Fisher’s Popcorn. If you have a craving, Maryland has a portion of food to fit the bill.

The second you have a bite of their fantastic crab cakes and fries, you’ll start looking for houses at Baltimore houses for sale. Just make sure to get your fill before you have to go back home.

The Views

Since this state ranges from sea to mountain, riddled with rivers in between, Maryland is stock full of views. Sugarloaf Mountain, a hiking and mountain climbing destination, offers a scenic view that goes on for miles and miles. On-leash dogs are welcome to join you on many hiking trails at Sugarloaf.

On the coast, Maryland has almost a dozen lighthouses that each hold their beauty and significance. In the fall, ghost tours offer you a dramatic view of the history of these beautiful buildings.

The Activities

Offering everything from white water rafting, to deep-sea fishing, to enjoying the educational fun of a museum tour, Maryland provides entertainment for everyone.

This state is home to the National Aquarium, a hot spot for sea fans, and also has a Six Flags American park for those needing a dose of adrenaline.

For your pup, there’s plenty of dog-friendly activities, including plenty of parks and beaches. Just check in advance whether dogs are allowed year round or just during particular times of the year. Take your pup on a cruise on the bay with Watermark Cruises. Friendly dogs on a leash are welcome to join you for free. After dark, go hunting for ghosts in Baltimore on a ghost tour with your dog protectively by your side.

Head out on to the water at Baltimore with your well-behaved dog

If you plan area by area, you could spend a full week, with every day in a different area of the state, and never get bored.

The History

Maryland has been lived in for around 3,000 years now – since the first Native Americans started living there in 1000 BCE. Algonquin-speaking Native Americans thrived in the beauty and splendour of the state, able to enjoy all of its incredible resources. There are several ways to experience this history, including through the Smithsonian.

Maryland was also the seventh official state of the United States, which means that it’s heavily steeped in national history as well. There are multiple battlefields, museums, and historical destinations you can visit if you want to learn more about its rich history.

Why Visit Maryland
The battlefield at Antietam

The People

Because the state is so small (the ninth smallest in the country), Maryland is home to some of the friendliest and most tight-knit communities you’ll find in the USA. Many areas have a classic Marylander accent that doesn’t twang as southern, but will still make you feel welcome.

Maryland may not be what you think of when you’re considering vacation hot spots, but that’s part of the magic of it. The state is full of surprises, from culture to food, to views, and you won’t want to leave once you get to know it.

If you’re heading to Maryland by train, don’t forget small dogs can join you on Amtrak

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