The Most Dog-Friendly Ferry to All of Ireland

Dog friendly ferries to Ireland

When we were putting together our itinerary for visiting the United Kingdom in 2017 with our dog, we never considered not hopping across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Considering that we were hiring a car and dogs are not usually allowed to fly in the cabin in the UK, taking a … Read more

Travelling to Republic of Ireland with a Dog in 2023

Taking a dog to Ireland

Not long ago, I wrote about travelling with a dog in the Republic of Ireland. But how do you travel to Ireland with your dog in the first place? Like the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland is located on an island, with only a land border to Northern Ireland. So, like the UK, it’s … Read more

Dog-Friendly Republic of Ireland: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-friendly Ireland

When I travelled to the Republic of Ireland with my dog in 2017, I found it to be one of the less dog-friendly countries in Europe. This was followed up by my survey on the percentage of dog-friendly hotels in different cities across Europe, that ranked Dublin in last place. However, Ireland is an amazing … Read more