Should I Visit Mont-Saint-Michel with My Dog?

Mont-Saint-Michel with dog

Mont-Saint-Michel is an iconic destination to visit in France, attracting around 3 million visitors per year. However, due to restrictions put in place to handle these crowds (you should see the carpark, it’s huge!), it may not be the best destination to visit with your dog. If you’re planning on stopping at this landmark on … Read more

Flying to France with a Dog from the USA

Flying to France with a Dog

One of the most popular destinations for Americans heading to Europe with their dogs is France. It’s no surprise, as in addition to the many attractions of this European country, it’s also one of the shortest and easiest flights from the US. That means it’s possible to fly to France with your dog in the … Read more

12 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Paris

Dog in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists to visit. But what if you are visiting with your dog, what can you do in Paris with a dog? While visiting the Louvre or climbing the Eiffel Tower is out of the question, there’s still plenty of dog-friendly things to do … Read more

DFDS Seaways Ferry with a Dog: Dieppe to Newhaven

DFDS Ferry Dieppe to Newhaven with a Dog

Compared to travelling around the rest of Europe, it’s a lot harder to travel to the UK with a dog. With pet dogs not allowed on the Eurostar train to London or to fly in the cabins of planes, there’s not many options available to people travelling to the UK with a dog. Additionally, many … Read more

Can I Take My Dog to France From the UK?

Taking a Dog to France

Prior to Brexit, it was easy to take your dog to France from the UK. Since then, it is no longer as simple, but it is still a straightforward process – you can still take your dog to France. Find out the requirements for taking a dog to France from the UK, plus the different … Read more

Dog-Friendly France: Travelling in France with a Dog

Dog-friendly France

The French have a reputation for loving their dogs. So no wonder then that France is a popular destination for people travelling with their dogs, whether from across the Channel in the UK or further away. But despite this reputation, France isn’t the most dog-friendly country that we’ve visited in Europe. While your dog will … Read more

Taking Dogs on the Ferry to France from the UK

Dogs on Ferry to France

One of the easiest ways to travel from the UK to France with your dog is by ferry. There are a wide range of ferries available, from the quick Dover to Calais crossings operated by multiple companies, to the longer ferries including overnight crossings to the west. Find out about the options available for taking … Read more

4 Beautiful Palaces in Europe to Visit with Your Dog

Dog-Friendly Palaces Europe

In Europe there’s no shortage of beautiful palaces that human visitors can visit, walking through endless processions of richly decorated rooms and enjoying gardens that are still beautiful to this day. But if you’re travelling with a dog, your options are more limited. I firstly realised this when wanting to walk with my dog through … Read more

Dog-Friendly Paris: Visiting Paris with a Dog

Dog-friendly Paris

This is a guest post from Cathi Bert-Roussel of Triangle Paws Magazine. France is considered one of the most pet-centric countries in the world, with Paris often cited as the capital of dog-friendliness. Visitors marvel at how dogs seem to be allowed everywhere including cafes, shops and grocery stores. But is Paris really that dog-friendly? My own experience … Read more