Which Asian Airlines Allow Dogs in the Cabin in 2024?

Asian Airlines That Allow Dogs in Cabin

The easiest way to get around Asia, including travelling to and from the region, is by flying. However, if you’re travelling with a dog, things are harder. Unlike in Europe and the Americas, the majority of airlines don’t allow pet dogs to fly in the cabin. Most airlines only permit dogs to fly in the … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed on Trains in Asia?

Dogs on train in Asia

One of my favourite things about travelling in Europe with my dog is that he’s allowed on nearly all the trains in Europe. Even when we travelled in the USA, small dogs are allowed on most Amtrak trains. But what about in Asia? Are dogs allowed on trains in Asia? Now I must confess up … Read more

How to Travel with a Dog from Thailand to Europe

Travel with dog from Thailand to Europe

This is a guest post from Grace Austin of Extreme Nomads. Coming from somebody who’d never so much as moved their goldfish from room to room, the notion of flying our newly adopted Thai soi dog from our home in Pranburi all the way over to Europe was daunting, to say the very least. Nevertheless, … Read more