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Are you a brand or tourism organisation looking to work with a travel blogger who writes about dog-friendly travel? If so, Travelnuity can provide the perfect fit.

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Media Coverage

Both Travelnuity and my story of travelling with a dog has been covered by a wide variety of media, including:

Appearance on BBC World News (May 2019)

Travelnuity has regularly been listed as a top travel blog:

Brand Collaborations

In recent years I have collaborated with a number of brands, providing blog coverage, social media promotion, content generation and freelance photography.

Some of my recent collaborations have included, in Australia:

  • Apollo Motorhome Holidays
  • Best Western
  • Discovery Parks
  • Jetpets Animal Transport
  • Pinot & Pooches Tours
  • Tesalate Towels
  • Travelan
  • Wotif (Festival of WOT)

And in the rest of the world:

  • Bali Villas (Indonesia)
  • Hotel B&B Graz¬†(Austria)
  • Hotel Sacha (France)
  • Prontopia¬†(USA, Italy & Spain)
  • SafetyWing (Worldwide)
  • The Pet Pass (USA)
  • Uncommon Goods (Worldwide)
  • Vallee les Etoiles (Belgium)
Part of my collaboration with Apollo Motorhome Holidays

I have also collaborated with these organisations prior to focusing on dog-friendly travel:

  • Tourism Promotions Board Philippines
  • Indonesian Ministry of Tourism
  • One-of Collection – The Funny Lion (Philippines)
  • Aqua Aston Hospitality – Aqua Ohio Waikiki (Hawaii) and Aston Islander on the Beach (Hawaii)
  • Emma Spencer Living – Volcano Village Lodge (Hawaii)
  • Casa Del Mar Langkawi (Malaysia)
  • Britz (Maui) Campervans (Australia)
  • Kakadu Tourism (Australia)
  • Wings Over Kauai (Hawaii)

Freelance Writing & Photography

I have a wide range of freelance writing and photography experience, stretching back to before I started Travelnuity. Examples of my work have been published in:

Print Magazines

Media Websites & Company Blogs

Travel Blogs

My winning photograph published in Australia Traveller

I also won the Great Eastern Ranges Photography Competition – My Escape Category in 2009, with my winning photograph (pictured above) published on a full page in Australian Traveller magazine, Apr/May 2010, and forming part of a travelling exhibition in Australia.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions, just shoot me an email at [email protected]. I would be happy to talk with you about any collaboration ideas you might have!

Shandos Cleaver, Founder & Blogger-In-Chief