How Dog-Friendly Are Airports in Europe?

Dog-friendly airports in Europe

Dogs commonly fly on planes in Europe, including being allowed in the cabin on many airlines, so you’d expect the airports to be quite pet-friendly, right? Unfortunately though, if you compare the airports of Europe to those in the USA, you’ll be a bit disappointed. Here are some tips on travelling through European airports to … Read more

Flying with a Dog in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Flying with a Dog - Dog in New York

When travelling longer distances, whether across a country or across an ocean, often the best transport option is to fly. But what about if you’re travelling with a dog? Can you take dogs on planes? And how do you fly with a dog? Luckily, dogs are indeed allowed on planes, with a wide variety of … Read more

Taking a Dog to the USA from the UK in 2023

Taking a Dog to USA

So you’re living in the United Kingdom and want to head to the United States along with your dog, whether to relocate or because you’re going on a holiday. But what are your options for taking a dog to USA from UK? I cover the different options available, plus the requirements for taking a dog … Read more

Flying Out of the UK with a Dog in 2023

Flying with a dog UK

It’s commonly known that pet dogs cannot fly to the UK in the cabin or as checked baggage, only as cargo. However, the same rule doesn’t apply in reverse. While many airlines don’t fly pet dogs in either direction, there are some airlines that fly pet dogs (and cats) out of the UK in the … Read more

Which Asian Airlines Allow Dogs in the Cabin in 2023?

Asian Airlines That Allow Dogs in Cabin

The easiest way to get around Asia, including travelling to and from the region, is by flying. However, if you’re travelling with a dog, things are harder. Unlike in Europe and the Americas, the majority of airlines don’t allow pet dogs to fly in the cabin. Most airlines only permit dogs to fly in the … Read more

Flying To and From Ireland with a Dog

Flying to Ireland with a dog

Given that it’s an island, the easiest way to travel to and from Ireland is by flying. This includes if you’re travelling with a dog, especially a dog small enough to fly in the cabin. While the United Kingdom has a strict ban on pet dogs flying into the country in the cabin, there is … Read more