How to Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation on

Best Western Melbourne City Pet Friendly is one of my favourite sites for booking pet-friendly accommodation, because it makes it easy to find pet-friendly hotel rooms and view the conditions and pet fees for each hotel. While unfortunately their great reward scheme will soon be ending (in July 2023), it’s still a great option. Find out how to book a pet-friendly … Read more

How to Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation on

Schnitzel in Brussels Pet-Friendly Hotel

One of the biggest worries that I had before I started travelling with my dog, was finding dog-friendly accommodation. Before I committed to flying overseas with my dog, I spent some time investigating how much accommodation was dog-friendly and convincing myself that yes, I would be able to find somewhere to stay in various locations. … Read more

5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Madrid, Spain

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Madrid

If you’re heading to Madrid, the capital of Spain, with your dog, you’ll need to sort out some dog-friendly accommodation pronto! While there are plenty of hotels that will accept you and your dog, needing to find pet-friendly hotels will limit your accommodation options somewhat, with under 20% of hotels in city listed as pet-friendly. When … Read more

5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Paris, France

Dog-friendly hotels in France

I’ll be up front about Paris: it has some of the most expensive accommodation prices across Europe. While there are plenty of hotels, if you’re looking to stay within the city proper (within one of the 20 arrondissements) hotels are usually quite pricey. The other concern, particularly if you’re sharing your room with your dog, is … Read more

15 of the Best Pet-Friendly Cabins in Victoria

Pet-Friendly Cabins Victoria

There’s plenty of dog-friendly caravan parks dotted all around Victoria, but pet-friendly cabins can be a bit harder to track down. To save you checking the websites of individual caravan parks, I’ve put together this selection of some of the best pet-friendly cabins in Victoria, ranging from the city to the countryside and the coast. … Read more

10 Tips for Finding & Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb

Airbnb pet friendly

While travelling with our dog Schnitzel, especially around Europe and the USA but also Australia, we’ve stayed in nearly 200 Airbnbs with him. We’ve often preferred to stay in a pet-friendly Airbnb rather than a hotel, particularly if we’re staying somewhere for a while. We like having our own kitchen, not to mention there’s often … Read more

33 of the Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Melbourne

Dog-Friendly Hotels Melbourne

No matter what your reason for visiting Melbourne, if you’re visiting with a dog, you’ll need to find a dog-friendly hotel. Luckily then an increasing number of hotels in Melbourne now welcome pets to stay with you. Whether you’re after a luxury five-star hotel, perfect for a pet-friendly staycation, or need an self-contained apartment for … Read more