Flying To and From Ireland with a Dog

Flying to Ireland with a dog

Given that it’s an island, the easiest way to travel to and from Ireland is by flying. This includes if you’re travelling with a dog, especially a dog small enough to fly in the cabin. While the United Kingdom has a strict ban on pet dogs flying into the country in the cabin, there is … Read more

Travelling in United Kingdom with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Travelling in the UK with a dog

The United Kingdom is an excellent place for travelling with a dog. While it might not be as dog-friendly as parts of continental Europe, the UK still has plenty of dog-friendly pubs and cafes, walks, parks and even dog-friendly beaches. Given the hassle of travelling to and from Europe with a pup, consider travelling with … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed on Trains in Europe?

Dogs on trains in Europe

One of the best ways to travel around Europe is by train. Travelling by train is scenic and spacious, and on shorter trips it is often quicker than flying, once you take into account getting to and from the airport and check-in times. But, what about if you’re travelling in Europe with your dog? Are … Read more

The Most Dog-Friendly Ferry to All of Ireland

Dog friendly ferries to Ireland

When we were putting together our itinerary for visiting the United Kingdom in 2017 with our dog, we never considered not hopping across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Considering that we were hiring a car and dogs are not usually allowed to fly in the cabin in the UK, taking a … Read more

Travelling to Northern Ireland with a Dog in 2023

Taking dog to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a fabulous destination to visit with your dog, whether you’re visiting family or friends or touring the beautiful countryside. However, due to being situated across the Irish Sea and being treated differently since the end of the Brexit transition, it’s potentially trickier to visit than the other countries of the United Kingdom. Read … Read more

Travelling to Republic of Ireland with a Dog in 2023

Taking a dog to Ireland

Not long ago, I wrote about travelling with a dog in the Republic of Ireland. But how do you travel to Ireland with your dog in the first place? Like the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland is located on an island, with only a land border to Northern Ireland. So, like the UK, it’s … Read more

Dog-Friendly Spain: Travelling in Spain with a Dog

Dog-friendly Spain

I’ll admit straight up, Spain is unfortunately one of the least dog-friendly countries in Europe. Although many Spanish own and pamper their dogs, they don’t have the same attitude towards dogs that many other European countries do, where dogs are frequently allowed inside restaurants and allowed on public transport as a right. Travelling in Spain … Read more

Dog-Friendly Cornwall: Visiting Cornwall with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Cornwall

At the southwestern tip of England you’ll find the fabulous beaches and wild moors of Cornwall. Particularly popular as a summer holiday destination, what can you do together with your dog when visiting Cornwall? Check out my recommendations for this part of the United Kingdom, plus tips for visiting dog-friendly beaches and pet-friendly accommodation. Dog-Friendly … Read more

Dog-Friendly Edinburgh: Visiting Edinburgh with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom and it’s not hard to see why. Edinburgh Castle looms over the city, surrounded by the charming medieval Old Town, and there’s a packed event schedule, from the Edinburgh Festival to Hogmanay. If you’re considering visiting Edinburgh with your dog, read on … Read more

Dog-Friendly Bournemouth: Visiting Bournemouth with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Bournemouth

This is a guest post from Carrie of Pawfect Explorer Choosing to share a holiday with your dog can be one of the most rewarding things you choose to do. But where should you take your dog while holidaying in England? For those of you looking to take your dog to a coastal resort, consider … Read more