How to Travel with a Dog Between the UK and Europe

Taking a dog to Europe from UK

One of the best things about travelling in Europe with a dog is that it’s usually so easy! Generally you don’t require any paperwork for travelling from country to country and most transport options allow dogs. However, this isn’t the case if you’re departing the UK to travel to Europe with a dog, or on … Read more

Travelling to Northern Ireland with a Dog [Updated for 2021]

Taking dog to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a fabulous destination to visit with your dog, whether you’re visiting family or friends or touring the beautiful countryside. But due to being situated across the Irish Sea, and following the end of the Brexit transition, it’s trickier to visit than other countries of the United Kingdom. Read on for answers to all … Read more

Travelling to the Republic of Ireland with a Dog

Taking a dog to Ireland

Not long ago, I wrote about travelling with a dog in the Republic of Ireland. But how do you travel to Ireland with your dog in the first place? Like the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland is located on an island, with only a land border to Northern Ireland. So, like the UK, it’s … Read more

What Does Brexit Mean for Pet Travel?

Pet travel after Brexit

Like it or not, Brexit will be impacting many aspects of life in the United Kingdom, and pet travel doesn’t escape. From the end of the Brexit transition period on the 31st December 2020, pet travel between the UK and Europe will change. Although given that negotiations haven’t been finalised, the exact future details aren’t yet … Read more

Dog-Friendly Finland: Travelling in Finland with a Dog

Dog-friendly Finland

Before visiting Finland, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, especially as we were travelling in summer, so winter snow fun and visits to Santa’s home were off the agenda. Often grouped in with the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, we found travelling with a dog similar in many ways, but also more … Read more

Taking a Dog to the USA from the UK

Taking a dog to USA from UIK

So you’re living in the United Kingdom and want to head to the United States along with your dog, whether to relocate or because you’re going on a holiday. But what are your options for taking a dog to USA from UK? I cover the different options available, plus the requirements for taking a dog … Read more

Dog-Friendly London: Visiting London with a Dog

Dog-friendly London

London is a wonderfully dog-friendly city, whether you’re visiting London with your dog or are a local living with a pup. Find out about some of the fabulous things to do in London with a dog…  Dog-Friendly Accommodation in London If you’re visiting the United Kingdom capital with your dog, firstly you’ll need to organise … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed on the Eurostar?

Dogs on Eurostar

Since the Eurostar started running train services connecting London, Paris and Brussels via the Eurotunnel in 1994, it’s been easier than ever to travel between the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. But what about if you’re travelling with your dog or other pet? Can You Take Dogs on the Eurostar? While pet dogs are allowed … Read more

Flying Vueling Airlines with a Dog: Our Experience

Flying Vueling with a dog

One of my favourite airlines to fly with my small dog in Europe is Vueling. This low-cost airline is based out of Barcelona, Spain, flying to over 100 destinations. Small pets up to 8kg are allowed in the cabin for a small fee, with an easy booking process. Read on to find out more about … Read more