Dog-Friendly Barcelona: Visiting Barcelona with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Baarcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, thanks to its beaches, vibrant culture and nightlife scene. It’s also a great destination to visit in Spain with a dog. Find out more about visiting dog-friendly Barcelona, from what to do to where to stay. Dog-Friendly Sightseeing in Barcelona There’s plenty to see and … Read more

How to Fly a Dog to Spain from the UK

Flying with a dog UK

If you’re travelling to Spain with your dog from the UK, one of the quickest and easiest ways is to fly with your dog to Spain. While pet dogs can only fly into the UK as cargo, not in the cabin or even as check-in baggage, the same prohibition doesn’t apply to pets flying out … Read more

How to Travel to Spain with a Dog from the UK

Taking Dog to Spain From UK

With its sunshine and heat, not to mention beautiful beaches and affordable dining, it’s no surprise that Spain is a popular destination for travellers (and retirees) from the United Kingdom. And for most travellers it’s also an easy and cheap destination to fly to. But if you’re a pet owner, it’s a trickier affair travelling … Read more

Taking a Ferry to Spain with a Dog from the UK

Ferry to Spain with Dog

One of the easiest, but not quickest, ways to travel to Spain with a dog from the UK (and back) is by ferry. After all, you just hop on a ferry in England and disembark in Spain at the end of the voyage. Find out more about taking a ferry to Spain with a dog … Read more

5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Madrid, Spain

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Madrid

If you’re heading to Madrid, the capital of Spain, with your dog, you’ll need to sort out some dog-friendly accommodation pronto! While there are plenty of hotels that will accept you and your dog, needing to find pet-friendly hotels will limit your accommodation options somewhat, with under 20% of hotels in city listed as pet-friendly. When … Read more

Dog-Friendly Spain: Travelling in Spain with a Dog

Dog-friendly Spain

I’ll admit straight up, Spain is unfortunately one of the least dog-friendly countries in Europe. Although many Spanish own and pamper their dogs, they don’t have the same attitude towards dogs that many other European countries do, where dogs are frequently allowed inside restaurants and allowed on public transport as a right. Travelling in Spain … Read more

Basque Country: The Most Dog-Friendly Region of Spain

Pet-Friendly Hotels in San Sebastian

Upon arriving in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country in northern Spain, I was struck by how many dogs I saw on the street. There were countless dogs walking with their owners, far more than in the other parts of Spain I had visited up to that point (or visited after). It therefore came … Read more

Gaudi by Bike: A Self-Guided Bike Tour in Barcelona

Gaudi tour Barcelona

Top at the list of the attractions that you have to see in Barcelona, are the works of the renown Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. His most famous work is the enormous, and still under construction, church of La Sagrada Família. But there are also another five properties built by Gaudí that are also UNESCO World Heritage … Read more