Dog-Friendly New Orleans: Visiting NOLA with a Dog

Dog at St Charles, New Orleans

This is a guest post from Gigi Chow of Wet Nose Escapades.  Situated on the murky Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is often described as the most unique place in America. Coined the “Big Easy” or NOLA (for short), New Orleans is a rich blend of many cultures, including French, Spanish, … Read more

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Dog-Friendly Los Angeles: Visiting LA with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Los Angeles

Los Angeles in California is one of the most popular cities to visit in the USA. There’s plenty of attractions that have made this city a popular tourist destination, and if you’re travelling in the USA with your dog, you’ll quite likely to pass through this city. So, how dog-friendly is Los Angeles? Dog-Friendly Things to Do … Read more

How to Bring a Dog to the USA: Vaccines & Paperwork

Travel with dog to USA

Up until recently, the requirements to travel to the USA with a dog, as long as you weren’t heading to Hawaii or Guam, were relatively short and simple, both in terms of vet visits and paperwork. For now, the process required to travel to the USA with a dog from a country that isn’t classified … Read more

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Travelling in the USA with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling in the USA with a dog

Whether you already live in the USA or are heading there from overseas, the USA is an amazing country to travel around with your dog. It’s such a huge country and has so much on offer: from spectacular natural scenery to world-class cities, from sunny tropical beaches to mountains covered in snow. While it’s not … Read more

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Dog-Friendly DC: Visiting Washington, D.C. with a Dog

Dog Friendly DC

A visit to Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, can be fun for the whole family, including your dog. Naturally, the highlight for your dog is sure to be their extra long dog walk around the National Mall, taking in the many famous buildings and memorials. Here’s everything you need to know about … Read more

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Dog-Friendly Grand Canyon: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the top bucket-list destinations in the United States. No matter if you’re a local or visiting from overseas, you shouldn’t miss this stunning natural formation. And luckily, the answer to are dogs are allowed at the Grand Canyon, is yes! This particularly applies at the South Rim, with the … Read more

3 Affordable Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA

Hotel Chains That Allow Dogs

Often when people think of dog-friendly hotels, there’s a focus on hotels that offer special services for dogs, ranging from beds and bowls through to a dog room-service menu and dog walking. However, such services often come with a large fee, and in my mind, the most dog-friendly hotels are the ones that allow your … Read more

Dog-Friendly NYC: Visiting New York City with a Dog

Dog-Friendly New York

While New York City hasn’t gone to the dogs, it’s certainly a city of dog-lovers, with an estimated 425,000 dogs living within the five boroughs. And with many New Yorkers wanting their pups to join them in their everyday life, there’s no shortage of creative ways they’ve stretched the rules, such as these photos showing … Read more

6 Top Dog-Friendly Beaches Around the USA

Dog-Friendly Beaches USA

This is a guest post from Isabella Jones Sweltering summers are knocking on our doors already and we must answer the call with a beach vacation. The sand and the sea is just about everything you need to welcome the summer sunshine. But, just the idea of leaving your beloved four-legged pup shatters your happiness. … Read more

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