Turn Your Love of Travel With Pets into an Online Store

Online Pet Business

Created in conjunction with Shopify Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, we as humans, have taken animals into our homes and hearts, and loved on them as true members of our family. Sure, they may want to play when you’re tired or chirp when you’re trying to watch TV but nonetheless, they’re an … Read more

How to Train Your Dog Before Travelling Together

Dog at the park

Before travelling together with your dog, you should consider whether your dog would benefit from training. Like many dog owners, I took my dog to puppy classes when he was young. But like others, we didn’t keep up his lessons, and bad habits can creep in over time. When travelling with a dog, your dog … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog on Holiday

Dog on Vacation

This is a guest post If you own a dog, then you’ll know that they’re part of the family. They’re just as important as your children and you love and care for them almost as much. Therefore, when we head off on our annual family holidays, it seems a little mean to banish our pooches … Read more

How to Travel with Your Dog for the First Time

How to travel with a dog

If you’ve never travelled with your dog before, travelling with your dog for the first time can be intimidating. I know what it’s like, because for years I put off travelling with my dog, as I thought it would be too difficult. But travelling with your dog can be a lot of fun, so I’m … Read more

11 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Dog

Why travel with a dog

Often when I’m travelling, I encounter people who are surprised that my husband and I are travelling with our dog, especially when we’re travelling internationally. I can understand why, as initially I also thought it wasn’t possible to travel with our dog. But once we took the plunge, I never leave my dog behind if … Read more

What To Do When Visiting Non-Dog-Friendly Attractions

Visiting Non-Dog-Friendly Attractions

One of the most common questions I’m asked by people about to travel with their dogs, is what can you do if you want to visit an attraction that doesn’t allow dogs? Even if you try to visit many dog-friendly attractions, the odds are that you’ll still want to visit some non-dog-friendly attractions. This has … Read more

What To Do if You Can’t Dine Out With Your Dog

Hotdogs in Denmark

One of my favourite things about travelling in Europe with my dog is that in most European countries dog are allowed to join you inside restaurants, thanks to friendly local regulations. Although this isn’t the case in my home country of Australia, at least dogs are usually allowed outside, and the weather is often warm … Read more

5 Tips for Feeding Your Dog While Travelling

Feeding dog while travelling

Created in conjunction with Woof Dog Our four-legged friends are just as much a part of the family as the two-legged ones. This means that they’re very likely to accompany the rest of the family on trips away; whether they are staycations or longer holidays, such as travelling in Europe.  Dogs love the adventure of new … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Dog-Friendly Holiday

Dog in grass

Often I’m asked whether it’s expensive to travel with my dog. And usually, I immediately answer no, because honestly I don’t pay much extra for him to come along. However, that’s partially because of the choices that I make when holidaying with my dog.  I know the budget airlines that accept pets, I avoid staying … Read more

What to Do When Your Holiday is Cancelled

Dog on Beach Corfu

You’re dreaming of lying on a beach, drink in hand with a good book. The sun is shining down on you, but there is a nice breeze coming in, and you can dip in and out of the sea as you please. Your dog is lazing by your side, enjoying the sunshine. Perhaps he is … Read more