Leaving Your Dog Behind: Have You Considered House Sitting?

House Sitting for Dogs

Created in conjunction with Nomador Just like many of you, I don’t like to leave my dog behind when I head off on a trip. However, on some trips, it’s hard to justify bringing along your dog. Whether it’s a quick weekend away for a wedding, or a longer trip to a non-dog-friendly destination, sometimes … Read more

6 Things to Organise Before Travelling with Your Pet

Dog on beach access path wearing a sweater

So, you’re all set to go off on a holiday with your pet. Your accommodation and transport has been booked, and you’re starting to plan your itinerary and dream about all the fun adventures you’re going to get up to (or all that time to spend relaxing…) But what about the other essentials? Just like … Read more

5 Smart Storage Ideas For Travelling Pet Owners

Guest post from Kirsty Morbidelli, the U-Store-It Facility Development Manager whose years of experience in the industry allows her to develop and design customised and tailored self-storage training platforms, that U-Store-It’s professional storage consultants use for better understanding their client’s needs, before providing solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customer’s self-storage needs. Travelling together … Read more

4 Dog Business Ideas You Should Consider In 2021

Dog Business Ideas

Guest post from Kayleigh Alexandra With most offices and workplaces closed and many of us working from home for extended periods during 2020, the number of people bringing a new dog into their family has skyrocketed. This means that 2021 is the perfect time to start a dog-related business — so here are four great … Read more

15 Travel Ideas for Your Dog Bucket List

Dog bucket list

You likely already have a bucket list for yourself, even if you don’t call it a bucket list, but instead a list of things you want to do someday and dream places to visit. But what about your dog? What about having a doggie bucket list?  I’ve put together a list of travel ideas for … Read more

7 Tips for Travelling Internationally with a Dog

Travelling Internationally with a Dog - Norway

Travelling internationally with pets is a big step, even if you’ve travelled with your pet close to home before. From vaccinations and paperwork requirements, to transport options and investigating how dog-friendly your destination is, follow my tips for travelling abroad with a dog. 1. Research Pet Travel Rules Carefully Just like humans have different visa … Read more

Why Travel with a Dog

Why travel with a dog

Often when I’m travelling, I encounter people who are surprised that my husband and I are travelling with our dog, especially when we’re travelling internationally. I can understand why, as initially I also thought it wasn’t possible to travel with our dog. But once we took the plunge, I never leave my dog behind if … Read more

How to Travel with a Dog

How to travel with a dog

If you’ve never travelled with your dog before, travelling with your dog for the first time can be intimidating. I know what it’s like, because for years I put off travelling with my dog, as I thought it would be too difficult. But travelling with your dog can be a lot of fun, so I’m … Read more

How to Get Assistance from a Local When Travelling


It’s never easy arriving in a foreign city, not knowing where anything is located, especially if you also don’t know the local language. It’s even harder if you’ve also got a dog at your side. It’d be great if you had a trusted local friend who could help you out when you needed it, whether … Read more

Travelling with a Dog in a Post COVID-19 World

Dog Travel Post COVID-19

As COVID-19 lockdowns ease in many parts of the world, the option to take a holiday is again becoming possible. But with travel unlikely to return to normal anytime soon, at least until a coronavirus vaccine is in place (if ever), what will it be like travelling with a dog in a post COVID-19 world … Read more