4 Reasons to Go Camping with Your Dog in Europe

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday with your dog in Europe is to go camping together. Whether you’re an old hand at camping or new to staying in the outdoors at campsites, here’s four reasons to consider going camping with your dog in Europe…

Camping with Your Dog in Europe

1. Most Campgrounds are Pet-Friendly

Many hotels and holiday homes in Europe are pet-friendly, but even more campgrounds are pet-friendly. In fact, if you’re staying in your own tent, caravan or campervan, the majority of campgrounds will welcome your pet to stay along with your family, except for just a handful. 

Thanks to this, you can focus more on finding the perfect destination and campsite for your upcoming holiday, rather than looking for pet-friendly accommodation. 

Double check any restrictions that apply at the campground, including whether multiple pets are permitted. Additionally, dangerous dog breeds, as classified locally, are often not permitted, the same as for other types of accommodation.

2. Choose Your Own Level of Comfort

Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it under canvas for the night. There’s a wide variety of comfort levels to choose from, if you’re interested in dog-friendly camping in Europe

Many campgrounds have cabins or chalets for you to stay in, with bed linen and towels provided, not to mention a proper kitchen. Just note that not as many holiday rental units are pet-friendly. At many parks, a selected range of cabins are pet-friendly – call up to check before making a reservation if you are uncertain.

Brittany Campsite Accommodation
Stay in a cottage at a campsite for more comfort

Alternatively, you can also stay on a pitch at a campsite in your own caravan or campervan. If you don’t have your own van, there’s plenty of options to hire campervans in both Europe and the UK, including dog-friendly options.

3. Perfect for Holidays with Kids

If you have human children as well as four-legged children, a camping holiday is one of the best options to consider for a summer vacation. 

Most campgrounds have been designed with families in mind, with plenty of facilities to keep your kids entertained. Look for campsites that including swimming pools, play areas, tennis courts and games rooms (a necessity for rainy days!)

Brittany Campsite Pool
Many campsites have swimming pools, even water slides!

Some campgrounds even run kids clubs over the peak summer months, with different clubs for different age groups, perfect for keeping everyone happy. 

4. Relax Close to Nature

Enjoying a camping holiday is the perfect opportunity for yourself and your dog to enjoy a relaxing time amongst nature. Rather than staying in the city or a large hotel or resort, most campgrounds are located in the countryside, often with walks and beaches nearby.

Although many beaches in Europe don’t permit dogs on the sand in summer, there are some dog-friendly beaches available in most countries. Alternatively, wait until the low season when the rules relax and enjoy a seaside holiday with your dog in cooler temperatures. 

Top European Destinations for a Dog-Friendly Camping Holiday

There’s plenty of destinations all over Europe that are perfect for a dog-friendly camping holiday. 

One of the best destinations, which is particularly handy for UK holiday makers, is Brittany. With its beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery, not to mention its many dog-friendly restaurants and attractions, consider camping in Brittany

Brittany Campsite Beach
Enjoy a camping holiday with your dog in Brittany

Alternatively, for a more epic camping trip, consider a road trip in Scandinavia. All styles of camping are popular in Sweden and Norway during their short summer. Camping throughout your road trip is an easy pet-friendly way to visit this scenic part of Europe. Just make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather, from warm sunny days to a chance of sleet above the Arctic Circle. 

Camping in Norway
Camping in the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Tips to Prepare for a Camping Holiday with Your Dog

Before heading off on a camping holiday with your dog, make sure you tick off these steps to prepare your pet and yourself:

  1. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, particularly if you will be crossing borders. Now that the UK has left the EU, a health certificate is required for pets travelling to the EU. 
  2. Use a tick preventative on your dog, whether a tablet, spot-on or collar, particularly if you will spending time in the countryside. Also be aware of the risk of leishmaniasis in some southern European countries over the summer months.
  3. Pack a bag for your dog. As well as their bed, leash, collar or harness, bowls and food, consider packing multiple towels (for wet fur and sandy paws), toys and plenty of treats.
  4. Make sure you pet’s tag is up-to-date. It’s best to have a mobile phone number on the tag, rather than your home phone number.
  5. Research dog-friendly attractions in Europe. Find local cafes, walks and maybe even beaches that are pet-friendly.
Camping with Dog
Enjoy your camping trip with your dog!

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