All You Need to Know About the La Quinta Pet Policy

La Quinta Inns and Suites is a chain of affordable hotels operating across the United States, many that allow pets to stay with you. Read on to find out more about the La Quinta pet policy and what it’s like to stay at a La Quinta hotel.

La Quinta pet policy

What is La Quinta?

La Quinta Inns and Suites is a chain of affordable hotels headquartered in Irving, Texas. Since opening their first location in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas, the chain has expanded to about 900 locations across North, Central and South America.

In 2018 the chain was acquired by Wyndham, and is now also known as La Quinta by Wyndham.

Compared to other affordable pet-friendly chains that I have stayed at in the United States, such as Red Roof Inn and Motel 6, prices are usually higher, but the rooms are more upmarket and there are generally more inclusions, including often a fridge and microwave, plus multiple toiletries.

A big bonus is that breakfast is included each morning. At one La Quinta we stayed at, hot options (scrambled eggs and sausages) were included, although more often it’s a mixture of cold options plus a waffle making station.

La Quinta interior
The interior of a La Quinta room

Is La Quinta Pet-Friendly?

Most, but not all, La Quinta hotels are pet-friendly and allow pets to stay with you.

On their pet information page, there is a short list of La Quinta Inns and Suites locations that don’t allow pets, a total of 26 last time I checked. The majority of the hotels that don’t allow pets are in Mexico, with only a handful located in the United States.

You can also display the full list of pet-friendly hotels by using the Pet-Friendly filter on their website.

What is the La Quinta Pet Policy?

Domestic pets including dogs and cats are welcome in La Quinta rooms, with up to two allowed per room. If you are unsure if your pet qualifies, it’s recommended to call and check.

Depending on the location, there may be a weight limit, which can vary. The best way to view if there is a weight limit, is to search for the hotel on the La Quinta by Wyndham website. Then click on “View Policies” next to the hotel’s name and featured amenities.

Pet-friendly La Quinta hotel
Dogs and cats are welcome at most La Quinta hotels

How Much Does La Quinta Charge for Pets?

Up until January 2019, La Quinta allowed pets to stay for free at all its properties, however this is no longer the case, with some pet-friendly La Quinta hotels charging a pet fee.

If the property charges a fee, it is $25 per night, up to $75 per stay. Note that authorised service animals stay for free and aren’t charged a fee.

There is no central listing for which locations this applies to or details on the number of affected properties. However, when I last checked some random properties, most still allowed pets to stay for free.

The best way to check if a La Quinta hotel charges a fee, is to search for the hotel on the La Quinta by Wyndham website. Then click on “View Policies” next to the hotel’s name and featured amenities.

Additionally, if your room requires excessive cleaning or is damaged by your pet, additional fees may apply.

What to Do When Staying at La Quinta with a Pet

When checking in, let the staff know you have a pet. You’ll need to sign a Pet Policy Agreement and leave your contact details. At this point, the pet fee if applicable will be charged.

Pets need to remain on a leash or inside a carrier when outside of your room. Naturally, pets are not allowed in the breakfast area, fitness center or the pool area. When staying at La Quinta hotels in the past, I’ve left my pet in my room while having breakfast.

Pet-friendly La Quinta hotel exterior
The exterior of a pet-friendly La Quinta hotel

If you are not planning on being out and about during the day, make arrangements with house keeping for a time that they can clean your room, as they can’t clean the room while your pet is present.

Note also that if staying with a cat, you’ll need to bring along a litter box.

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