Turn Your Love of Travel With Pets into an Online Store

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Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, we as humans, have taken animals into our homes and hearts, and loved on them as true members of our family. Sure, they may want to play when you’re tired or chirp when you’re trying to watch TV but nonetheless, they’re an integral part of your life and they sometimes treat you better than any human would!

That reason alone is all the reason why you should consider going into business with your pet partner, especially an online business. Why? Because for one, pets may not be the silent partner you want but they make trustworthy business partners. Secondly, with online businesses, you and your pet partner can travel all over the world and enjoy it together, all while making money!

And while your pet partner may not know the value of money, you do. And not not only can you use the money earned to treat your pet, but you can also use it to fund your next adventure together travelling the world!

Starting an Online Pet Business

In order to have an online pet business, you first need a website, right? Yes… that’s what’s going to allow you to travel all over the world, and that’s what’s so unique about the online side of starting a pet business.

There’s always been the business of pet grooming, dog walking, and pet sitting, but starting an online pet business is what’s going to allow you to see the world with your pet partner and make money. The first thing you’ll need to do is build your online store.

Surprisingly enough, building your website is the easy part of owning your online business. There are website builders that have an easy building process and allow you to build and run your website with ease.

Once you have your website up and running, you then will need to consider the types of things that you and your pet can do with your online business to earn income. Here are a few ways you and your pet can travel the world and earn income.

Pet Photography

Whether you want to take pictures of your own pet and sell them as stock photos or if you want to travel the globe and snap photos of different pets, you can do just that. Because it’s an online business, you have the ability to sell your photos however you choose to take them.

Your own pet can make for a great model

As a pet photographer, you also have the option to market your services worldwide. If you have a good-sized following on social media channels, you can keep your audience informed of your travel whereabouts and offer your photography services when you’re in their area.

Virtual Dog Training

There are so many pet owners out there who need help with getting their pets trained. By offering your services online, that’s going to add a convenience advantage to pet owners. According to Dog’s Best Life, training a dog is done in stages. You can set your virtual training videos up stage by stage.

Viewers will be able to pay for each stage as their dog advances. This is a great way to not only incorporate your own dog in the training videos, but also you’re helping dog owners around the world train their dog to behave in loving and appropriate behaviours.

You can make your videos with dogs that actually need your training services and use your dog as an example of what a viewer’s dog should do on certain commands. Plus give tips on how to reward their pet when they follow the commands.

This is especially great if you’re comfortable in front of the camera. The key is to act as though a camera isn’t even there.

Instagram Pet Influencer

Becoming an Instagram pet influencer is a great way to earn income. First and foremost, people love animals and Instagram is the perfect platform to spread your love of pets all over the world. Everything from videos and pictures to interactive posts, the bigger the following you have, the bigger the influence you’ll have on your followers.

Maybe you’ve worked out a deal with a company that makes personalized dog collars. By showcasing their products, you’ll earn a fee for every customer that buys their product because of your influence.

And not only that, people just love seeing pets outside the normal home life element… the pictures and videos are amazing!

Pet Clothing

As a pet owner, whether you have children or not, your pets are looked at as your children. Therefore, you dress them in clothes that you would dress children in!

Whether you like bandanas and hats or little jackets and pajamas, there are so many clothing options out there for pets that you never thought you’d see an animal in. But they’re so cute that people can’t help but buy them, despite their pet only wearing it for a few minutes before fidgeting their way out of it!

Online Pet Business
Pet clothing can be practical or just for style

So whether you know how to make the clothes yourself of if you prefer to resell pet clothing items, there is definitely a demand for it that you and your pet can profit from.

Pet Accessories

This particular area might be where you’ll get the bulk of your pet traveling income from. With an online store, you have the ability to sell your own homemade pet products or resell retail items, and you can do it all without having to see or touch the products yourself.

So everything from food and grooming tools to crates and equipment, you can sell whatever you want on your site. But it is helpful, at least starting out, to keep your products specific to a particular type of pet. This will not only reduce potential confusion but also help build your authority as a site.

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