14 Tips for Long Road Trips with Your Dog

Dog on car seat

Guest post from Michael Kelly Planning a long road trip with your dog? Road trips are enjoyable as such and the addition of your cute little companion is going to make it memorable. But, remember, your furry friends have some needs while traveling, which you should take care of so that they are comfortable throughout … Read more

Dog-Friendly Nullarbor: Driving the Nullarbor with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Nullarbor

If you’re completing a Big Lap around Australia with your dog, or simply driving from Perth to the East Coast, you’re likely to drive along the Nullarbor. This 1200km stretch of highway connecting Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia is one of only two sealed roads connecting Western Australia to the rest … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Car with a Dog

Dog-Friendly car hire

One of the easiest ways to travel with a dog is in your own vehicle. You’re no longer limited to staying in accommodation or visiting places accessibly by public transport. And that’s assuming your dog is even allowed on public transport! Plus it’s tough work lugging all your luggage around on public transport, along with … Read more

Road Trip with Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide

The easiest way to travel with your dog is to go on a road trip together. But if you haven’t yet taken a road trip with your dog, it can still be quite daunting. How do you keep your dog secure and what can you do if your dog gets car sick? I take through … Read more

The Best Remedies for Dog Travel Sickness

Dog Travel Sickness: Dog at the window of the car

Having a dog who suffers from dog car sickness can be a major headache, whether you just need to drive your dog to the vet or are dreaming of taking a road trip together. And if your dog gets dog travel sickness travelling by car, what about other forms of transport? I was lucky that … Read more

How to Hire a Pet-Friendly Campervan in Australia

Pet-Friendly Campervan in Australia

The best way to road-trip in Australia, especially with a dog, is in a campervan. By travelling with your dog in a campervan or motorhome you have access to the many dog-friendly camping sites in Australia, without the hassles and gear needed to camp. And it’s far more affordable and flexible than trying to find … Read more