9 Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks in Adelaide

Adelaide is home to eleven caravan parks, of which nine allow pet dogs to stay with you. Find out more about the different pet-friendly caravan parks in Adelaide, including which ones have pet-friendly cabins, plus their other facilities and rules for dogs.

Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks Adelaide

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Beachfront Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks in Adelaide

Two of the three beachfront caravan parks in Adelaide are dog-friendly. Take your pick between these two parks for a stay near the beach with your pup…

#1 Adelaide Beachfront – Discovery Parks

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: Yes

One of the beachfront dog-friendly caravan parks in Adelaide is Discovery Parks – Adelaide Beachfront. This park is located in the northwest of Adelaide at Semaphore Park, not far from Port Adelaide.

Pets are allowed on sites at this park, plus in selected pet-friendly cabins – look for the Standard One- and Two-Bedrooms Cabins listed as “Pet Friendly” on the website. Both cabin options include a basic kitchen and bathroom. The former is ideal for couples, while the latter is better suited to families.

This caravan park is situated right on Semaphore South Beach. Dogs are allowed on the beach all day long, although they need to be leashed between 10am and 8pm during daylight savings time – the rest of the time they can be off-leash. The park is also just a short drive from the fenced Semapaw Dog Park.

Henley Beach Dog Rules
Stay near a dog-friendly beach in Adelaide

#2 Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: Yes

In the southeast of Adelaide, another beachfront pet-friendly caravan park is the Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park. This caravan parks is located in Kingston Park, about a 10 minute drive south of Glenelg.

Since early 2021, this park has welcomed pets year round at the park, although manager’s approval is required. Also double check for the total number of pets you are permitted and the full pet regulations before booking. Pets are welcome in pet-friendly Seaside and Budget Cabins, as well as on sites.

Just like at the previous caravan park, pets are allowed on the adjacent beach all day long. They are even allowed off-leash, except between 10am and 8pm during daylight savings time when they need to be leashed.

Bushland Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks in Adelaide

Adelaide is also home to some great pet-friendly caravan parks surrounded by bushland, perfect for taking leashed bushwalks with your pet right onsite.

#1 Belair National Park Holiday Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: Yes

Adelaide is home to one of the pet-friendly national parks in South Australia, Belair National Park. And there’s a pet-friendly caravan park located just inside the park, the Belair National Park Holiday Park.

Pets are allowed on both powered and unpowered sites, plus also in selected cabins and glamping tents. Choose between the Ensuite Basic Family Cabins (that can sleep up to four), the Two-Bedroom Wooden Cabins (that can accommodate six) and the Glamping Ensuite Tents (perfect for couples).

Make sure you inform the park that you’re bringing a dog when booking, so that you can be allocated a pet-friendly cabin or tent.

#2 Brownhill Creek Tourist Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: No

Just to the north is the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park where dogs can also join you on walks as long as they remain on-leash. And just outside the recreation park at the foot of the Adelaide Hills is the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park.

Pet dogs are welcome to join you in the park, but only on caravan and camping sites, not in cabins (except for assistance animals). There is a limit of one dog per site and final discretion lies with the manager. The park is home to an onsite cafe, open during the day plus selected evenings.

Other Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks in Adelaide

There are a number of other caravan parks in Adelaide that also allow pets. Choose between these pet-friendly caravan parks…

#1 Adelaide Showground Caravan Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes (But park closed seasonally)
Pet-Friendly Cabins: No

The newest caravan park in Adelaide, the Adelaide Showground Caravan Park lies immediately southwest of the city centre and its surrounding parklands. While it doesn’t offer cabins or swimming pools, it’s facilities are top-notch.

Pets are welcome to join you when camping at the park, with up to two pets permitted per site. They are even allowed off-leash in the Main Arena close by. There are also Farmers Markets held onsite every Sunday.

Just note that the caravan park closes annually, from late July until October, when the Adelaide Show is being held.

#2 Adelaide Caravan Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: Yes

Adelaide Caravan Park is located on the northeastern edge of the city centre in Hackney, close to Adelaide Zoo.

Pets are allows both on sites and in selected cabins. Choose from the Standard Cabins with two bedrooms, including both four berth and six berth options. There is an additional pet fee of $50 per stay for cabins, with a limit of one pet.

Note also that a pet bond of $100 will be charged, refundable on departure. All pet bookings need to be made over the phone.

River Torrens Adelaide
The River Torrens in the heart of Adelaide

#3 Levi Adelaide Holiday Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: Yes

A little further out from the Adelaide CBD on the banks of the River Torrens is the Levi Adelaide Holiday Park (previously the Levi Caravan Park).

Small dogs are welcome to stay with you in the dog-friendly caravan park in your own van or tent, or in their pet-friendly cabins. The mid-range Grenfell Cabins have been designated as pet-friendly. They can accomodate up to six, with a double bed and two sets of bunks.

Adjacent to the park is the River Torrens Linear Trail, a great on-leash walk along the river that stretches for kilometres. There are also off-leash dog parks nearby, including the EC Scales River Park along the river, at the end of Fuller Street.

#4 Windsor Gardens Caravan Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: No

The Windsor Gardens Caravan Park is located in northeastern Adelaide in Windsor Gardens, about 7km from the city centre.

Pets are warmly welcome at the park, but only on powered sites, not in any of the cabin accommodation. The park is also adjacent to the River Torrens and the Linear Trail, great for on-leash walks with your pup.

#5 Highway 1 Holiday & Lifestyle Park

Pets Allowed Year Round: Yes
Pet-Friendly Cabins: No

Finally, on the northern edge of Adelaide just off Highway 1 (the Port Wakefield Road) is the Highway 1 Holiday & Lifestyle Park, about a 30 minute drive outside of the CBD.

Currently, pets are only permitted on the powered tourist sites at the large park, not in any of the cabins or holiday units. All bookings must be directly made by phone. Double check whether there is a limited number of pets per site or other rules to follow.

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