How to Go Hiking with Your Dogs in Australia

Hiking with dogs Australia

One of the most enjoyable activities to do with your dog is going for a hike. A chance to sniff out new smells and burn off energy, it’s a fun option whether you’re close to home or travelling with your dog. However, hiking with dogs in Australia brings it challenges, from finding dog-friendly hikes to … Read more

Staying at Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks in Australia

Pet-Friendly Caravan Parks Australia

Australia is home to a large number of caravan parks. However, if you’re travelling with your dog, unfortunately not all caravan parks accept pets. Find out how to find pet-friendly caravan parks when travelling with a pet in Australia, plus the typical rules and regulations for staying at a caravan park with your pet. How … Read more

How to Go Camping with Your Dogs in Australia

Camping with Dogs Australia

Camping with your dog is one of the best ways to travel with a dog in Australia. There’s plenty of great dog-friendly campsites in Australia. But how do you find dog-friendly places to camp? And what about the rules and etiquette for camping with your dog? How to Find Dog-Friendly Camping in Australia It would … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Travelling in Australia

Keep dog safe in Australia

While Australia may not be as dangerous a country as many overseas visitors fear, there are still many dangers to be aware of, especially when travelling with a dog in Australia. From 1080 poison to snakes, and even just keeping your dog safe in your car, find out how to keep your pet safe in … Read more

Hiring a Dog-Friendly Houseboat in Australia

Dog Friendly Houseboats

For a different kind of holiday, have you ever considered hiring a houseboat? Houseboats are available for hire in many places round Australia, and quite often there’s dog-friendly houseboats available. So, for a fun holiday on the water with you pup, check out these options. And don’t miss my tips on dog etiquette on houseboats. … Read more

How to Take Your Dog Overseas from Australia

Taking pets overseas from Australia

It’s a big task taking pets overseas from Australia. There’s a wide range of things that you need to organise, from your pet’s flights to vaccinations to the export permit. Plus preparing for your pet to return, if it’s not a permanent move. I’ll take you through everything you need to consider…  Should You Take … Read more

Exporting a Dog From Australia in 2022

Exporting a Dog from Australia

When travelling overseas with your dog, you need to find out the rules to import your dog into your destination country. What vaccinations, tests or health certificates are required? However, sometimes there are also export rules for the country your dog is leaving, ranging from export permits to health checks. Given the tough rules to … Read more

Should I Travel to Tasmania With My Dog?

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

In early 2020 I visited Tasmania, the southernmost island state of Australia, for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, I made the decision early on to leave my dog, Schnitzel, behind. It was only a quick trip and many of the key places we wanted to visit didn’t allow dogs (such as national parks). … Read more