Are Pets Allowed on Public Transport in Australia?

Are dogs allowed on public transport in Australia

Throughout much of the world, pets such as dogs are allowed on public transport. But what is the situation in Australia – are pets allowed on public transport in Australia? In Australia, public transport is looked after by the state governments. This means the rules stating whether pets are permitted on board differs between each … Read more

Dog-Friendly Exmouth, WA: Visiting Exmouth with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Exmouth

Located just inside the tropics, Exmouth is a popular holiday destination in Western Australia, especially during the winter months, when its balmy temperatures and brilliant blue skies beckon holiday makers from further south, not to mention the allure of swimming with whale sharks. But what about if you are visiting Exmouth with a dog? Find … Read more

10 of the Best Dog-Friendly Airbnbs in Australia

Dog on verandah of pet-friendly Airbnb in Australia

Created in conjunction with Eukunuba Nothing ignites the soul like a weekend getaway, a staycation in your own state or a cosy family hideaway to your favourite coastal town. And the first step when you have a four-legged family member is to find the perfect, dog-friendly Airbnb.   Continue reading to discover our go-to bucket list … Read more

Dog-Friendly Yarra Valley, VIC: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is a beautiful wine-growing region just outside of Melbourne. And a visit to the area doesn’t mean that you need to leave your dog behind. I share with you my tips on the best dog-friendly options in the Yarra Valley, from which wineries allow dogs to where to stay overnight, and even … Read more

Dog-Friendly Batemans Bay, NSW: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Batemans Bay

If you’re looking for somewhere to head along the NSW coast with plenty of dog-friendly beaches, look no further than Batemans Bay! Along the stretch of coastline north and south of the town, from South Durras to the Moruya River, there’s twelve 24-hour off-leash beaches, plus plenty more timeshare options. With a wide range of … Read more

Bringing a Dog to Australia: My Experience

Bringing a Dog to Australia

While travelling around Europe with my dog during 2017 and 2018, I read numerous reports about how expensive it would be to fly a dog to Australia, something we were planning to eventually do when we returned home in late 2018. The dogs I read about were various sizes, plus were flying from different parts … Read more

Complete Guide to Dog Quarantine in Australia in 2022

Dog Quarantine Australia

One of the downsides of travelling to Australia with your dog (or living in Australia and travelling overseas with a dog), is quarantine. Unless you’re travelling from Norfolk Island or New Zealand (a pretty short list!) your dog is required to stay in quarantine when it enters Australia. I was pretty anxious about my dog’s … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Dog to Australia in 2022?

Cost of Bringing a Dog to Australia

The process of importing a dog to Australia is one of the most complex in the world, involving multiple tests as well as a stay in quarantine. Due to this, the cost of bringing a dog to Australia is quite expensive. But what are the costs involved and what is the likely total? I share … Read more

Flying a Dog Overseas with Jetpets: Our Experience

Schnitzel in Seville

Taking your dog overseas for the first time can be quite daunting. This was especially so when my husband and I first took our dog, Schnitzel, overseas from Australia to Europe in February 2017. We had no experience at travelling with our dog, let along flying him to the other side of the world and … Read more