Travelling to the Greek Islands with a Dog

Travelling to the Greek Islands with a dog

Beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, delicious dinners – what’s not to love about a holiday in the Greek Islands? Prior to my trip there in late 2018, it had been near the top of my wish-list for many years. And luckily it’s just as easy to bring your dog along for when you travel to the … Read more

Dog-Friendly Budapest: Visiting Budapest with a Dog

Dog-friendly Budapest

Budapest is one of my favourite cities in Europe. With so much history and charm, not to mention a reputation for being a more affordable destination in Europe, it’s no surprise the capital of Hungary has become increasingly popular with international visitors in recent years. Luckily, if you’re wanting to visit with your dog, I … Read more

Dog-Friendly Lithuania: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-friendly Lithuania

Lithuania may be part of the European Union, but tucked away amongst the Baltic states, in between Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, it’s easy to overlook this small country in Europe. So, what’s it like to visit Lithuania with a dog? How dog-friendly is Lithuania? Travelling to Lithuania with a Dog As I … Read more

Dog-Friendly Riga, Latvia: Visiting Riga with a Dog

Dog-friendly Riga

Riga, along with the other cities in the Baltic states, is an often overlooked destination in Europe. This includes for people travelling with a dog, particularly as Latvia isn’t the easiest place to reach with a dog and without your own car. But after visiting Riga last summer, I heartily recommend spending a weekend or … Read more

Dog-Friendly Tallinn: Visiting Tallinn with a Dog

Dog-friendly Tallinn

With its charming old town, hip cafes and bars, and affordable prices, it’s no wonder that Tallinn in Estonia is becoming an increasingly popular European destination over the summer months. And after spending a delightful week there with our dog, I’m happy to report it’s a very dog-friendly destination and perfect for a getaway with … Read more

Dog-Friendly Paris: Visiting Paris with a Dog

Dog-friendly Paris

This is a guest post from Cathi Bert-Roussel of Triangle Paws Magazine. France is considered one of the most pet-centric countries in the world, with Paris often cited as the capital of dog-friendliness. Visitors marvel at how dogs seem to be allowed everywhere including cafes, shops and grocery stores. But is Paris really that dog-friendly? My own experience … Read more

Dog-Friendly Opatija, Croatia: Visiting with a Dog

Things to do in Opatija

This is a guest post from Monika Kucich of Animallama. Opatija is a small town and seaside resort on the Kvarner Bay in Croatia. Its mild Mediterranean climate makes this town a popular summer destination but also a great place to visit in winter as it is not too cold compared to elsewhere in Europe. … Read more

Dog-Friendly Switzerland: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Switzerland

This is a guest post from Gigi Griffis of The first time I traveled in Europe with my dog, it took my breath away. Coming from the States, I was used to a culture where dogs were often persona non grata. Out walking your dog and want to stop into a coffee shop? Nope … Read more

Dog-Friendly Slovakia: Travelling in Slovakia with a Dog

Dog-friendly Slovakia

Slovakia is a fairly small country in Central Europe that is often overshadowed by the bigger tourist drawcards of Vienna, Budapest and Prague nearby. But don’t overlook this country when heading to Central Europe. For starters, Slovakia’s capital Bratislava is a charming city only one hour from Vienna, and far more affordable. Day trips from Vienna … Read more

Visiting the Kinderdijk Windmills with a Dog

Visiting Kinderdijk with a Dog

When holidaying with your dog, there’s frequently occasions when what you want to do either doesn’t welcome dogs or isn’t enjoyable for a dog to visit. However, there are some dog-friendly attractions that are an ideal outing for both of you. One such attraction that I visited during my travels around Europe were the Kinderdijk … Read more