Which European Airlines Allow Dogs in the Cabin in 2022?

European Airlines That Allow Dogs in Cabin

One of the easiest ways to travel around Europe is by flying, and this also applies if you are travelling with a dog in Europe, especially a dog small enough to fly in the cabin. The vast majority of European airlines permit small dogs to fly in the cabin, although there are some notable exceptions, … Read more

6 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Wales in 2022

Dog-friendly Wales

Wales is certainly a contender for the title of hidden gem of the United Kingdom. As an international visitor, I hadn’t heard much about this part of the UK, but was won over by it’s beautiful scenery and rich history. There’s so much to do in Wales on holiday, whether a quick trip or a … Read more

Is it Possible to Visit Turkey with a Dog?

Visiting Turkey with a dog

Last time that I was travelling around Europe with my dog, I would have loved to also visit Turkey. However, I wasn’t sure it was feasible to visit Turkey with a dog, and there were so many other places we could visit more easily, that we didn’t end up visiting Turkey with our dog. However, … Read more

How to Get an EU Pet Passport for Your Dog

EU pet passport

This is a guest post from Cathi Bert-Roussel.  Traveling through Europe with your pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a globe-trotter can have. While most European countries are incredibly pet-friendly, getting into Europe with a pet is not always so easy. Travelling around Europe and subsequent visits become a lot easier once you … Read more

8 Cheap Eats in London

Cheap Eats in London

In recent decades, England has thrown off its reputation of being so lacking in the culinary department that its national dish was often declared to be an Indian Curry. There’s now no shortage of great English feeds available, from pub grub to old school pies and fish and chips. Plus there’s a cornucopia of eateries established from its … Read more