Tips on Choosing the Best Pet Food for Your Furry Friend

Best pet food

Created in conjunction with Petsumer Proper nutrition is one of the most essential needs of your cats or dogs, and choosing the right pet food plays a crucial role to help them stay healthy and happy. The best pet food should cause no agitation on the digestive system, give your pet plenty of energy, maintain … Read more

Why You Should Take Your Dog on Holiday

Dog on Vacation

This is a guest post If you own a dog, then you’ll know that they’re part of the family. They’re just as important as your children and you love and care for them almost as much. Therefore, when we head off on our annual family holidays, it seems a little mean to banish our pooches … Read more

How to Train Your Dog Before Travelling Together

Train your dog before travel

Before travelling together with your dog, you should consider whether your dog needs training. Like many dog owners, I took my dog to puppy classes when he was young. But we didn’t always keep up his lessons, and bad habits crept in over time. When travelling with a dog, your dog will end up being … Read more

Tips for Planning a Holiday Whilst You Can’t Go

Created in conjunction with Lyme Bay Holidays. Even though travelling and going on a holiday isn’t possible right now, it presents the perfect time to look to the future and plan your perfect trip for when you can go. From looking into your ideal destination to preparing your essentials, here are some top tips for … Read more

Turn Your Love of Travelling With Pets into an Online Store

Online Pet Business

Created in conjunction with Shopify Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, we as humans, have taken animals into our homes and hearts, and loved on them as true members of our family. Sure, they may want to play when you’re tired or chirp when you’re trying to watch TV but nonetheless, they’re an … Read more

The Best Travel Medical Insurance for Nomads

Best Medical Travel Insurance for Nomads

When travelling overseas, it’s important to always be covered for medical expenses. You never know what could happen, whether an accident or illness, and the cost of medical treatment can quickly add up, especially if it’s determined that you require a medical repatriation. The same applies if you’re a digital nomad, and living for a … Read more

What to Do if Your Holiday is Cancelled

You’re dreaming of lying on a beach, drink in hand with a good book. The sun is shining down on you, but there is a nice breeze coming in, and you can dip in and out of the sea as you please. Your dog is running in and out of the sea having the time … Read more

7 Tips for Camping with Your Dog for the First Time

Camping with Your Dog

This is a guest post from Roger Dutta If you are planning to go hiking and camping with your dog for the first time, there’s a lot to know. Camping is an outdoor activity that you can enjoy with your whole family, not excluding your furry family member. Most families with dogs would not imagine … Read more

5 Ways to Save on Your Dog-Friendly Holiday

Dog in grass

Often I’m asked whether it’s expensive to travel with my dog. And usually, I immediately answer no, because honestly I don’t pay much extra for him to come along. However, that’s partially because of the choices that I make when holidaying with my dog.  I know the budget airlines that accept pets, I avoid staying … Read more

5 Tips for Feeding Your Dog While Travelling

Feeding dog while travelling

Created in conjunction with Woof Dog Our four-legged friends are just as much a part of the family as the two-legged ones. This means that they’re very likely to accompany the rest of the family on trips away; whether they are staycations or longer holidays, such as travelling in Europe.  Dogs love the adventure of new … Read more