The Best Travel Medical Insurance for Nomads

Best Medical Travel Insurance for Nomads

When travelling overseas, it’s important to always be covered for medical expenses. You never know what could happen, whether an accident or illness, and the cost of medical treatment can quickly add up, especially if it’s determined that you require a medical repatriation. The same applies if you’re a digital nomad, and living for a … Read more

How to Prevent Leishmaniasis in Your Dog in Europe

Protect your dog from leishmania

Summertime and the months either side are the most popular time of year to head to Europe, including if you’re travelling with your dog. But did you realise that you need to be wary of the disease known as Leishmaniasis across most of southern Europe? Read on to find out more about this disease and … Read more

RVing With Your Dog: What You Need to Know

RVing with Dogs

This is a guest post from Kayla Widmer of The Wandering RV. Being able to travel with your pets is a blast – but there’s far more that goes into it than you may know. For example, did you know that your pets need vaccines, health certificates and even blood tests to go overseas? Luckily, RVing … Read more

7 Easy Tips to Avoid Overweight Luggage

Luggage at Airport

This is a guest post from Carolette Alcoran. One of the biggest frustrations that people often have when travelling by air is the constant worry that your luggage might be overweight. If it is, then you’ll be facing expensive excess baggage fees or having to go through the hassle of sorting through your things and … Read more

How to Keep Yourself and Your Dog Well While Travelling

Dog health while travelling

This post was created in conjunction with Travelan When you’re travelling with your dog, the last thing you want is for either of you to come down sick on the road. It’s no fun trying to find a vet away from home, especially if you can’t speak the local language. If you’re staying in rented … Read more

5 Smart Storage Ideas For Travelling Pet Owners

Dog in front seat of car

Guest post from Kirsty Morbidelli, the U-Store-It Facility Development Manager, whose years of experience in the industry allows her to develop and design customised and tailored self-storage training platforms, that U-Store-It’s professional storage consultants use for better understanding their client’s needs, before providing solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customer’s self-storage needs. Travelling together … Read more

6 Things to Organise Before Travelling with Your Pet

Dog on beach access path wearing a sweater

So, you’re all set to go off on a holiday with your pet. Your accommodation and transport has been booked, and you’re starting to plan your itinerary and dream about all the fun adventures you’re going to get up to (or all that time to spend relaxing…) But what about the other essentials? Just like … Read more

Turn Your Love of Travel With Pets into an Online Store

Online Pet Business

Created in conjunction with Shopify Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, we as humans, have taken animals into our homes and hearts, and loved on them as true members of our family. Sure, they may want to play when you’re tired or chirp when you’re trying to watch TV but nonetheless, they’re an … Read more

How to Train Your Dog Before Travelling Together

Dog at the park

Before travelling together with your dog, you should consider whether your dog would benefit from training. Like many dog owners, I took my dog to puppy classes when he was young. But like others, we didn’t keep up his lessons, and bad habits can creep in over time. When travelling with a dog, your dog … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog on Holiday

Dog on Vacation

This is a guest post If you own a dog, then you’ll know that they’re part of the family. They’re just as important as your children and you love and care for them almost as much. Therefore, when we head off on our annual family holidays, it seems a little mean to banish our pooches … Read more