5 Smart Storage Ideas For Travelling Pet Owners

Guest post from Kirsty Morbidelli of U-Store-It

Travelling together with your pet can be a memorable and positive experience as long as you make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. That means you have to prepare well for the trip and pack all the equipment your pet might need.

But what happens when you have a full car of toys and pet gear, and you can’t even find an empty spot for your coffee? That’s a sign that you just need a few space-saving storage ideas that will help you to have a stress-free holiday.

Dog in car

Before we dive into that, here are some general tips on how to organise pet supplies.

  • Organise various pet stations: it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or travelling with your pet; having separate pet stations will make your life much easier. For example, create a designated food station, toy station, walking station, and more.
  • Use storage units for organising pet supplies: storage units are a comfortable storage solution that you can tailor to your needs and use even when you’re not on the road.
  • Make extra storage with collapsible items: thankfully these days you can find so many pet items that are collapsible, including food and water bowls, crates, ramps, beds, storage containers, and more. 

When you are travelling with pets you have to get a little bit more creative in managing pet supplies. Keep reading and discover five smart storage ideas to make the trip more fun and enjoyable.

5 Smart Storage Ideas For Travelling Pet Owners

1. Pet Travel Bags

A quality pet travel bag will not only save you a lot of space but will also save you time. Having all the essentials in a single bag means that you’ll be able to find anything you need in only seconds.

These days there are so many brands that offer various designs of pet bags to fit your needs. Most of these bags feature enough storage, have multiple compartments separated with zippers, come with an extra bum bag that you can use for walks, a food storage box, a first aid kit, a bowl stand, and more.

The reason why you need one of these bags is that they are made with pet owners in mind. They can often also be worn as a backpack. If you’re hiking or camping, you’ll feel safe knowing that you’ve got all the essentials with you in a single bag.

Hygiene Essentials Bag

Another storage bag that you might need is one meant for your pet’s hygiene essentials. You can store towels, brushes, grooming supplies, bathing supplies, remedies for travel sickness, medicine, and more.

Dog with bag and contents

2. Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers will be your best friends when travelling with furry friends. If you’re a pet owner who’s been on road trips with an RV or a car, you already know that every single inch of extra storage that you’ll get matters.

Think of small collapsible organisers, like the ones that you can hang on your door at home. There are similar organisers that you can hang on the back of your vehicle’s seats or find them a spot in the caravan. Using the vertical space around you is one of the smartest things you can do.

The best thing about these organisers is that they feature transparent pockets and compartments, are easy to reach from your seat, and you can collapse them into small bags that fit everywhere.

Trunk Organiser

Collapsible trunk organisers are perfect for a car, but you can also use them in an RV, caravans, trucks, jeeps, minivans, in a hotel room, back at home, and more. This is a multi-purpose product with many compartments that are easy to reach.

It’s a lightweight solution that you can quickly transfer with you wherever you go. Most of these organisers come with adjustable compartments, pockets, compartments with zippers and more.

3. Bin Organisers

Transparent bins are so helpful because they’re lightweight, come in different sizes and can also serve as a small table when you need one. Some will even fit under your seats, so why not give them a try?

You can label these organisers, and you’ll know where to find everything you need right away. One can store all of the bath essentials, another one can store the leashes, collars, extra dog seat belts, harnesses, and you can transform the third one into a first aid kit bin.

This is how you can create pet stations while storing your pet supplies. You can do this before hitting the road, and it will not only save space but help you to be much more organised. 

Stackable Airtight Food Containers

Aside from the big transparent bins, you’ll also need small stackable airtight containers for your pet’s food. This will ensure you keep their food fresh and your best friend happy. 

Dog in car boot

4. Binders And Folders

When you plan a trip, you also need to plan and research all the documents you will need to bring for both you and your pet. It all depends on where you travel and the rules for that region.

To keep things neat and organised, you should have a special binder or a folder that will store all the necessary documents, medical records, vet notes, ID tags, pet license, and more. It can be the simplest binder but will make your trip so much easier.

Specialized Travel Document Organizers

These specialised document organisers have hardcovers, close with a zipper, and feature multiple compartments that will help you organise all the documents. It’s a great storage idea because you’ll have plenty of space to include the essential documents for your furry friend, your documents, travel maps, travel itinerary, cards, pens, keys, phone, iPad, passports, permits and more.

5. Foldable Crate

Crates are fantastic because they can double as a bed and a toy bin. It’s also recommended that you keep your pet in a crate on the back seat while in a vehicle for safety reasons.

These crates are easy to install, you can fold them each time you don’t need them and use them as a storage spot whenever the pet is not resting.

Expandable Collapsible Crate

Imagine a crate that is both foldable and expandable! Isn’t that the dream? These are special crates where your pet can sleep, chill and play because you can expand them from both sides. These extra compartments add the storage space you’ll need to keep toys or other pet items. Finally, these are great for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Cat in camera bag

In Conclusion…

Taking trips with your furry friend means that you need to bring all the essentials for you and your buddy. Organising everything efficiently will make the trip more enjoyable, stress-free and make you and your pet feel more comfortable.

That’s why my top recommendation is to organise items in stations according to their use. You can try collapsible organisers (for the seats and the trunk), opt for transparent bins, or mix and match these two tips.

One of the items you should look into is a special pet travel bag that is multi-purpose, includes numerous compartments, and can be worn as a backpack. It sounds like the perfect storage idea for camping or hiking, right?

Don’t forget to bring all your pet’s documents! Keep them neat and ready in a binder or a folder. Finally, so many travelling pet owners are obsessed with foldable crates. Some brands even make them extendable, which is an even better idea.

Now that you have read these five smart storage tips, which ones do you think will be the most useful for you on your next trip with your pet?

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Kirsty Morbidelli is the U-Store-It Facility Development Manager. Her years of experience in the industry allows her to develop and design customised and tailored self-storage training platforms, that U-Store-It’s professional storage consultants use for better understanding their client’s needs, before providing solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customer’s self-storage needs.

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