Dog-Friendly Austin, TX: Visiting Austin with a Dog

This is a guest post from Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always.

While I have always loved dogs, I didn’t have one of my own till I adopted my dog Coco last year. Since then, I have learned not only how much dogs mean to me, but also how wonderful Austin, Texas in the USA, is as a place to own a dog. Austin is full of dog lovers and dog-friendly businesses. If you are in Austin for a day or longer, here are a few things to do with your dog in Austin, the best places in town that will let you bring your pup along.

Dog friendly Austin

Things To Do with Your Dog in Austin

The weather in Austin is dog-friendly almost all year long making it perfect to get outside with your pup. There are a few weeks that might be too cold, but other than that you need to keep an eye on the heat. For hot summer days, go out early or stay out late to have some good times when it isn’t so hot. If it is hot outside, there are plenty of place around with streams and rivers to jump into to keep your pet cool.

Things to do with dogs in Austin
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Barton Creek Greenbelt: While your dog must be on a leash, the Barton Creek Greenbelt is very welcoming to dogs. Along the trail you will find plenty of watering holes with the exception of dry years when all you will find is rocks.

Auditorium Shores: Located in the heart of Austin is an off leash park your dog will love. The 4.5 acre park is located right on the water where it is easy for your dog to hop into Lady Bird Lake.

Things to do with your dog in Austin

The Capitol Building: You man not be able to take the tour of the building, but you can explore the grounds of the impressive capitol building with your pup.

Shopping at the Domain: In North Austin, the Domain is the best place to go shopping and one of the few malls where your pooch will be welcome. The Nordstrom has hosted doggy fashion shows and other events like Dogtoberfest take place throughout the mall area.

As you can see, there are Austin provides plenty of places to take your dog with you. This list only scratches the surface of the things you can do with your dog around the city.

Where to Dine with Your Dog in Austin

Things to do in Austin with dogs
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Pieous: Not actually located in Austin, Pieous is an amazing pizza place in Dripping Springs that serves thin crust pizza cooked in a wood burning stove. The pizza and pastrami are more than worth the drive and your dog will be able to sit on the patio.

Yard Bar: Located in North Central Austin, Yard Bar has an enclosed dog park and with picnic tables inside so you can relax and get a drink and something to eat while your dog gets to socialize with a bunch of other dogs. There is a $5 fee for the day, but that covers upkeep and takes care of the “Bark Rangers” that supervise your dogs while they play to make sure there aren’t any fights. If you want, you can even treat your dog to something off the dog menu.

Taco Joint: If you go to Taco Joint, I recommend the street taco or the El Senior Crockett. For your pup, you will find a nice seating area outside, water bowls and a dog bowl on the menu.

Torchy’s: Torchy’s tacos are an Austin favorite for good reason. You’ll love the flavors of the tacos, queso and guacamole. Most Torchy’s locations have a patio where dogs are welcome.

P Terry’s: A local chain of burger stands focused on quality ingredients and simple fresh food. Go to an P Terry’s and your dog will thank you. Each dog goes away with a big dog biscuit.

Bangers: Located just southeast of downtown and within walking distance, Bangers has an enclosed dog park for your pup. They have a menu of german sausages for you and additional dog friendly sausages for your dog. When you are done at Bangers, take a walk around Rainey Street where you will find plenty of other dog friendly restaurants and bars.

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