Dog-Friendly Beaches on the Gold Coast, QLD

The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, so it wouldn’t be a visit to the Gold Coast with your pup without some time spent on the sand and paddling in the water! Luckily there’s some excellent dog-friendly beaches on the Gold Coast, so take your pick from these beaches for a fun time with your pup…

Dog-Friendly Beaches Gold Coast

Are Dogs Allowed on Beaches on the Gold Coast?

By default, dogs are allowed on leash on beaches on the Gold Coast. The main exception is at patrolled beaches, within 200m of flagged bathing areas, plus some other prohibited areas. There are signs reminding you of this rule at beach access points, plus sometimes on the sand at the boundary points.

Gold Coast No Dogs Sign
A no dogs sign on the sand on the Gold Coast

However, there are also some wonderful beaches on the Gold Coast where dogs are allowed off-leash, both along the coastline and on the many waterways criss-crossing the coast. These are some of the best off-leash dog beaches on the Gold Coast, from north to south…

Paradise Point Foreshore, Paradise Point

On the northern edge of the Gold Coast lies the suburb of Paradise Point, next to the Gold Coast Broadwater. On the eastern side of the suburb lies the calm waters of Paradise Point Beach or Foreshore.

Dogs are allowed off-leash all day long on this stretch of beach, on the northern side of the Sovereign Mile bridge that crosses to the Sovereign Islands. The off-leash foreshore area ends at the northern platform near the Paradise Point Parklands.

Paradise Point Beach Off-Leash Sign
The off-leash area at Paradise Point Foreshore

There’s plenty of parking along the street behind the beach, plus facilities including toilets, BBQs, shelters, water fountains and drinking bowls for pups. It’s a great spot to combine a walk and paddle with your pup.

Biggera Waters Foreshore, Biggera Waters

Heading further south along the Broadwater, another stretch of foreshore where dogs can enjoy an off-leash swim is the Biggera Waters Foreshore.

Dogs are allowed off-leash along the foreshore at Biggera Waters adjacent to Quota Park, as far south as Burrows Street. However, unlike the other dog-friendly beaches on the Gold Coast listed, this one has time restrictions.

Dogs are only allowed off-leash at the Biggera Waters Foreshore between 5am to 8am and 4pm to 7pm daily. They need to stay on-leash the rest of the day – although they are still permitted to paddle while on-leash!

This off-leash area has water fountains and bowls for dogs, as well as plenty of facilities for humans, including BBQs and a playground. It’s best to visit around low tide for a wider stretch of sand.

Labrador Foreshore, Labrador

Just south of Biggera Water is the suburb of Labrador, which is also home to a stretch of foreshore along the calm waters of the Broadwater where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Head to the section of the foreshore adjacent to Len Fox Park, running for approximately 450m in between Central Street (at the stormwater outlet) and just south of Robert Street.

There are no time restrictions that apply here, with dogs allowed off-leash on this dog-friendly beach all day long. There are also dog bag dispensers and dog water bowls.

The Spit Dog Beach, Southport

One of the top off-leash dog beaches on the Gold Coast, and certainly one of the most popular, is The Spit Dog Beach. This beach is located on the ocean-facing side of the Spit in Southport, just north of Seaworld.

The Spit Dog Beach
The Spit Dog Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches on the Gold Coast

Dogs are allowed off-leash from the access point opposite Muriel Henchman Park north to the seaway rock groyne. It’s easiest to park in the large carpark near the Seaway Kiosk. Theres’s a walkway starting next to the kiosk that leads to the beach, along with a convenient wash down area with hoses for after-beach clean-up.

Dog Washdown Area at the Spit
There’s a handy washdown area on the way back to the carpark…

I also recommend stopping by the dog-friendly Kiosk afterwards, where you can choose between multiple flavours of doggie ice cream for your pup.

Read my full guide to The Spit Dog Beach

Marine Stadium Foreshore, Southport

The Spit Dog Beach is an ocean-facing beach, also popular with surfers. If the waves are too much for your pup and if they’d appreciate a paddle in calmer waters, it’s easy to just head to the other side of the Spit to the Marine Stadium.

Marine Stadium Off-Leash Dogs
The calmer waters at the Marine Stadium off-leash beach

Dogs are allowed off-leash on the eastern side of the Marine Stadium and its enclosed waters, in between Doug Jennings Park and Muriel Henchman Park, roughly the opposite side of the peninsula of the ocean-facing beach. There’s multiple carparks along its length.

Tallebudgera Dog Beach, Palm Beach

Heading further south, another ocean-facing dog-friendly beach on the Gold Coast can be found at Tallebudgera Beach, on the northern edge of Palm Beach.

Dogs are permitted off-leash on this beach in between the Tallebudgera Creek entrance and lifeguard tower 16 at Ronnie Long Park. However, dogs are prohibited from the popular swimming area along the creek.

While previously dogs were allowed off-leash on this beach all day long, note that currently there is a restriction that dogs need to be on leash between 7am on 6pm on weekdays until mid-2023.

Tallebudgera Off-Leash Beach
The off-leash area at Tallebudgera Beach

Parking can be difficult along Tallebudgera Creek, so I recommend instead looking for a park with your dog at Ronnie Long Park, which is also closer to the off-leash dog area on the beach. Also be careful in the water with your dog when the surf is up.

Currumbin Creek Dog Beach, Palm Beach

If you head to the other end of Palm Beach, you’ll also find another off-leash dog beach on the Gold Coast. Referred to under multiple names, including the Palm Beach Dog Off-Leash Beach and Currumbin Creek Dog Beach, this dog beach offers multiple options.

Dogs are permitted off-leash on the northern side of Currumbin Creek, in the calm waters of the lagoon. However, the off-leash dog area then loops around to the ocean-facing beach, excluding the groyne, stretching as far as lifeguard tower 13. So there’s also the option walks along the sand and games in the waves.

Currumbin Creek Off-Leash Beach with Dog
The off-leash area at Palm Beach starts at Currumbin Creek…
Palm Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach
…then loops around to the ocean-facing beach

There’s some handy maps at the Palm Beach Parklands showing where dogs are and aren’t permitted, along with arrows from the carpark. Note that dogs are note permitted at the bathing area for humans and on the southern side of Currumbin Creek.

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More Off-Leash Dog Swimming Spots on the Gold Coast

Along the Gold Coast there are also a number of other off-leash foreshore areas plus dog parks with sections of foreshore or a lagoon where your pup can enjoy a paddle. Not all are as gorgeous as the above beaches, but most are quieter.

The other off-leash dog swimming spots where dogs are allowed all day long include, from north to south:

  • Saltwater Fenced Dog Park at Hope Island – Fenced dog park with lagoon
  • Boat Harbour Park at Paradise Point – Park including adjacent foreshore
  • James Overell Park at Southport – Park including foreshore between 16 Biggs Place and 75 Brighton Parade
  • Paradise Waters Park at Surfers Paradise – Park including foreshore between 1 Viking Circuit and 32 Commodore Drive
  • Franquin Park at Surfers Paradise – Park including foreshore between 1 The Promenade and 59 The Corso
  • Gladys Moncrieff Park at Bundall – Small park including foreshore
  • Albert Park at Broadbeach Waters – Large park including a lake with a beach. There is a 2km walking track around the outside and another 1km track around the lake.
  • Moana Park at Broadbeach Waters – Park including adjacent foreshore
  • Pizzey Park at Miami – Area on the western side around the lake, avoid the surrounding playing fields where dogs are prohibited
  • Salk Oval Parklands at Palm Beach – Area on the eastern side of Salk Oval including foreshore
  • Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve at Elanora – Also known as Tallebudgera Off Leash Agility Dog Island, includes the island connected by two bridges and the surrounding foreshore
  • Preston Park at Currumbin Waters – Area near the southern end of Michel Drive and the adjacent foreshore
Lagoon at Saltwater Fenced Dog Park
Saltwater Dog Park has its own swimming lagoon

There are some other off-leash dog swimming spots on the Gold Coast with limited hours:

  • From 5am to 7am and 5pm to 7pm daily – Harry Bond Park at Southport – Beachfront area adjacent to 2 Yacht Street and 71 Regatta Parade

For the latest complete list, see the map on the Gold Coast Council website, which also lists prohibited dog areas.

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