Travelling to Northern Ireland with a Dog [Updated for 2021]

Taking dog to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a fabulous destination to visit with your dog, whether you’re visiting family or friends or touring the beautiful countryside. But due to being situated across the Irish Sea, and following the end of the Brexit transition, it’s trickier to visit than other countries of the United Kingdom. Read on for answers to all … Read more

Travelling to the Republic of Ireland with a Dog

Taking a dog to Ireland

Not long ago, I wrote about travelling with a dog in the Republic of Ireland. But how do you travel to Ireland with your dog? Like the UK, the Republic of Ireland is located on an island, with only a land border to Northern Ireland. So, like the UK, it’s trickier to visit. Luckily though, … Read more

What to Look For Before Booking a Holiday Rental

Booking a Holiday Rental

This is a guest post If you’re a keen traveller, like me, then you will have no doubt booked plenty of holiday rentals in your time. But I’d have money on your past rental homes being a mixed bag, with both positive and negative experiences. And if you’re travelling with your dog, then finding a good … Read more

What Does Brexit Mean for Pet Travel?

Pet travel after Brexit

Like it or not, Brexit will be impacting many aspects of life in the United Kingdom, and pet travel doesn’t escape. From the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December 2020, pet travel between the UK and Europe will change. Although given that negotiations haven’t been finalised, the exact future details aren’t yet known, … Read more

The Cost of Bringing a Dog to Australia

Cost of Bringing a Dog to Australia

The process of importing a dog to Australia is one of the most complex in the world, involving multiple tests as well as a stay in quarantine. Due to this, the cost of bringing a dog to Australia is quite expensive. But what are the costs involved and what is the likely total? I share … Read more

Visiting the Beaches of Outer Banks, NC with a Dog

Guest post by Caitlyn Bell What could be more delightful than a dog-friendly beach vacation to the famous Outer Banks, off the coast of North Carolina? One of the most wonderful places in the United States, it has the perfect blend of history, pristine land, and unmeasurable beauty. The Outer Banks (or OBX for short) … Read more

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Dog-Friendly Wollongong: Visiting Wollongong with a Dog

Dog-friendly Wollongong

The Wollongong area is a great dog-friendly destination to visit near Sydney. At less than 90 minutes from the Sydney CBD to the centre of Wollongong, or just over an hour to the northern suburbs, it’s perfect for a day trip, especially to its many dog-friendly beaches. If you’re wanting a longer stay, I’ve also … Read more

4 Dog Business Ideas You Should Consider In 2021

Dog Business Ideas

Guest post from Kayleigh Alexandra With most offices and workplaces closed and many of us working from home for extended periods during 2020, the number of people bringing a new dog into their family has skyrocketed. This means that 2021 is the perfect time to start a dog-related business — so here are four great … Read more