Dog-Friendly Berlin, Germany: Visiting Berlin with a Dog

Schnitzel in Berlin

Germany is one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe, with dogs welcome in many places, from public transport and restaurants to parks and even some historic sites. And what’s a visit to Germany without visiting the capital, Berlin? Based on my own experience, these are my top recommendations for what to do when visiting … Read more

Dog-Friendly Prague: Visiting Prague with a Dog

Dog in Middle of Charles Bridge

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Is it any wonder, with its wonderful historical buildings and squares, plus affordable cuisine and beer? And if you want to visit Prague with a dog, you’re lucky that there’s plenty of dog-friendly attractions. Dog-Friendly Sightseeing … Read more

12 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Paris

Dog in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists to visit. But what if you are visiting with your dog, what can you do in Paris with a dog? While visiting the Louvre or climbing the Eiffel Tower is out of the question, there’s still plenty of dog-friendly things to do … Read more

Dog Travel Packing List: What to Pack for Your Dog

Dog travel packing list

If you asked me what we pack to travel with Schnitzel, my first answer would be not much. But when I unpack Schnitzel’s bag (yes, he has his own special bag, as well as extras that don’t fit inside it), it’s surprisingly a lot!  Packing everything you need (plus extras just in case), will make for a much happier … Read more

Camping Your Way Around Australia: The Ultimate Guide

Camping Around Australia Guide

Australia is a big country: the world’s sixth largest country. It stretches 4100km from east to west and 3180km from north to south, and that’s not even including Tasmania, the largest island to the south. The only way to truly see Australia is by driving, and by allowing a lot of time.   To travel … Read more

12 Top Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in South Australia

Coonawarra Glamping

If you’re looking for some pet-friendly accommodation in South Australia, there’s some great options to consider, whether you’re looking to camp or wanting something a bit more comfortable. Consider these dog-friendly options… Pet-Friendly Accommodation Close to Adelaide These getaways are all nice and close to Adelaide, perfect for a short but relaxing trip away with … Read more

9 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Denmark

Jelling Mounds

If you’re visiting Denmark in Europe with your dog, whether it’s just a quick trip to Copenhagen or you’re exploring the rest of the country by car, there’s plenty of dog-friendly things to do in Denmark. Check out my top recommendations, particularly if you visit during the summer months of the year. Find out more … Read more

Which US Airlines Allow Dogs in the Cabin in 2023?

US Airlines That Allow Dogs in the Cabin

The United States is a big country, so it’s no surprise that when you’re wanting to travel between the East and West Coast, it’s easiest to take a flight rather than drive for days. It’s also easy to fly in the United States if you have a small pet, with a long list of pet-friendly … Read more