Flying Vueling Airlines with a Dog: Our Experience

Flying Vueling with a dog

One of my favourite airlines to fly with my small dog in Europe is Vueling. This low-cost airlines based in Barcelona is one of the most dog-friendly airlines in Europe, when it comes to small dogs flying in the cabin, with its high weight limit, low fees and easy booking process. During 2017 and 2018, … Read more

Visiting Jungfraujoch by Train with a Dog

Visiting Jungfraujoch with a dog

A visit to Jungfraujoch is one of the highlights of a trip to Switzerland. This saddle high up in the Swiss Alps, dubbed the “top of Europe” and home to year-round snow cover, is easily reached by anyone thanks to a crazily-constructed rack railway tunnelled through the mountains. That anyone includes dogs, who are allowed on the … Read more

Travelling in Europe with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling in Europe with a dog

If you’re taking a holiday and would love to take your dog along, whether for a shorter vacation or long-term travels, Europe is your ideal destination. Not only is Europe about the most dog-friendly part of the world, it’s easy to travel with your dog in between many of the countries. In February 2017 I … Read more

Travelling in Australia with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Dog in front of Sydney Opera House

If you live in Australia and want to travel with your dog, the best option is to travel domestically within Australia. Thanks to the strict quarantine laws for getting your dog back into Australia, not to mention the expense, heading overseas with your dog is often unfeasible. Not that your options in Australia are that … Read more

Travelling in the USA with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling in the USA with a dog

Whether you already live in the USA or are heading there from overseas, the USA is an amazing country to travel around with your dog. It’s such a huge country and has so much on offer: from spectacular natural scenery to world-class cities, from sunny tropical beaches to mountains covered in snow. While it’s not … Read more

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Are Dogs Allowed on Trains in Asia?

Dogs on train in Asia

One of my favourite things about travelling in Europe with my dog is that he’s allowed on nearly all the trains in Europe. Even when we travelled in the USA, small dogs are allowed on most Amtrak trains. But what about in Asia? Are dogs allowed on trains in Asia? Now I must confess up … Read more

Travelling with a Dog Breed Classified as Dangerous

Travel with dangerous dog breed

While it’s sad to tag a dog as “dangerous” simply due to its breed, unfortunately there are numerous dog laws around the world that classify certain dogs breeds as dangerous, or apply restrictions for certain dog breeds. While you may consider your own dog to not be “dangerous”, it may be affected by these rules … Read more

Dog-Friendly Grand Canyon: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the top bucket-list destinations in the United States. No matter if you’re a local or visiting from overseas, you shouldn’t miss this stunning natural formation. And luckily, the answer to are dogs are allowed at the Grand Canyon, is yes! This particularly applies at the South Rim, with the … Read more