Should I Visit Mont-Saint-Michel with My Dog?

Mont-Saint-Michel with dog

Mont-Saint-Michel is an iconic destination to visit in France, attracting around 3 million visitors per year. However, due to restrictions put in place to handle these crowds (you should see the carpark, it’s huge!), it may not be the best destination to visit with your dog. If you’re planning on stopping at this landmark on … Read more

Dog-Friendly Greece: Travelling in Greece with a Dog

Travelling in Greece with a dog

On my trip around Europe with my dog in 2017 and 2018, Greece was the final country that we visited. It was mid-September and the perfect way to end our European travels, with some beach time on various islands and the mainland, enjoying the long Greek summer, along with our pup. However, Greece isn’t the … Read more

Dog-Friendly Czech Republic: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Czech Republic

It was on my first visit to the Czech Republic, prior to flying to Europe with my dog Schnitzel, that my eyes were opened up to how dog-friendly Europe is and the possibilities of travelling with a dog in Europe (unlike my native Australia). It was a cold winters day in Prague, just a few … Read more

Dog-Friendly Austria: Travelling in Austria with a Dog

Travelling in Austria with a dog

While Germany is well-known as a dog-friendly country, it isn’t the only German-speaking country with a monopoly on being dog-friendly. Head directly south to German-speaking Austria for a destination which is almost, if not equally, dog-friendly. We visited this beautiful destination twice with our pup during our time in Europe, and I highly recommend travelling … Read more

Dog-Friendly Portugal: Travelling in Portugal with a Dog

Dog-friendly Portugal

I really enjoyed my visit to Portugal back in 2017 with my dog, but I can’t wait to return to this European country, for two reasons. Firstly, we visited in March, a month that delivers a mixture of cold, rainy days and sunny, warm ones. We didn’t see Portugal in the best weather, and it … Read more

Dog-Friendly Netherlands: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-friendly Netherlands

The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, is a popular destination in Europe to visit for all types of travellers. And if you’re thinking about bringing along your dog, don’t be worried, as it’s quite a dog-friendly destination. Just as long as you’re not hitting up the clubs or spending all day at the museums, because even in … Read more

Dog-Friendly Croatia: Travelling in Croatia with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Croatia

Croatia is a popular European destination in summer, thanks to its long coastline and string of islands in the Adriatic Sea. Back in 2012 I spent a wonderful week sailing along the coast, back when it was becoming popular but still affordable. These days, make sure you book well in advance for the peak summer … Read more

Dog-Friendly Belgium: Travelling in Belgium with a Dog

Travelling in Belgium with a dog

When I think of Belgium, I immediately think of beer and chocolate. And while it’s best not to let your dog indulge in either, you should consider taking your dog along on your trip to Belgium. With lots of dog-friendly options to choose from in, it’s an easy European country to travel in with your … Read more

Dog-Friendly Finland: Travelling in Finland with a Dog

Dog-friendly Finland

Before visiting Finland in Europe, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, especially as we were travelling in summer, so winter snow fun and visits to Santa’s home were off the agenda. Often grouped in with the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, we found travelling with a dog similar in many ways, but … Read more

Dog-Friendly Poland: Travelling in Poland with a Dog

Travelling in Poland with a Dog

There’s countless reasons why you should consider visiting Poland, from its many historic sites to its vibrant cities to its diverse natural beauty. Not to mention it’s a very affordable destination to visit within Europe. While in some ways it is not as dog-friendly as other countries in Western Europe (mainly when it comes to … Read more