How to Travel on Amtrak Trains with a Dog in 2023

Travelling on Amtrak with a dog

If you’re just travelling a short distance in the United States, it can often be quicker and cheaper to travel by train instead of flying, especially if you are travelling between city centres. Luckily then, for a number of years Amtrak has allowed small pets to travel on many of its train services, similar to … Read more

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9 Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Virginia, USA

Dog-Friendly Virginia

Virginia in the eastern United States is home to a diverse range of attractions, from the beaches of the Atlantic coast to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, plus many important historical sites, thanks to it being one of the original thirteen colonies. Virginia has long declared that it’s the state for “lovers”, but how dog … Read more

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16 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Florida

Dog-Friendly Florida

When you think of Florida, you immediately think of warm, sunny weather and beautiful beaches. And there’s no need for your dog to be left out in the cold, with plenty of fun dog-friendly activities that you can all enjoy together in this part of the United States. Whether you live locally or you’re visiting … Read more

7 of the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Pet-Friendly Hotels Los Angeles

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles with your pet on vacation or are after somewhere special for a staycation, there’s some excellent dog-friendly and cat-friendly hotels to choose from in the City of Angels. Offering plenty of perks for both your pet and yourself, consider booking a stay at one of these top pet-friendly hotels in … Read more

10 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in California

Dog-Friendly California

Whether you’re a Golden State dog owner or are visiting California from out of state, dog-friendly California offers no shortage of activities to do with your dog. From the mountains to the sea, and the cities to the country, check off these fun dog-friendly things to do in California. #1 Drive Along Big Sur One … Read more

Dog-Friendly Yosemite: Visiting Yosemite NP with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Yosemite

Yosemite National Park in California is one of the most spectacular national park in the United States. While your options are limited if you are visiting Yosemite with a dog, there’s still plenty to see and do, as long as you’re happy to skip most hiking trails. Find out more about what you should do … Read more

Dog-Friendly Miami: Visiting Miami with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Miami

Not surprisingly, Miami is one of the top vacation spots in the United States, especially over the winter months, when it’s still sunny and warm. But what about if you want to visit Miami with your dog? Find out what you can do with your dog in Miami, including tips for dog-friendly beaches, plus where … Read more

15 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Arizona

Dog-Friendly Arizona

Arizona is one of my favourite states in the United States, thanks to its beautiful natural scenery and many amazing places to see. And just because you’ve visiting Arizona with a dog, doesn’t mean that your options are limited; there’s plenty of attractions in Arizona where dogs are allowed, although sometimes with restrictions. On your … Read more