7 Cool Dog-Friendly Travel Experiences in Oregon

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Dogs inject excitement into any outdoor experience, thanks to their unrelenting desire to explore. So, as a dog owner, you naturally wish to bring along your furry friend even to your most audacious trips.

Fortunately, the travel industry is now increasingly accommodating to humanity’s best friend and other pets. Some RV parks in the USA now provide pet-friendly spaces all year round – so you don’t have a credible excuse for leaving your pup behind as you embark on your road trip.

Oregon is a fantastic place to travel with your pet – the state is home to numerous pet-friendly travel destinations and parks. If you’re RVing with your pet, you can stay at an Oregon RV park like Silver Spur RV Park & Resort. There are also many dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Oregon so you don’t have to leave your pup behind as go out to grab a bite or some beer.

The next time you get on the road, bring along your four-legged buddy and take on these seven cool dog-friendly experiences in Oregon.

Dog-friendly things to do in Oregon

1. Peterson Ridge Rumble: A Breath-Taking Run in Sisters, Oregon

Peterson Ridge Rumble is one of the exceptional races in which you can participate along with your dog. The April event takes place in Sisters, a small town in Central Oregon. Runners get to ascend the moderate trails and soak up the stunning views of the Three Sisters Mountains. Multiple aid stations supply water and snacks for both dogs and humans. At the finish, the dogs devour a pig’s ear.

2. Bicycle through the Stunning Scenic Bikeway

Oregon is home to one of the finest bikeway systems in the country. Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway will take you on a 132-mile jaunt through most charming scenery and fertile farmlands. As you take on this excursion, let your pup come along. Ride along Willamette River; you’ll pass loads of dog-friendly farms and vineyards, and hops fields. And, you’ll get to sample delicious farm-to-table meals, craft beers, and wines, right from the source.

3. Head to Sandy River Delta (Thousand Acres)

Troutdale hosts Sandy River Delta, a beloved multi-sport space with a system of trails, which receives cyclists, hikers, four-legged friends, and horseback riders. To locals, Sandy River Delta is simply referred to as Thousand Acres – a suitable name for the 1400 acre-complex of open meadows, wooded trails, and off-leash access, which lies along the Columbia and Sandy River. It’s a fantastic spot for fetching, enthusiastic tail wagging, and swimming.

4. Hit the Oregon Coast

A deserted stretch of Oregon coastline

Technically, it’s not a dog park, but if you want you and your dog to enjoy thrilling off-leash freedom, Oregon Coast is the place to be. While private interests own most of the US shoreline, the 363-mile stretch of Oregon’s coastline (which consists of coastal forests, rock headlands, and pristine beaches) is free for all. Beaches are a dog’s paradise.

But, you may need to leash your dog under certain circumstances, and you may be barred from the beach during particular seasons to foster wildlife and the intertidal areas.

5. Hike the Grizzly Peak Trail

Hike the beloved Grizzly Peak Trail in Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. The 5.4-mile trail hits the highest point at 5,922-feet. At the zenith, you’ll be mesmerized by the panoramic views of Ashland and the Cascade Range. In early summer, the columbine, paintbrush, and lupine that pop in the wildflower meadows will provide a wonderful backdrop.

6. Hike Through Mt. Hood National Forest

The picturesque surrounds of Mt. Hood

Ascend to stunning views using the much-loved Chinidere Mountain Trail. The 4.5-mile-long trail will take you through beautiful wildflower meadows, winds, splendid Mt. Hood views, and lake vistas. If you get there on a clear day, you’ll get to see the five glaciated volcanoes. To make it better, at the end of your hike you can dive into the Wahtum, an emerald-green lake, to unwind.

7. Hike the Charming Wallowa Lake Trailhead

Hike into the largest wilderness in Eastern Oregon using the picturesque Wallowa Lake Trailhead which is close to Joseph, a small but artistically potent town. The ‘Alps of Oregon’, as it’s often referred, is distinguished by its pristine glacial lakes, soaring snow-capped peaks, and alpine tranquility, which makes it an incredible place to hike for both you and your pup.

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When traveling with your pet, there are a few essential things you need to do to ensure a delightful trip for all. For instance, adhere to leash regulations to keep wildlife, delicate flowers and plants and your dog safe while in public places. You should also leave no trace and be aware that some of your fellow travelers may not be as enthusiastic about your pet as you are, so be considerate. Above all, have a blast.

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Oregon Dog-Friendly Things to Do

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