Dog-Friendly Daylesford: Visiting Daylesford with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Daylesford

A weekend away with your pup probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Daylesford and the surrounding region, best known for the luxurious combination of spas and fine dining. However, while the region isn’t the most dog-friendly one, there’s still plenty of dog-friendly options around Daylesford in Victoria, from … Read more

Dog-Friendly Echuca: Visiting Echuca with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Echuca

Echuca is a wonderfully dog-friendly destination to visit in the state of Victoria. With a whole list of dog-friendly recommendations from the local tourism board, there’s no shortage of things to do with your pup in this historic town on the Murray River, in Australia. Find out more about what’s on offer in dog-friendly Echuca-Moama… … Read more

10 Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in Victoria

The more you look for pet-friendly accommodation options in Victoria, the more enticing choices are revealed. Whether it’s a relaxing country break or a fun weekend in the city that you’re after, check out this range of dog-friendly places to stay. Dog-Friendly Country Stays Best Friend Holiday Retreat, Tarra Valley Whenever the topic of dog-friendly … Read more

7 Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Country Victoria

Dog-Friendly Victoria

Looking for some fun and different to do with your dog in Victoria? I’ve gathered together this collection of fun experiences that are all very dog-friendly for your future enjoyment. Some of these I’ve personally done with my dog, while others I’d love to do on a future trip within Australia. Which of these dog-friendly … Read more

Dog-Friendly Yarra Valley: Visiting the Yarra Valley with a Dog

Dog-friendly Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is a beautiful wine-growing region just outside of Melbourne. And a visit to the area doesn’t mean that you need to leave your dog behind. I share with you my tips on the best dog-friendly options in the Yarra Valley. Dog-Friendly Wineries It’s not a visit to the Yarra Valley without a … Read more

Dog-Friendly Melbourne: Visiting Melbourne with a Dog

Dog-friendly Melbourne

As a long-time Sydneysider, I’m usually compelled to say how much better Sydney is than Melbourne, as part of the long-standing rivalry between the two Australian cities. However, when it comes to dog-friendliness, Melbourne is way out in front and by far the most dog-friendly city in Australia. Melbourne is a great destination to visit … Read more