Dog-Friendly Far South Coast, NSW: Visiting with a Dog

Planning to head to the Far South Coast towns of Bermagui, Tathra, Merimbula, Pambula or Eden with your dog? Also known as the Sapphire Coast of NSW for the beautifully hued water, this area has plenty of dog-friendly options, from off-leash beaches to interesting walks to places to stay. Read on to find out more about visiting the Far South Coast with a dog.  

Dog-Friendly Far South Coast

Dog-Friendly Beaches on the Far South Coast

The Far South Cost is located in the Bega Valley Shire Council area, which has designated eleven beaches as 24-hour off-leash areas. Most of the remaining council-run beaches allow dogs on-leash, except for a few protected areas and patrolled beaches during the swimming season.

Note however that a large number of beaches in the region are located in national parks, where dogs are not permitted, leash or no leash.

The off-leash beaches on the Far South Coast are, from north to south: 

Haywards Beach at Wallaga Lake: Dogs are allowed off-leash along a one-kilometre section south from the start of the Camel Rock access road to the Old Tilba Road. A very large broad beach with plenty of room to run, there’s distant views of Camel Rock, although note that dogs aren’t allowed up to the rocks past the access point. (Dogs are also not allowed at Murunna Point, where Horse Head Rock is located.) 

Camel Rock at the northern end of Haywards Beach
Camel Rock at the northern end of Haywards Beach

Moorhead Beach at Bermagui: The first two hundred metres of this fairly small, exposed beach on the northern side of the Bermagui River is off-leash, adjacent to the break-wall. The best access is from Wapengo Street. 

The off-leash section of Moorhead Beach at Bermagui
The off-leash section of Moorhead Beach

Beares Beach at Bermagui: A good beach on the southern side of Bermagui. The entire length is dog-friendly, including the section next to Scenic Drive. 

Dog-friendly beaches on the Far South Coast
Beares Beach on the south side of Bermagui

Southern Cuttagee Beach at Cuttagee: This quiet isolated beach is located south of Bermagui, adjacent to the main road. Most of the beach is dog-friendly, up until the area around Cuttagee Creek and the bridge, where dogs are prohibited. A carpark is located at the southern end. 

Looking north along Southern Cuttagee Beach
Looking north along Southern Cuttagee Beach

Tathra Beach at Tathra: A long surf beach on the northern side Tathra. The dog-friendly section starts at the northern end of the caravan park (there’s a small carpark) and extends north to either the entrance to the Country Club or the Lions Park (depending on whether you read the guidelines or look at the map). Double check the latest signage around the northern end. 

The walkway onto the start of the off-leash section of Tathra Beach
The walkway onto the start of the off-leash section of Tathra Beach

Tura Beach at Tura Beach: Named as “Short Point Beach” on Google Maps, the off-leash section is in between the carpark off Pacific Way, accessible in between houses 204 and 206, and the Short Point Beach Carpark, just south of the golf course. A large sandy windswept beach. 

Tura Beach on a sunny day
Tura Beach on a sunny day during winter

Bar Beach at Merimbula: This is a great sheltered spot to head with your dog, except for between 10am and 4pm from December to April when dogs are prohibited. Head to the Bar Beach Kiosk; the off-leash section is immediately in front and extends about 200m towards Spencer Park. Note that the sand flats in front of Spencer Park are on-leash only.  

The calm, shallow waters of Bar Beach in Merimbula
The calm, shallow waters of Bar Beach in Merimbula

Merimbula Main Beach at Merimbula: The majority of this long sandy surf beach is dog-friendly, except for the northernmost section. The off-leash area extends from Dunns Lane to south of Merimbula Airport.  

Lions Park Beach at Pambula Beach: This fairly small off-leash beach is located next to the Lions Park. It’s a fairly safe spot to let your dog off leash, with no easy access except for the one walkway. Dogs are allowed off-leash north of the pedestrian access path.

Dog on beach in Pambula
Schnitzel enjoying some off-leash time in Pambula

Aslings Beach at Eden: On the northern side of Eden, this gorgeous beach is a lovely long stretch of sand to walk with your dog or find your own spot to play. The off-leash section extends north from the skate park to the far end of the Reflections Holidays Park Eden, plus dogs are also allowed off-leash on the footpath in between the caravan park and the sand. Keep an eye out for dolphins just off shore. 

Aslings Beach in Eden
The beautiful Aslings Beach

Keith’s Pinch Beach at Eden: This small beach is located south of Eden near the Twofold Bay Yacht Club. Very sheltered inside the bay, search for the alternative name “Bungo Beach” on Google Maps. 

Further details of both off-leash and protected areas are available on the council website, including maps. Some of the protected ares include Murunna Point (where Horse Head Rock is located) and both Tathra and Merimbula Wharves.  

Dog-Friendly Parks on the Far South Coast

As well as off-leash beaches, there’s also a number of off-leash reserves where dogs can exercise on the Far South Coast. The latest details are on the council website

In Bermagui, head to the Headland Reserve, in between Pacific Drive and “Point Dickinson” on Google Maps, adjacent to the War Memorial. The reserve is a large grassy area edged by sea cliffs. 

Close to Merimbula, head to Short Point Recreation Reserve at the end of Short Point Road. The off-leash area is bounded by the holiday park and the cliffs. Keep an eye out for whales from the lookout during migration season. 

Alternatively, if you’re in Bega, head to the Old Bega Racecourse, at the end of East Street. The whole racecourse plus a section running next to the river to the south is off-leash, except for during special events.  

Dog-Friendly Walks on the Far South Coast

The Far South Coast is a relatively remote and pristine area, despite the many holiday towns dotted along it. For this reason, many stretches of the coastline are national park. This means many of the most popular walking tracks and spots to visit are out of bound for dogs, but I’ve managed to find some great dog-friendly walks scattered throughout the region. 

Merimbula Boardwalk, Merimbula

One of my favourite walks was the Merimbula Boardwalk, which was very popular on the sunny day we visited. The boardwalk follows the northern edge of Merimbula Lake, west of the bridge. Either park on the western side of the bridge or in the carpark on Lakewood Drive. 

Dog on the Merimbula Boardwalk
Schnitzel on the Merimbula Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is about 2km long in each direction (including a few short lengths of footpath in between the boardwalk sections), and is a leisurely 1-2 hour stroll. Along the way you’ll pass some of the local oyster farms plus signs about the local marine life and vegetation. Dogs must be kept on a leash. 

Read my guide to dog-friendly Merimbula

Low tide along the Merimbula Boardwalk
Low tide along the Merimbula Boardwalk

Lake Curalo Trail, Eden

Eden is also home to the Lake Curalo Trail, around Lake Curalo behind Aslings Beach. The initial boardwalk and walking trail starts just behind Aslings Beach on the northern side of the skate park, then continues for 3km to the northern side of the estuary mouth. As there is no bridge across the estuary mouth to return back to the starting point, the total walk is 6km return.  

The start of the Lake Curalo Boardwalk at Eden
The start of the boardwalk at the Lake Curalo Trail

Along the way keep your eye out for the plentiful birdlife, including the swans, ducks and swamp hens who call this tidal lake home. Alternative starting points include Lakeside Drive and just north of Garden of Eden Caravan Park.  Dogs need to be kept on leash, but you can combine it with an off-leash walk along Aslings Beach.   

Tathra Headland Walk, Tathra

To the north in Tathra multiple walks are on offer. We completed the short but scenic Tathra Headland Walk. The walk starts next to the historic Tathra Wharf (where dogs are not permitted) and loops up and around the headland. It’s a great spot to spot whales, either heading north during June and July, or back south in September to October. There’s also lots of interesting signs about the local history, both Aboriginal and white. Dogs are permitted on leash. 

Whale watching sign along the Tathra Headland Walk
Whale watching along the Tathra Headland Walk
Tathra Wharf
Unfortunately, dogs are prohibited from the historic Tathra Wharf

Tathra Forest Wildlife Reserve, Tathra

Just inland of Tathra Beach is the Tathra Forest Wildlife Reserve. There’s multiple walks available through the reserve, varying in length from 2 to 4km. The Main Ridge Walking Trail is accessible from the end of Dilkera Road, but it’s best to start at the carpark on Thompson Drive. There were no signs about dogs, so I presume on-leash dogs are permitted. Be prepared for steep sections along some tracks.  

More Dog-Friendly Sightseeing on the Far South Coast

One of the most popular attractions on the Far South Coast is the Eden Killer Whale Museum. The museum explores the history of whaling in the town, including the story of Old Tom, the Killer Whale who assisted the whalers and whose skeleton is on display. While dogs are naturally not allowed inside the museum, it’s worthwhile checking out the tile murals outside of the museum, the “Cavalcade of Twofold Bay History”. 

The "Cavalcade of Twofold Bay History" murals outside the Eden Killer Whale Museum
The “Cavalcade of Twofold Bay History” murals outside the Eden Killer Whale Museum

Fortunately, the number of whales who migrate this stretch of coastline is now increasing. Some of the best dog-friendly lookouts for spotting whales include Eden Lookout, Short Point in Merimbula and Tathra Headland. 

Dog-Friendly Cafes on the Far South Coast

A must on the Far South Coast is sampling some of the delicious local seafood. There’s many local outlets selling takeaway, not to mention local cafes and restaurants that feature it on the menu. 

In Bermagui we headed to the Bluewave Seafood at the Bermagui Fisherman’s Wharf. The fish’n’chips were very fresh and tasty, plus the crumbed calamari was some of the most tender we’d tasted.  

Takeaway seafood from Bluewave Seafood
About to eat our lunch from Bluewave Seafood

I recommend taking a seat on the benches along the wharf to enjoy your takeaway, meanwhile watching the action at the busy marina or trying to spot stingrays down below in the water. Also at the Fisherman’s Wharf is the dog-friendly Bermagui Gelati Clinic.  

Dog at Bermagui Wharf
Watching the action at Bermagui Wharf

My favourite oysters that I sampled on the South Coast were purchased at McKay’s Oysters, just outside of Pambula. They were also quite cheap, although don’t expect any lemon on the side and it’s cash only. For a fancier experience, drop by Wheeler’s just up the road, with dogs on a leash welcome in both the al fresco Takeaway and Oyster Bar areas. 

For a great brunch option, we headed to Wild Orchid Cafe in Tathra, just opposite the Tathra Beachside caravan park. Open for both breakfast and lunch daily plus takeaway coffees, it’s lovely and relaxed with plenty of outdoor seats. The bowls look particularly gorgeous, although only a limited menu was available during our visit shortly out of lockdown. 

Takeaway avocado on toast and chai tea at Wild Orchid Cafe
Takeaway avocado on toast and chai tea at Wild Orchid Cafe

More local cafes that are dog-friendly in the area include Bermi’s Beachside Cafe in Bermagui and the Waterfront Cafe in Merimbula. 

Dog-Friendly Pubs on the Far South Coast

There’s no shortage of dog-friendly pubs on the Far South Coast. In particular, I have to recommend two great breweries in the area.

Camel Rock Brewery is located at Wallaga Lake, near the famous Camel Rock formation (which is unfortunately not dog-friendly, except from a distance). The beer is best enjoyed at the on-site bar and restaurant, which has a huge dog-friendly outdoor area (except for a small dog-free section). The menu is laidback Americana, with plenty of burgers and wings. 

The large outdoor dining area at Camel Rock Brewery
The large outdoor dining area at Camel Rock Brewery

Further south in Pambula is Longstocking Brewery. The brewery is located within the Oaklands complex, also home to a garden centre and cafe. In addition to the tasting paddles and the oyster bar, wood-fired pizzas are available daily for lunch, plus for dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I highly recommend the ciders, with takeaway bottles also available. 

The entrance of the Oaklands Complex in Pambula
The entrance of the Oaklands Complex in Pambula

Dog-Friendly Accommodation on the Far South Coast

There’s a wide range of dog-friendly accommodation options in the Far South Coast region, from motels and holiday rentals, through to a large number of caravan parks, some that include pet-friendly cabins. Most of the towns in the region have at least a few pet-friendly options.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you make a purchase using the links. See my full disclaimer.

Pet-Friendly Motels & Rentals on the Far South Coast

A pet-friendly motels on the Far South Coast is the Harbourview House in Bermagui. Located directly opposite the harbour, all rooms have a kitchenette and either a private courtyard or balcony. Make sure you note in advance that you are bringing a dog, so a pet-friendly room can be prepared for you. A $50 cleaning fee is charged upon arrival.

Many of the holiday rentals available on the Far South Coast also permit dogs to stay, although always double check the rules for dogs, especially whether dogs are allowed inside, before booking.

One great option are the Top of the Lake Holiday Units, at the top end of Merimbula Lake. Each of the one- and two-bedroom holiday units welcome dogs of any size. Dogs are allowed inside and there is no additional charge. Each unit has an enclosed balcony and courtyard, plus there is a shared grassy lawn to play on.

I also would love to stay at Heaven No 1 at Pambula Beach. It’s just a short walk from the off-leash Lions Park Beach and is truly a pet-friendly property, with plenty of extras including pet bowls and a dog-proof six-foot high fence. The cottage has two bedrooms and has been fully renovated, with aircon and wi-fi included.

Pet-Friendly Cabins & Caravan Parks on the Far South Coast

During our visit to the Far South Coast with our dog we stayed at Tathra Beachfront Holiday Park, formerly Tathra Beachside, a very pet-friendly caravan park located in the town of Tathra. It’s a fairly fancy caravan park, with plenty of facilities available, including the “Beach Barn” camp kitchen area. The downside though is it on the expensive side.

Dog-friendly caravan park on the Far South Coast - The entrance and playground at Tathra Beachside
The entrance and playground at Tathra Beachfront
The Beach Barn area at Tathra Beachside
The Beach Barn area at Tathra Beachfront

Small to medium dogs are welcome on powered and ensuite sites at the park nearly all year long, except between 26th December and 9th January (double check the exact dates each year). They are also welcome year-round in their special pet-friendly cottages and villas.

The Pet-Friendly Cottages are two-bedroom, sleeping up to five, and feature a fenced yard and deck with kennel. The Pet-Friendly Villas are slightly larger, sleeping up to six with two pairs of bunks, and have enclosed verandahs. Both allow pets inside, although not on the carpeted areas or on the beds. (See the full Pet Policy.) 

A Pet-Friendly Cottage at Tathra Beachside
A Pet-Friendly Cottage at Tathra Beachside – note that the deck area is now also enclosed

The caravan park is next to Tathra Beach, with the 24-hour off-leash area starting at the northern end of the caravan park. When accessing the beach from the walkways in the park, keep your dog on leash until you reach the end of the park. And conveniently, there’s a dog wash located in the laundry (fee applies), perfect for sandy dogs! 

Further south in Merimbula, I’ve heard plenty of recommendations for Beach Cabins Merimbula. As the name suggests, the park just contains cabins, and welcomes pets except for during the peak periods over the Summer school holidays and the week of Easter. Facilities on site include a swimming pool, BBQs and outdoor dining area.

Selected cabins have designated as pet-friendly, ranging in size from one-bedroom to three-bedroom. The cabins are located at Short Point, right next to an off-leash park and on-leash beach.  It’s a must to book directly, with an additional cleaning fee of $30 per pet applying. (See the full Pet Policy.) 

Two other pet-friendly caravan parks in Merimbula are Tasman Holiday Parks – Merimbula and Merimbula Lake Holiday Park. The former accepts pets all year round, except for between 26th December and 26th January, on designated powered sites and in the pet-friendly Hideaway Cabins. The latter caravan park allows pets all year round on its many powered and unpowered sites, with a limit of one pet per site. 

Dog at the waterfront at Eden
Exploring the waterfront in Eden

Further south in Eden, two great pet-friendly caravan parks are the Reflections Holiday Parks Eden and Garden of Eden Caravan Park. Reflections Holiday Parks Eden is located next to the off-leash Aslings Beach. Dogs permitted on sites and in selected family cabins, except between 20th December and 10th January.  

The family-run Garden of Eden Caravan Park is pet-friendly on sites, except for during the peak Christmas period. It is next to the Lake Curalo Boardwalk and has pet washing and grooming facilities on site. 

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