How to Fly a Dog to Spain from the UK

If you’re travelling to Spain with your dog from the UK, one of the quickest and easiest ways is to fly with your dog to Spain.

While pet dogs can only fly into the UK as cargo, not in the cabin or even as check-in baggage, the same prohibition doesn’t apply to pets flying out of the UK. Find out more about flying to Spain with your dog from the UK…

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Which Airlines Allow Pets in the Cabin from the UK to Spain?

Yes, it’s possible to take your dog to Spain on a plane. There are multiple airlines that allow small dogs and cats in the cabin on flights from the UK to Spain, including direct flights to Spain.

Spanish Airlines to Consider

I recommend speaking to the Spanish airline Iberia. I have heard multiple reports of people booking their pets to fly in the cabin on Iberia flights out of the UK.

While they mention on their website that they don’t fly pets the reverse direction (into the UK), there is no mention they don’t fly pets out of the UK. Note however that they do exclude flying larger dogs out of the UK in the hold as checked baggage – they can only fly as cargo.

It’s also good to double check the list of airports that pets can fly to, when flying into Spain with Iberia from outside of the Schengen zone.

Unfortunately, I’m not currently aware of any other Spanish airline that flies pets in the cabin out of the UK, so there are limited options for direct flights.

Iberia Express previously permitted pets to fly in the cabin and in the hold on their flights out of the UK. However, they no longer permit this, only flying pets to and from Heathrow as cargo, not in the cabin or as excess baggage. Check out their latest pet policy.

Vueling is another Spanish airline that I have frequently flown, along with my dog in the cabin. However, while they now fly pets to and from Ireland in the cabin, they don’t allow dogs in the cabin on flights out of the UK.

Let me know if you hear of either policies changing!

Can I take my dog to Spain by plane?
When flying out of the UK, a few airlines allow dogs in the cabin

UK Airlines to Consider

Forget about trying to fly your pet in the cabin on a British airline from the UK to Spain. None of the UK airlines allow dogs in the cabin at all, so this isn’t an option for a direct flight from the UK to Spain.

Other Airlines to Consider

If you’re happy with an indirect journey to Spain, another airline to consider is TAP Air Portugal. Their website specifically states they allow pets to fly out of the UK on their flights, with the right documentation.

Just note for pets flying into the Portugal from outside of the EU (including from the UK now), you need to complete an arrival notification form – their website provides details. But from Portugal, it’s then just a quick hop over the border to Spain.

Also consider flying with your pet on KLM, Air France or Lufthansa. While these three airlines don’t explicitly mention it in their pet policy, I’ve heard reports that these airlines allow dogs in the cabin leaving the UK. Call the airline directly and be prepared for a connecting flight.

Check out my full list of airlines that allow pets in the cabin on flights leaving the UK.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly a Dog to Spain from the UK?

If you make a booking to fly with one of the above airlines, it doesn’t cost much at all to fly with your dog to Spain from the UK. If you fly with Iberia, the cost for a pet to fly in the cabin within Europe is €60 or £55 per one-way flight.

If you fly with TAP Air Portugal, the cost for a pet to fly in the cabin costs €70 per flight when booked online, or €140 if you take two flights to reach Spain. For pets flying in the hold, the online booking fee is €120 per flight for pets up to 32kg (including their crate) or €230 per flight for pets between 32kg and 45kg.

If flying with KLM, Air France or Lufthansa, similar fees will apply. The latest charges are generally listed on their website, or can be obtained by calling the contact centre. For a connecting flight, you will be charged twice – one fee per flight.

In any case, the fees for flying a dog to Spain either in the cabin or in the hold are far lower than the corresponding fees to fly a pet back to the UK in cargo.

Preparations Before Your Flight

Before flying with your dog from the UK to Spain, you’ll also need to ensure that your dog satisfies the entry requirements for Spain, which are the same as for most EU countries.

Firstly, your dog will require a microchip and valid rabies vaccine, from at least 21 days before your date of travel. Secondly, your dog requires an EU animal health certificate, unless they have a valid EU pet passport issued in Northern Ireland or the EU. (UK-issued pet passports are not longer recognised.)

You’ll need to visit an accredited veterinarian within 10 days of your date of travel to be issued with an EU animal health certificate. Note that the fee charged by some vets to issue a pet health certificate can be quite expensive – I recommend shopping around.

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    • If you’ve had the rabies shot done in the UK, it isn’t recorded in the Spanish pet passport. So, unfortunately you will need to have a health certificate done. If you have the rabies shot done in future in Spain, the vet can record it in the pet passport and you won’t need anything extra. It certainly is confusing! Happy to provide my advice online!


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