Dog-Friendly Margaret River, WA: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Margaret River

The Margaret River region is famous for both its incredible surfing beaches and world-class wineries. Luckily, when visiting the Margaret River region in Western Australia with your dog, it’s possible to experience both, as well as many other highlights. Dog-Friendly Wineries in Margaret River There’s a long list of cellar doors in the Margaret River … Read more

Dog-Friendly Western Australia: Travelling WA with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Western Australia

The vast state of Western Australia is a wonderful place for travelling on a dog-friendly road trip, whether part of a Big Lap around Australia or for those who already live in the state. However, you need to keep in mind that there are some dangers to travelling with a dog, plus dogs aren’t welcome … Read more

Dog-Friendly Fremantle: Visiting Fremantle with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Fremantle

When visiting Perth with my dog, we spent most of our time in Fremantle, or Freo as it’s known to the locals. This port city perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean is often considered to be its own city, and is arguably the most dog-friendly part of Perth. Check out my top dog-friendly … Read more

Dog-Friendly Perth, WA: Visiting Perth with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Perth

Despite being a big city, Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is still a fairly dog-friendly destination, with a range of options to choose from if you’re visiting Perth with a dog. Find out more about dog-friendly sightseeing options available in Perth, plus where to stay with your pup. Dog-Friendly Sightseeing in Perth While visiting Perth, … Read more

Dog-Friendly Kununurra: Visiting Kununurra with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Kununurra

The eastern gateway to the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia, Kununurra is both a destination in itself or a must-stop town along a Big Loop around Australia. But what if you’re travelling with a dog? Find out about the dog-friendly options available in Kununurra. Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Kununurra Before providing ideas about … Read more

Dog-Friendly Broome, WA: Visiting Broome with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Broome

Despite its isolation, Broome is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Western Australia. With the stunning Cable Beach and beautiful natural scenery, is it any wonder that this tropical town attracts tourists by the caravan-load every winter. But what if you have a pet? Find out what it’s like to visit Broome with … Read more

Dog-Friendly Wave Rock: Visiting Wave Rock with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Wave Rock

In Australia, most natural wonders like Wave Rock tend to be located inside of national parks, making them strictly off limits for visiting with your dog. However, rather unusually Wave Rock is not located in a national park, meaning that you can visit Wave Rock with your dog.  Find out what it’s like to visit … Read more

Dog-Friendly Nullarbor: Driving the Nullarbor with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Nullarbor

If you’re completing a Big Lap around Australia with your dog, or simply driving from Perth to the East Coast, you’re likely to drive along the Nullarbor. This 1200km stretch of highway connecting Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia is one of only two sealed roads connecting Western Australia to the rest … Read more

Dog-Friendly Geraldton: Visiting Geraldton with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Geraldton

The city of Geraldton is located a 4.5 hour drive north of Perth on the coast of Western Australia. About the last outpost before the Outback truly begins as you head further north, it’s a relaxing spot to stop while on a road trip, with plenty of facilities on offer. Find out what to do … Read more

Dog-Friendly Karratha: Visiting Karratha with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Karratha

Karratha on the northwestern coast of Western Australia is often overlooked by tourists. Mainly a base for workers in the nearby mines and ports, usually it is bypassed in favour of the inland Karijini National Park (which is admittedly spectacular). However, if you’re travelling with a dog through Western Australia, perhaps consider spending some time … Read more