Dog-Friendly Austin, TX: Visiting Austin with a Dog

Dog friendly Austin

This is a guest post from Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always. While I have always loved dogs, I didn’t have one of my own till I adopted my dog Coco last year. Since then, I have learned not only how much dogs mean to me, but also how wonderful Austin, Texas in the USA, is as … Read more

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Dog-Friendly Portland, OR: Visiting Portland with a Dog

Dog-friendly Portland

This is a guest post from Jen Sotolongo of Long Haul Trekkers. With the nation’s highest dog park per capita (33 in total), it’s clear that Portland, Oregon loves its dogs. There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants, parks, and accommodations to find in the City of Roses, so it’s not surprising that Portland is regularly … Read more

4 of the Best Dog-Friendly Spots in Rio de Janeiro

Dog-friendly Rio

This is a guest post from Candy Pilar Godoy from Boogie the Pug.  Rio de Janeiro​ in Brazil is known as the ​Cidade Maravilhosa​, the Marvelous City, for a reason. This metropolis is home to amazing beaches and the largest urban forest in the world. It’s an oasis for those who love sun, sand and samba, … Read more

Dog-Friendly Toronto, CA: Visiting Toronto with a Dog

Dog-friendly Toronto

This is a guest post from Karen Weiler of Posh Pets® Photography Toronto loves its dogs. By last count, there are approximately 230,000 licensed dogs in the city. On any given day, you can walk down the street and meet tens of happy canines and their dog-loving humans, all out seeking the next great urban … Read more

Taking a Dog to the USA from the UK in 2022

Taking a dog to USA from UIK

So you’re living in the United Kingdom and want to head to the United States along with your dog, whether to relocate or because you’re going on a holiday. But what are your options for taking a dog to USA from UK? I cover the different options available, plus the requirements for taking a dog … Read more

Are There Any Pet-Friendly Cruises in 2022?

Pet-friendly cruises

It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to travel with their dogs, so what about cruises? Are there any pet-friendly cruises? And I’m not talking mere day cruises here, but multi-night cruises, ideally with the option for some sightseeing. Find out more about whether dogs are allowed on cruises, plus a few pet-friendly options to consider. … Read more

Dog-Friendly Mexico: Travelling in Mexico with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Mexico

Mexico is both an easy and difficult country to travel to with a dog. While the regulations to take a dog into Mexico are simple and straightforward, plus there’s plenty of pet shops and veterinarians in the country, in other ways the country isn’t so dog-friendly. We were meant to visit Mexico with our dog … Read more

How to Fly to Hawaii with a Dog & Skip Quarantine in 2022

Travel to Hawaii with Dog

While dogs and other pets are allowed to travel to Hawaii with you, it’s one of the most difficult places in the USA to visit with your dog, requiring more preparation than any other state, including the possibility of quarantine.  If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii with your dog, whether it’s for a holiday or you are … Read more

How to Travel on Amtrak Trains with a Dog in 2022

Travelling on Amtrak with a dog

If you’re just travelling a short distance in the United States, it can often be quicker and cheaper to travel by train instead of flying, especially if you are travelling between city centres. Luckily then, for a number of years Amtrak has allowed small pets to travel on many of its train services, similar to … Read more

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6 Top Dog-Friendly Walks in Canada

Dog-Friendly Walks Canada

Created in conjunction with Evisa Express During her exploration of central Ontario, the writer Anna Brownell Jameson express, “the seemingly interminable line of trees before you; the boundless wilderness around you; the mysterious depths amid the multitudinous foliage, where the foot of man hath never penetrated…the solitude in which we preceded mile after mile, no … Read more