How to Fly to Hawaii with a Dog & Skip Quarantine

While dogs and other pets are allowed to travel to Hawaii with you, it’s one of the most difficult places in the USA to visit with your dog, requiring more preparation than any other state, including the possibility of quarantine. 

If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii with your dog, whether it’s for a holiday or you are moving with pets to Hawaii, here are all the steps that you need to follow, to ensure that your pet is allowed in without any quarantine. I’ve also detailed the pet policies of airlines flying to Hawaii, including which ones allow pets to fly in the cabin to Hawaii.

Travel to Hawaii with Dog

Why is Hawaii So Strict with Pets Entering the State?

Hawaii by far has the strictest rules in the United States for pets travelling to the state, with far more preparation required than any of the other 49 states. The reason for this is that Hawaii is rabies-free (like many island nations, such as Australia and New Zealand), and they want to keep it that way.

The only other part of the US that is as difficult to travel to with a pet is Guam. This is because Guam is, you guessed it, also rabies-free.

Hawaii farmland
Hawaii is determined to remain rabies-free

Is Quarantine Required for Pets Travelling to Hawaii?

There is a chance that pets arriving in Hawaii may be quarantined for up to 120 days. This is what would apply if you arrived in Hawaii without any preparation (or if you missed some of the steps). This also applies to pets with failed blood tests and puppies or kittens that aren’t old enough to complete all the steps.

However, there is a newer “5 Days or Less” quarantine program that pets may qualify for, if you complete all of the required steps. In particular, pets following this program may qualify to be released directly to you at the airport (“Direct Airport Release”), with no quarantine period at all, if all steps are followed, including submitting paperwork in time.

Hawaii beaches
Less time in quarantine, more time at the beach…

Looking for dog-friendly beaches on Oahu? Check out this list by the Hawaiian Humane Society

The 4 Steps to Prepare Your Dog or Cat to Travel to Hawaii

To ensure that you dog or cat qualifies for the Hawaiian “5 Days or Less” quarantine program (and ideally Direct Airport Release), start preparing well in advance. The following steps are required. For the full details of these requirements, see the government checklist, plus the latest information page, including warnings of any delays.

1. Microchip

Have your dog or cat implanted with a microchip. This doesn’t need to be done before the rabies vaccine (although that’s a good idea, if you later want to travel to the EU with your pet), but needs to be done before the rabies titre test.

2. Rabies Vaccinations

Vaccinate your dog or cat for rabies. This needs to be done at least twice, more than 30 days apart. The most recent rabies vaccine needs to be have been administered more than 30 days before you arrive in Hawaii, plus still be current. Your veterinarian should give you a rabies vaccination certificate for each vaccine; see the checklist for the full requirements of this certificate.

Dog at vet about to have vaccinations
Your dog will need to be vaccinated against rabies

3. Rabies Titre Test

Do a FAVN rabies antibody titre test for your dog or cat. There is no government requirement to wait a set number of days after the rabies vaccination, but ideally it should be done around 30 days or later after the vaccine, no earlier than 3 weeks after a rabies vaccine for a successful result.

Your veterinarian will take a blood sample from your pet, then needs to send it to one of three laboratories for testing (Auburn University, Kansas State University or the DOD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory in Texas). The day after the laboratory receives the blood sample must not be more than 36 months and not less than 30 days before your arrival date in Hawaii.

The result of this blood test must be greater than or equal to 0.5 IU/ml. This blood test result will then be directly accessible by the authorities in Hawaii (as long as the destination is listed as “Hawaii” on the lab submission form). You can also check the status of the test here.

Note that in the last couple of years, delays in processing rabies titre tests have been experienced, so allow plenty of time. As of May 2023, delays of up to 1 to 2 months were being experienced.

4. Provide Required Documents

You are then required to mail or courier all the required documents to the Animal Quarantine Station (AQS) in Hawaii, to be received at least 10 days before your arrival date. The following documents are required:

  1. Dog & Cat Import Form AQS-279
  2. Two original rabies vaccination certificates, see the checklist for full details
  3. Health certificate from a veterinarian, from within 14 days of your arrival date. Ideally this should be the original; if not, you need to provide the original on arrival in Hawaii. The veterinarian must also treat your pet for ticks within 14 days of your arrival date and record this on the health certificate.
  4. Cashier’s check or money order for $185 for Direct Airport Release or $244 for “5 Days or Less” (refunds can be requested for excess payments).

Note that if your paperwork is not received by the authorities at least 10 days before your arrival date, your pet’s release could be delayed. Plus, you will be charged the higher fee of $244.

Moving pets to Hawaii
Looking forward to Hawaiian sunsets

Minimum Preparation Time

There is no requirement to only have the rabies titre test after the 2nd rabies vaccination, instead it can simply be done after just the 1st rabies vaccination. This means the minimum preparation time is around 60 days, if you firstly vaccinate your dog or cat, wait nearly 30 days, have the rabies titre test plus a 2nd rabies vaccination, then wait the additional 30 days.

However, you also need to send in your paperwork at least 10 days before arrival (otherwise your pet’s release could be delayed). With the delays recently experienced for rabies titre tests of 1 to 2 months, it is likely your paperwork will not be ready in time.

Are There Any Exceptions?

If you are travelling directly to Hawaii with a pet from the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand or Guam, there are less steps required (including no rabies titre test), as these locations are also free of rabies.

Pets are exempt from quarantine, and will be released immediately, if they are certified to have been resident of the country for at least 6 months, the animal is transported in either a single aircraft or only transferred between aircraft under strict conditions, and there are no signs of disease on arrival. An original official health certificate within 14 days of transport is still required.

For more information, see here.

Flying Directly to Islands of Hawaii, Maui or Kauai

If you are wanting to fly directly to the islands of Hawaii, Maui or Kauai, then the steps are slightly different and more onerous. A slightly different set of documents are required to be sent in at least 30 days in advance, and you need to request a Neighbor Island Inspection Permit. See the full checklist.

Pet travel Hawaii
Some hotels and resorts in Hawaii are pet-friendly

How to Fly to Hawaii with Your Dog

Not all US airlines that fly to Hawaii will fly pets to the island state. Plus out of the airlines that fly from the continental USA to Hawaii, many have different pet policies when it comes to flying a dog to Hawaii.

If you’d like to fly to Hawaii with your pet in the cabin, choose from these US airlines.

Flying a Pet to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii with your pet dog. Hawaiian Airlines permits pets to fly both in the cabin and as checked baggage, with only a few restrictions.

Hawaiian Airlines Special Services Sign
Hawaiian Airlines flies pets both in the cabin and as checked baggage

Pets are permitted to fly in the cabin on flights both to and from Hawaii, except for flights from or to JFK (New York City), BOS (Boston), AUS (Austin) airports and international destinations. A maximum weight of 25 pounds (11.3kg) applies. The carrier should be no larger than 16″ x 10″ x 9.5″.

Alternatively, when flying as checked baggage, the maximum combined weight for your pet and their kennel is 70 pounds (31.7kg), with a maximum carrier size of 36″ x 25″ x 28″. Otherwise, they’ll need to fly as cargo.

In either case, book your pet at the same time as your own booking, with availability information available by calling Hawaiian Airlines Reservations. Hawaiian Airlines also accepts pets on inter-island flights.

Flying a Pet to Hawaii with Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines also allows pet dogs and cats to fly to and from Hawaii, both in the cabin and as checked baggage.

Pets are permitted to fly to Hawaii in the cabin year-round, but there are seasonal restrictions on the number of pets who can fly as checked baggage, due to strong headwinds at times. No pet dogs or cats can fly as checked luggage to or from Hawaii during February, with reduced numbers from November to 1st April.

Call their call centre to make a booking and double check the full rules.

Pet Policies for Other Airlines

None of the other USA airlines that fly to Hawaii currently allowed pets in the cabin, although they may allow pets as checked baggage or as cargo. These are the policies of other airlines:

American Airlines: American Airlines does not fly pets in the cabin to or from Hawaii. However, they will fly pets as checked baggage to and from Hawaii, but only on flights to Honolulu or connecting via Honolulu. Pets are also not accepted on departures out of Honolulu before 8am from 5th March to 1st November.

American Airlines Plane
American Airlines doesn’t fly pets in the cabin to or from Hawaii, but does fly pets in the hold on selected flights

Delta Air Lines: Delta does not fly pets in the cabin to Hawaii, although it’s not clear if they prohibit pets on flights leaving Hawaii. There is the alternative option to fly pets as cargo.

Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines doesn’t transport pets to or from Hawaii, although they will fly pets on inter-island flights.

Sun Country Airlines: Sun Country only permits pets in the cabin on flights on the 48 contiguous states.

United Airlines: United Airlines doesn’t allow pets on flights to, from or through Hawaii.

Arriving in Honolulu with Your Pet

It’s best to ensure that your pet arrives at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu between the hours of 8am to 3:30pm. It takes up to an hour for pets to then be transferred to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility (AAQHF), and their inspection hours are 8am to 5pm daily (including weekends and holidays).

At the AAQHF your pet will be inspected, including checking for ticks and other parasites. If all paperwork was received on time and is in order, plus no ticks, parasites or signs of disease are discovered, your pet should be eligible for Direct Airport Release.

Direct Airport Release means that you are able to pick up your pet from AAQHF immediately after their inspection is complete (about 1 to 2 hours after arrival, although delays have been common in the last couple of years, due to the coronavirus pandemic). AAQHF is located in between Terminals 1 and 2, only 120 yards from baggage handling.

Just ensure that you have proper transportation for your pet, especially large dogs, as your pet must stay securely in its container until you leave airport property.

Hawaii pet quarantine
Location of the AAQHF at Honolulu Airport
Hawaii pet quarantine
Sign to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility

If your pet arrives after 4:30pm, it will be held at least overnight, until inspections are completed the following morning. You then need to pick up your pet from AAQHF between 8am and 10am the next morning, otherwise it will be transferred to the “5 Days or Less” program and taken to the Animal Quarantine Station (AQS).

If you’re planning on immediately flying to another island, it’s important to note these hours. Note also that if Federal airport security advisories prohibit Direct Airport Release, then you will need to pick up your pet the following day from AQS even if everything else is in order.

What If Your Pet Requires Quarantine?

Ideally your pet is eligible for Direct Airport Release. However, there are some circumstances where this doesn’t apply, and instead the “5 Days or Less” animal quarantine program applies:

  1. AQS didn’t receive your paperwork at least 10 days in advance
  2. You submit paperwork only on arrival
  3. There are discrepancies with original documentation, including the microchip number

Additionally, if yourself or an authorized person is not able to pick up your pet on the arrival date (e.g. if you are flying to Hawaii a couple of days later), you can elect to use the “5 Days or Less” program.

A longer stay in Hawaii pet quarantine is required if your pet arrives earlier than permitted (based on their latest rabies vaccination or rabies titre test), their rabies titre test result is not successful, or a tick, other parasite or sign of disease is discovered.

Whether your pet is participating in the “5 Days or Less” program or a longer stay in quarantine is required, they are transferred to the AQS. This is located in Aiea, about 4 miles from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Additional charges will apply for longer quarantine stays; check with AQS.

Pets are housed in individual kennels, suitable for their breed and size. Generally dog kennels are outdoor, except for a sheltered area, suitable for a bed. You need to provide bedding for your pet. Visits are allowed, generally in the afternoon, except for on Mondays, Fridays and state holidays. Check the visiting hours on the AQS website.

Following a stay at the AQS, you will be required to pick up your pet from the facility, on the required date, during the pick-up hours.

For further information on all aspects of travelling to Hawaii with a pet, including Hawaii pet quarantine, head to the Animal Quarantine Information Page.

Flying Out of Honolulu Airport with a Pet

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu is one of the most pet-friendly airports anywhere in the USA, let alone the world. Unlike most airports where you’re stuck inside once you go through security, the main overseas terminal has outdoor areas, perfect for both human and four-legged enjoyment.

Follow the signs to the Cultural Gardens, where you can enjoy a wander through a series of Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian-influenced gardens, complete with ponds, waterfalls and real grass. Yes, you take your dog for a walk on real grass after security. Of course, make sure you clean up!

Cultural Gardens with Pond Honolulu Airport
Can you believe these gardens are at an airport?
Cultural Gardens with Waterfall Honolulu Airport
The Cultural Gardens at Honolulu Airport with real grass

There are also multiple service and transit animals relief areas at the overseas terminal at Honolulu Airport. One is located downstairs next to the Cultural Gardens (where there is also a handy poop bag dispenser), while there is also a second relief area next to Gate B1.

Outdoor Pet Relief Area Honolulu Airport
The outdoor animal relief area at Honolulu International Airport

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34 thoughts on “How to Fly to Hawaii with a Dog & Skip Quarantine”

    • I believe the steps that I have listed also apply to Malaysia. So, if you follow the steps and there are no issues with paperwork or your dog showing signs of illness, no quarantine should be required.

  1. Thanks so much for all this useful information!
    I know that you wrote this in the New Year, but are you aware of whether any of the restrictions / quarantines have since loosened? We are thinking of flying from US mainland with our dogs to Kauai this summer.


    • The restrictions and quarantine for dogs weren’t modified by Covid-19, other than delays in the process, so nothing will be loosening for the summer. However, the Safe Travels program for humans flying to Hawaii ended last week. There are now no Covid-related requirements for passengers flying from the US mainland.

    • The only restriction specific to summer months is the heat advisory. If the temperature is above 85 degrees F, from either the departure location or in HI for that day, including any connecting flights locations, pretty much all airlines will not allow them to fly cargo. This is for their own well being. However, if this restriction applies to dogs flying in the cabin im not certain but I would assume not since the temp is regulated. Snub nosed breeds are also prohibited from flying cargo, eg; pugs, English bulldogs, pekingese etc etc. Some airlines, most airlines, have breed restrictions for Pit Bulls and related PB type dogs, some prohibit PB mixed dogs.

  2. What department in Hawaii should we call (and what is the number) that will have all the information needed re travelling with dogs to Hawaii?

    • Aria, I don’t see any reason why you can’t, although I haven’t heard of other dogs taking this route. The main requirement is whether any airline flies pets from Hawaii to Melbourne, which I’m not sure of, especially as there’s less flights operating still. I recommend speaking to a pet transport company. Note that quarantine for pets will still apply in Australia, plus a long list of other steps to prepare.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this walkthrough. The only thing I can’t seem to find info on is, if you travel with your pup in cabin, once you get off the plane with them, can you then walk over to the inspection office with them or does the airline take them from you when you get off the plane and take them? If it’s the latter, do I just find my way to the inspection area and wait for someone to bring my pup out? Thanks so much!

    • I’m pretty sure airline personnel take the arriving pets to the holding facility, including if they fly in the cabin. Double check with the airline or airport staff, but it’s probably best to make your own way there.

  4. My wife has a service dog by ADA rule the dog must remain with her so can I assume she would accompany the dog to inspection?

  5. Airports, like Federal Government Facilities and religious institutions, do not adhere to ADA regulations.
    “Do commercial airlines have to comply with the ADA?
    A. No. The Air Carrier Access Act is the Federal law that protects the rights of people with disabilities in air travel. For information or to file a complaint, contact the U.S. Department of Transportation, Aviation Consumer Protection Division, at 202-366-2220.”

    I understand the question is specifically regarding if the airport is allowed to separate the disabled individual from their service animal for the purpose of the animals importation evaluation. The point i was trying to make is airports/tsa dance their own beat. So, whereas a dog must be allowed anywhere their person goes, not sure if the same rules apply in reverse.

    Airports/TSA/Feds do what ever the FREEK they want…because you know ‘Musica!, oh and National Security.

    So basically… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. We are flying back home to the Big Island with our dog from Phoenix Az. Do you recommend flying to Honolulu first and then taking a inter island flight to help with cost and inspection?

    • If you have the additional time to send in the paperwork (30 days instead of 10 days) and can make a booking for the inspection on the Big Island, plus your airline allows it, it shouldn’t be too much more complex for the inspection. The costs for inspections on other islands aren’t listed online, so I am not sure how much the total cost compares. I recommend reaching out to one of the two hospitals in Kona, then making a decision.

  7. If transiting through Hawaii from Guam (rabies free zone) to North Carolina, will my pet need to go through the quarantine facility?

    • No, there is no quarantine for pets flying from Guam, plus less requirements overall. Scroll down to the “Are there any exceptions?” section

  8. Aloha,
    Did the change in domestic flights allowing dogs in the cabin with our also pertain to international flights. I would like to fly to Australia and pick up a Cavalier I am adopting . As you mentioned in another post Australia now lets dogs fly in cabins domestically. Is this true of international flights as well.
    I would like to fly from Australia to Hawaii with my new pup in the cabin with me.

    • While the prohibition on dogs in the cabin has been lifted, it’s up to individual airlines and none of them yet allow pets in the cabin. It’s not clear if the change also applies to international flights, but I’ve also not heard of any international flights departing Australia allowing pets in the cabin.

  9. I am living in New Zealand but would like to spend a few months on Kauai since I have fallen in love with the Island last year. When my dog is all vaccinated and had his check up 14 days before the flight does she still has to go into quarantine? Or when going back to New Zealand? Also, she is a service dog. Thank you.

    • Travelling from NZ to Hawaii, you shouldn’t need to go into quarantine, especially as there are less requirements for NZ due to its rabies free status. However, I believe a 10 day quarantine period is required for all dogs travelling to NZ. I am not completely across the NZ dog entry requirements, so there is a chance an alternative may be offered to service dogs. I recommend thoroughly researching the requirements to travel back to NZ, as I know for dogs travelling to Australia without any preparation it takes up to 7 months to prepare.

  10. Hello. My daughter is traveling to bring my sons dog to us from California. He is a dachshund and will be with her in cabin. She is flying to Honolulu first with an hour and 15 min layover then flying to Maui. Where does she go after landing. She flying Hawaiian airlines. Will an hour layover be enough time?

    • Pam – According to the FAQ on the government website (, 1hr will not be enough layover time. They state it can take airlines up to 1hr or more to transport animals to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility, then animals are generally processed within an hour of arrival, but delays can occur if there are a large number of animals at the same time, or issues with the paperwork. It is recommended to allow at least 4-5hr for connecting flights. The facility is on the Ewa Service Road.

  11. Hi, in this website you state: Vaccinate your dog or cat for rabies. This needs to be done at least twice, MORE than 30 days apart. In this website
    it states In order to fly to Hawaii, your dog must have been vaccinated against rabies at least twice in his lifetime. Furthermore, those vaccinations must be NO MORE than 30 days apart.
    Please clarify if the 2 vaccines must be 30 days apart.

    • Heather – I have double checked back on the government website, and yes the two vaccines need to be more than 30 days apart. There is an error on the other website. (I have also spotted multiple inaccuracies on other pages that they have published…) It would be quite odd to give two doses of the rabies vaccine that close together!

  12. Hawaiian airlines is changing their pet policy on 6/1/23. Sounds like they will be measuring the carrier AND the dog!! I’m suppose to fly with my dog to phoenix 7/20 and I’m very nervous they won’t accept him. He fits in the “approved carrier” but his head is taller than the carrier.. and according to the new policy.. he wouldn’t be accepted? It’s all very confusing. I bought a bigger carrier cuz I want him to have as much room as possible and I’ve never had and issue with Hawaiian or Alaskan accepting him with that in the cabin but now I’m nervous about this new policy. I might have to start flying Alaskan again but that’s just a long day of traveling (9-11 hours) as opposed to 5-6 hours flying Hawaiian. ☹️ My little guy has been flying with me the past 9 years.. I’ll be so sad if Hawaiian doesn’t accept him. If you hear anything about this new policy please send updates!!

    • Chelsea – Thanks for sharing. I had seen they updated their pet policy, but couldn’t work out what had changed. So it’s the check of the size of the animal inside the carrier.

      Many airlines already had this requirement, but it isn’t always enforced. However, I’ve heard online that more airlines are enforcing this. I recommend asking in a Facebook group (such as my group,, or a group for pet owners in Hawaii) the experience of others travelling to and from Hawaii during June. Hope this helps!

  13. Hello,
    I am the Laboratory Director of the newly established One Health-Rabies Laboratory at the University of Missouri. I am happy to announce the initiation of our rabies serology for pet travel by the FAVN method as of June 6th 2023. I and my staff have years of experience in rabies serology. We are offering a price of $79.00 (no additional fees), a 7 to10 day turnaround, and an online submission form for your convenience. See for more information. The MU One Health-Rabies Laboratory is recognized by the USDA for rabies serology for pet export purposes, see the USDA/APHIS pet export site for further information.
    People traveling with their pets is a continuing growing trend. With only a few laboratories currently offering this testing backlogs and delays can occur, causing distress for veterinary clinics and pet owners. Our laboratory’s mission is to provide quality results in a timely manner, we understand the importance of clear communication, responsiveness, and reliable quality.
    For more information, consult our website above or contact us by phone 573 882-3646 or email at [email protected] .

  14. Hi! Thank you so much for this incredible information. Did you have a quick release with your pet multiple times over? I am getting ready to move forward with taking my dog there and looking for any encouragement :).

    • While I’ve personally travelled to many countries with my dog, we still haven’t made it to Hawaii. I’ve spoken to multiple people who have done this. Make sure you allow plenty of time and check that everything has been received.


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